Nanak An Introduction

Nanak An Introduction

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Author: Purushottam Nijhaawan
Publisher: Vakils, Feffer and Simons Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788187111672
Pages: 139 (Color Illus: 46, B & W Illus: 2, Figure Illus: 18 )
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 10.6" X 8"
About the Book

Nanak and Sikhism cannot be separated from each other. In fact, Sikhism is nothing but Nanak in practice. Hence, we shall deal with the entire subject as Nanak only. The beauty of it is that Nanak or his manifestation the Sikh Church is assuming even greater dimension as it is growing and evolving. And it is this aspect that we have tried to highlight more than anything else. For, it makes Nanak universal.

Even so, the book seeks to study Nanak as Ten Nanak and lastly as eternal Nanak in whom each Sikh finds himself in the immanent protection of his Guru. Perhaps our fugitive world needs nothing better than this to be able to cope with the multifarious challenges of today and tomorrow. The Prologue and the Epilogue in the main help us understand this aspect.

Happily, there is nothing pedantic about either Nanak or Sikhism. Both are a living lore of Punjab. They spran up from the soil, as it were, as a spiritual faith of unimaginable proportions. Thus, only simple tools are needed to understand them as they grew from stage to stages.

We have divided the subject matter into ten chapters to see how one aspect flows out of the other in a natural way. Besides, the book is suitably illustrated to help even the uninitiated to grasp the real import.

To add further value to this introduction, the Annexure One contains the English rendition of the Japuji as Nanak's unrivalled prayer for the entire humanity. It is accompanied by the original Punjabi text of the Japuji and its Devanagari Transliteration. Those interested in knowing Nanak's wondrous God and his own philosophy of the Nam will it is hoped, immensely enjoy reading it.

About this Bookvii
Prologue: Nanak: A Special Spark of Divinityviii
INanak's Uncommon Early Years1
II From Nanak Dev to guru Nanak9
IIINanak's Udasis or His World Conquest17
Social Protest17
Encounters with the Siddhas20
Encounters with the Muslim Divines24
Sweeping the Impurities of Falsehood from the Hindu Sacred Places31
Visiting the Lake Mansarovar with a Lama39
IVSetting up the Commune at Kartarpur43
VSome Gems of Nanak's Spiritual Message45
VIFulfilment and the Last Two Acts59
VIIOne in Ten and Ten in One63
VIIIAn Extraordinary Transformation79
IXNanak Becomes Eternal89
XNanak's Contemporary Relevance101
Epilogue: Nanak's Philosophy of the Nam103
Annexure One: The Japuji:
The humanity's Master Prayer111
Annexure Two: Select Bibliography129
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