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Mystic Science of Vastu

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About The Book:

Explore Vastushastra in the new Millennium. For a long time debate has been going on whether to treat Vastushastra as a science, a statistical statement, metaphysics, or some occult practice. To prove anything conclusively one needs to use all the tools at hand-science, mathematics, logic, Yogashastra, astrology, Ayurveda, etc. It must be understood that modern science, as we know it has developed in the Western world over the last 300 years, cannot be used as the only yardstick for judging the science of Vastu which evolved some 5000 years ago in India. Science has it own importance in its search for truth and for its logical view of events. Current educational practices gives all the credit to Western science and dismiss ancient Indian science and Eastern philosophy as occult disciplines and mysticism. We have to break this narrow-minded conditioned thinking process and study Vastushastra with an open mind to demystify its occult garb.

In this book, the authors have stressed the importance of Darshanshastra I Vastushastra, since Vastushastra studies, since Vastushastra, Yogashastra, astrology, Ayurveda, and Sangeet are sub-branches of Darshanshastra. Learning of Vastushastra become simple and interesting with parallel concept from Yogashastra, astrology, science, and Vastushastra being presented throughout the book. One can have a broader perspective of Vastushastra only through a multi-disciplinary approach, as illustrated.


About the Author:

N. H. Sahasrabudhe is a consultant from Pune with 20 years experience in structural engineering. He holds a graduate degree in civil engineering from the College of Engineering, Pune, and a postgraduate degree from the Indian Institute of science, Bangalore. He is a fellow of the Institute of Valuers. He has been awarded two prestigious titles, Vastu Vachaspati and Vastu Samrat. He is associated with numerous educational institutes in advisory capacity. He lectures and regularly contributes articles to various journals on engineering and Vastushastra. The books written by him include Vastu Shiv Vidnyan (Marathi) and secrets of Vastushastra(English).

R. D. Mahatme holds graduate and postgraduate degrees in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, respectively. He is an experienced technocraft well acquainted with research and development, manufacturing, application and consultancy related to energy monitoring device and systems. Lasers, plasma engineering, nuclear science, Vastushastra and Yogashastra are some of his subjects of interest. As a Vastu Visharad, he is engaged in research activity for correlating Vastushastra and modern science. His publications include a successful title in the Sterling Paperback Series - Secrets of Vastushastra



It is interesting to note that all these sub-branches follow a common logical pattern for analysing and understanding a given situation. Astrology studies the effect of planetary positions and directions on an individual, while Vastushastra studies the impact on a Vastu, of cosmic energy and cosmic forces with all their directional aspects. In all these disciplines, a Vastu is assumed to be a living soul having close affinity with the individual dwelling in it.

Vastushastra – Theory & Practice

Life, though beyond logic, is certainly not illogical. Life descends from immensity that is an ocean of logic. But, this immensity itself is infinitely so far away from man’s comprehension that it makes him wonder whether the life itself is beyond logic.

Minute microscopic human thoughts cannot find cosmic link. Holistic existence can create contradictions with logic, the all-purpose source of life. Traditional sciences reflect this fundamental truth through the comprehensive perception of nature. Perception being where the confines of cause and effect end. Traditional medical disciplines lead to Kaya Kalpa (transformation of body), Yogashastra results in Mana Kalpa (transformation of mind), and Vastushastra shows the way to Bhagya Kalpa (transformation of fortunes).

Water, wind, light, stones, metals, plants, herbs, pyramids, crystals, colours, helix, mystic curves serve as catalysts in Vastushastra for rectifying the cosmic alignment of an individual. Changes brought about in the holistic existence of man by these remedial measures guide him to positive relationships, satisfaction in all his endeavours, happiness, bliss, and grace.

Enhancing the being moon-steams (Ida) and curtailing the devastating sun-streams (Pingala) are the foundations of Vastushastra. The core Vastushastra revolves round addition, subtraction, manipulation, and reworking of virtues round addition, Panch-Maha-Bhutas (five great elements) projected through human beings and nature. The divine knowledge of Vastu can provide cosmic envelope to human being at all levels of existence.

Jyotisha (astrology) and Yogashastra are prerequisites for learning Vastushastra. Cosmos is divided into 27 parts known as constellations. These constellations are classified on the basis of five great elements and planets. The virtues and vices of five great elements are reflected in certain earthly entities like plants, colours, metals, and gems that are under the influence of constellations. The relationship of directions with plants, colours, metals, stones gives great variety and multiple dimensions to Vastu remedial measures. A new momentum is imparted to cosmic rhythm, directional frequencies, and nature synchronies through these corrective actions. An individual is then freed of his old reference and exposed to fresh reality. Vastushastra blesses him with a new direction in life, fresh span, and a unique axis of reference.

Yogashastra deals with inner spaces of human beings. Spaces with Satwa Guna are full of Prana, spaces with Rajo Guna are filled with essayed self-ego, and spaces with Tamo Guna are nothing but voids in life. Yogic processes refill all these spaces with Prana and transform all the voids in the macrocosm of primordial sounds. Vastushastra in coordination with astrology and Yogashastra can provide a holistic curve for all the problems in the world.

While constructing a house, the divine Vastu knowledge reflects the qualities of an individual and the cosmos, as Vastushastra is the cosmic bring between microcosm, the inner spaces and macrocosm, the outer spaces.

Vibrations, waves, sound, and light are the four basic instruments of Vastushastra. Examples are aplenty to indicate that a right blending of these parameters leads to positivity, while a wrong combination leads to negativity.

