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Mystery of Retrograde Planets

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Author: M.G. Kastwar
Publisher: Alpha Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2014
Pages: 160
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Book Description

About the Book
Retrograde planets behave in uncertain and unpredictable manner which makes it confusing to analyze the chart. This book based on author's research attempts to throw some light on the behaviour of retrograde planets. It deals with Manda, Kutli, Vakra and Anuvakra motion astronomically. The Slokas culled out from a large number of Sanskrit texts have also been included. The purpose of this is to tell the readers what savants of astrology have to say on the subject. A good number of horoscopes have been analyzed with specific emphasis on behaviour of retrograde planets where dicta of some of the Slokas have been tested. Other Slokas can be tested by interested readers.

About the Author
Shri M.G. Kastwar is a Graduate in Civil Engineering and Post Graduate in Structural Engineering. He held senior position in one of the Government of India undertakings. He has retired and now pursuing his interest in astrology by way of research and writing. He is presently a faculty member of Indian Council of Astrological Science (ICAS), Delhi (Chapter-1).

Retrograde planets stir a lot a curiosity among astrologer community. Even amongst the learned astrologers, there is a difference of opinion on impact of retrograde planets. This work is a small attempt to understand behavior of such planets. Much more research needs to be done to clarify different aspects of the retrograde planets. This write-up deals with astronomy which explains the mechanics of retrogation of five planets namely Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Luminaries do not enter this state of motion. Tables are included exhibiting frequency and period of retrograde motion of five planets, their longitudinal distance from the Sun and other facts of interest to the reader. Some eminent astrologers believe that such planets are meant to complete the unfinished tasks of the past life. This has been explained in a separate chapter with the help of Verses quoted from the Taittiriya Brahmin. This chapter has been developed based on lectures by Shri A. B. Shukla, President, ICAS. Author is grateful to him for giving permission to use the material. The Verses from a large number of astrological texts have been compiled. The purpose is to acquaint the reader with the available material. Out of these, some have been tested subsequently in practical cases. Interested readers may find it useful in applying the Verses to new situations. A chapter has been devoted to analyse charts having retrograde planets. The analysis is limited to behavior of retrograde planets. Charts used in the analysis are from different sources. Conclusions are listed separately.

Out of 3 Conundrums in Astrological Predictions one relates to retrograde planets. In classical works a lot of views have been expressed but without indicating any relation to its astronomical position except saying retrograde. Without understanding the astronomical positions in the light of 8 kinds of planetary motions: Vakra, Anuvakra, Kutil, Manda, Sama, Chara and Atichara, the effect of retrograde planets cannot be understood properly. These Gatis depend upon the distance between any planet excluding Moon and the Sun. Outer planets become retrograde when they are in 5th/6th sign ahead of the Sun. They become Ati Vakra when they are 7th and 8th sign and they become Ati Anuvakra when in retrograde motion they enter the previous sign. These three kinds of Vakra planet acquire Chesta bala. According to Hora Sara it appears retrograde planet acquires triple strength either as benefic or as malefic. The retrograde planets either have more beneficence or maleficience in accordance to the retrograde planet being Karaka or Akaraka for a particular Lagna. Their impact is also influenced by occupying a particular Rasi, Nakshatra, as well as their Conjunction with or Aspect by other planets. It is said and found that a planet conjunct with Retrograde planet also gains 30 Kalas i.e. ½ strength. Thus, impact of retrograde planet in isolation may lead some times to some erratic conclusion. It is said that retrograde Saumyas are beneficial and retrograde papies are malefic. Experience shows otherwise. What has been mentioned or have been said is true in respect of natural as well as functional beneficence as well as functional maleficrues.

Cosmos is all inclusive as a totality of existence, planets, stars, galaxies, matters and energy. Universe is governed by the same physical laws and constants throughout its existence of 13 to 15 billion years. What we see above is sky which always fascinated our Rishis. A large number of them keenly observed the planets and stars. For example, based on their studies Vedic Science has considered Dhruva Star as a very strong magnet (Vishnu Purana - 2/9/3) where it is said Sun, Moon, stars, planets etc all are tied to the magnetic force of Dhruva.

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