Nature of Anumana (Parmana)
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Nature of Anumana (Parmana)

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Item Code: NAK364
Author: Subuddhi Charan Goswami
Publisher: The Asiatic Society
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9789381574225
Pages: 221
Cover: Paperback
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The present treatise is a valuable collection of 19 highly specialised and well-documented research papers contributed by erudite scholars prominent in the field of Indian Philosophy, particularly in the branch of Nyaya. These papers were presented in the National Seminar on Nature of Anumana: An overview of Indian Theories, held by the Asiatic Society, Kolkata in February, 2009. But for unavoidable circumstantial reasons, the publication of the papers after their procurement from the contributors is complete after the gap of five years.

Anumana or Inference received special attention of the master logician Gangesa Upadhyaya and his followers from 12th to 17th century C.E. In our day-to-day discourse the term Anumana is seen to mean 'something' with the help of an already familiar fact. A considerable part of our daily life is regulated through our knowledge accrued by the application of Attumana; in human life it is an effectively settled and undeniable reality. In ancient India, Anumuna has been noticed to have been used frequently in the intellectual disciplines and thus attempts have been made by Indian philosophers to establish, through Anumdna, the validity of a fact or to construct foundation of new doctrines. It has been further noticed that Anumana took the part of "the medium of convincing others about the conviction of each school of thought". Anumana, as accepted by our early philosophers, had a great role to intellectuals in understanding and finding out the exactness of a lot of apparently complex thoughts, ideas and expressions.

The Seminar on Anumana organised by the Asiatic Society had drawn the attention of a good number of genuine scholars as well as participants and imparted full satisfaction to their appetite of knowledge. Professor Subuddhi Charan Goswami is to be sincerely thanked for his studiousness in bringing out this prestigious monograph in a proper way.




  Foreword v
  Editorial Note vii
  Anumana 1
  Nature of Anumana (Inference) in Indian Perspective 8
  Inference in Buddhist Logic 19
  Inference and Sanskrit Grammar 27
  Anumana-vibhaga and the Two Warring Schools of the Purva Mimamsa 34
  Anumana according to Nyaya and Advaitavedanta: A Comparision 45
  The Process of Ascertainment of Vyapti Relation in Jain Philosophy 53
  Means of Ascertaining Vyapti according to Navya Nyaya 64
  The Logic of Pramaarsa 76
  The Theory of Inference in Tattvavada 92
  Inference from Samkhya Perspective 105
  The Characteristics of Samanyatodrsta Anumana in the Nyaya System of Philosophy 115
  The Literary Critic vis-à-vis the Anumana of Nyaya 124
  Nimbarka Vedanta and Inference 133
  Anumana in the Context of the Dharmasastras 147
  Quantum Logic: The Problem of Disjunction 163
  Anupalabdhi: A Brief Exposition 181
  Formal Reasoning in Indian Tradition 191
  Mathematical Demonstrations and Inferences (Anumana) of Ancient and Medieval Indian Mathematicians--II 196

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