For ages, astrology has been used for understanding and predicting an individual’s destiny. Astrology has also been extensively referred to for pinpointing the state of mind and body of a person, including any diseases, afflictions and handicaps. Since Vastushastra treats any Vastu as a living soul, it is not difficult to understand the relevance of astrology to gain insight into the physical state of a Vastu. The starting point for astrology is defining the positions of plants in specific directions, while Vastushastra analysis has Vastu-directions as the operating factor. Thus a common platform for both these disciplines is easily established.

After an extensive study of hundreds of dwellings, horoscopes of the owners of these houses, their living conditions, their careers, their family backgrounds, etc., it was evident that the horoscopes of the occupants of the Vastu could pinpoint the Vastu-dosha of their dwellings. Deciding the effective remedial measures against Vastu-dosha on the basis of the horoscope and the Vastu-Purush-Mandal was the next logical step. During this exercise, it become abundantly clear that the matching of astrology and Vastushastra was flawless, whether it was Vastu-situation or the remedial measures.

While Jyotisha gives insight into Vastu-dosha and general remedial action, Yogashastra shows the path towards building a protective shield against effects of directional deficiencies. Modern science can serve its purpose in providing an analytical approach and efficient techniques in implementing Vastu principles. Vastushastra inquiry must involve a multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach for providing succor to the human mind that has lost its way in the confusing scenario of the modern era.



  Preface v
1. Vastu Purush Mandal 1
  1.1 Theoretical Perception as Reflected in Modern Science  
  1.2 Jaivik Urja and Pranik Urja  
  1.3 Consciousness  
2. Forces, Fields, and Vastu 7
  2.1 Solar Radiation and Vastu  
  2.2 Hartmann's Grid  
  2.3 Source and Sink Directions, and Vastu  
3 Cosmic Energy and Vastu 14
  3.1 Energy Dynamics  
  3.2 Inverted Volcano of Cosmic Energy  
  3.3 Vortex of Energy Imbalance  
  3.4 Cyclic Helix of Matter Balance  
  3.5 Energy Forms - Multidisciplinary Approach  
4. Yogashastra Concept in Vastu Science 23
  4.1 Yogashastra and Vastushastra    
  4.2 Vastu Nabhi  
  4.3 Ida, Pingala, and Directions  
  4.4 Insight into Yoga-Vastu  
  4.5 Yogashastra - Path to Contentment  
5 Vastu-dosha and Yogic Remedies 35
  5.1 Arghyadan  
  5.2 Homa-Havan - The fire Worship  
  5.3 Sudarshan Kriya  
  5.4 Shaktipat Yoga Diksha and Reiki  
  5.5 Transcendental Meditation  
  5.6 Pranayama and Yogasana  
  5.7 Vipasana  
  5.8 Soham Sadhana  
6. Astrology in Vastu Analysis 45
  6.1 Astrology and Vastushastra  
  6.2 Horoscope and Vastu-dosha  
  6.3 Vastu-dosha and Cyclic Repetition  
  6.4 Analytical Case  
7. Vastu-Jyotish 59
  7.1 Vastu-Jyotisha Case Studies  
  7.2 Chandranadi, Suryanadi, and Vastu-Jyotish  
8. Vastu-dosha and Remedial Action 67
  8.1 Vastu-dosha Analysis through Vastu-Jyotish  
  8.2 Directions, Planets, and Vastushastra  
  8.3 Chanting of Mantra  
  8.4 Application of Yantra  
  8.5 Precious Stones, Pearls and Jewels  
  8.6 Colours  
  8.7 Cosmic Bath  
9. Tantra, Mantra, and Yoga in Vastu Science 76
  9.1 Purva-Sanskara, Prarabdha, Joytish, and Vastukundli  
  9.2 Laws of Nature and Vastu Rules  
  9.3 Tantra  
  9.4 Mantra  
  9.5 Vastu Yantra  
  9.6 Practical Vastu Remedies  
10. Energy Concept in Temple Architecture 99
  10.1 Vastu Aspect of Some Religious Place  
11. Architecture Today - a Vastu View 107
  11.1 Vastushastra and Modern Architecture  
  11.2 Vastu Architecture  
12. Industrial Structure 113
  12.1 North Light Structures  
  12.2 North-South Length  
  12.3 Work Environment for Executives and Staff  
  12.4 Zoning of Industrial Activities  
  12.5 Landscaping and Loads  
  12.6 The Helix  
  12.7 Vastu Analysis for an Industrial Unit  
13. Vastu Practice 123
  13.1 Office Site  
  13.2 Warehousing Complex  
  13.3 Office Building  
  13.4 Geographical Site  
14. Nature, Macroworld, and Vastushastra Rules 131
  14.1 Past and Future 50 years for India  
15. Vastushastra and Event Manifest 138
  15.1 Astrology in Vastu Prognosis  
  15.2 Vastushastra and Statistical Forecast  
16. Glimpses of Traditional Vastushastra 144
  16.1 Methods of Vastu Classification  
  16.2 Aura of Two Streams and Concept of Marma-Sthan  
  16.3 Selection of Soil Characteristics  
  16.4 Intellectual Classes, Military and Police, Traders and Businessmen, Working Classes  
  16.6 Prangan Pravesh  
17. Vastushastra Guidelines 160
  17.1 Before Planning a Vastu  
  17.2 Vastu-kshetra Analysis through Vastu-Jyotisha  
  17.3 Vithi-Shula  
  17.4 Vastu Rules for Agriculture  


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