Mysteries of Vedic Face Reading

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Item Code: NAE080
Author: Hrishikesh Dubey
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Language: English
Edition: 2023
ISBN: 9788184951301
Pages: 324 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 400 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
About the Author

Hrishikesh Dubey is a first class Vedic Scholar and a foremost transcendentalist in the science of Krishna consciousness. He is thorough in the Vedas and the ancient esoteric treatises of Vedic literature and is master trainer in the science Krishna consciousness as well as astrology, numerology, face reading, body reading, different yogic practices and various occult traditions.


About the Book

Mysteries of Vedic Face Reading contains the most powerful Knowledge of Vedic literature and is stepping stone towards spiritual realization. It is a unique book which will enlighten readers to thoroughly assess the nature, character, personality, destiny, conscience and consciousness of person; it will also help to establish corrective measures when dealing with people at different levels of consciousness.

With profound explanations and illustrations this book will show you how to get the best out of life.



The human form that we get and the events that occur in our life are not the product of our actions in this birth. They are the accumulated product of the actions of many births. If this wasn’t the case then some people wouldn’t have been rich; some wouldn’t have been wise; some wouldn’t have been joyful, while others wouldn’t have been miserable. We all would have been equal and have had the same platform to start our life from. Our life would have started afresh, from the very first scratch. However, our life never starts from scratch; our life is the product of all our previous lives, including our thoughts, deeds, and consciousness at the time of death.

My sole purpose of writing this book is to make everyone understand what Vedic Knowledge is, and to pass on this knowledge as it is, revealed to me in a bona fide disciples succession. My purpose is to present the revelation of the Supreme Lord as it was revealed by Him, and not that of any mundane speculator who has construed his own thoughts and created an unauthorized book on face reading, body reading, or other metaphysical sciences.

According to the books written by some previous oriental and occidental physiognomies, who are not in disciplic succession and who do not have any Bonaire spiritual background, oriental and occidental face-reading/astrology is based five elements-Wood, Metal, water, fire and Earth. This philosophy is absolutely untrue, the thesis of which seems to be absurd. In their philosophy of five elements, the last three elements- Water, fire, and Earth- are correct, but the first two elements- Wood and metal – are incorrect. However according to the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita there are eight principal manifestations in material energy and those are Earth, Water, Fire, Air , Ether(or Sky), Mind, Intelligence, and False Ego. These eight elements constitute Krishna’s material energies. Of these eight, the first five –Earth, water, Fire, Air and Sky- are gross material elements and the other three-mind, intelligence, and false ego-are subtle material energies. Every single person in this material world is made up of these eight material elements and there are no other material energies, or elements. The Soul is the fragmental part and parcel of the Supreme Lord that is not at all material and is considered to be the superior energy responsible for life on any planet.

The science of Astrology takes into account the gross material elements-Earth, Water, Fire and sky. Among these five elements, only the first four elements-Earth, Water, Fire and face reading, body reading etc. The fifth element-Sky (or ether) –is neutral because of its neutral effect upon the human body. According to the Vedas, the fifth element plays a major role only for Heavenly planets, like Heaven, where the compositions of the bodies of living entities are different and where totally different laws of physics operate.

So, refer to any part of astrology, numerology, or any other Vedic science like face reading, or body reading and you will always find the prominence of these four elements only. There is no other element apart from these four elements that plays any role. That’s the reason why the twelve months in the calendar year are also divided into the twelve signs of zodiac and all the twelve signs fall into one of these four elements only. There is no other element like wood or Metal, because they are never counted separately. If wood disintegrates, you will find that the major portion of wood comprises the Earth element, and it contains small portions of wood comprises the Earth element, and it contains small portions of Water, fire, and air within it. Again metal is extracted from earth and is part of earth itself.

The purpose of this book is to bring, out the truth about how to determine the real nature, character, personality, and the whole destiny of a person; no matter how hard a person tries to fake his true personality. Vedic physiognomy will help people determine each and every person’s socio-political beliefs as well. It help in understanding people who are honest and truthful and those who are dishonest and untruthful, because people who pretend will not be able to stop the truth from revealing itself on their face.

We hope, therefore, that this book will help people get close to reality and to ascertain the truth about each human being they associate with. Also, this book will ensure that readers will not get influenced by the so-called leaders who misguide people and play with their emotions just to fulfill their personal ambitions. This book has been designed and written in such a way that even navies who are interested in the science of face reading can easily learn and understand it, and derive numerous benefits from it. This is powerful knowledge that is revealed in bona fide disciplic succession, and after reading this book, the lives of many won’t remain the same.




  Introduction XVII
Part I Fundamentals of Vedic Face Reading XXI
  Division of Face 2
Chapter-1 Vertical Division of the Face 3
Chapter-2 Horizontal Division of The Face 11
Chapter-3 Eighteen Significant Position on the Face 15
Chapter-4 Various Planetary Positions on the Face 22
Chapter-5 The Various Categories and Shapes of the Face 25
Chapter-6 Map of the Face: One to Hundred years 31
Part-II Individual Fascial features  
Chaper-2 The Hair 38
Chapter-2 Hairline 43
Chapter-3 Forehead 49
Chapter-4 Back-Head 50
Chapter -5 Eyebrows 57
Chapter-6 Eyelashes 85
Chapter-7 Eyes 88
Chapter-8 Ears 107
chapter-9 Nose 125
chapter-10 Philtrum 141
Chapter-11 Mouth 151
Chapter-12 Cheeks and cheekbones 183
Chapter-13 Jaws 193
Chapter-14 Chin 200
Chapter-15 Beard and Mustache 210
Chapter-16 Neck and Throat 214
Part-III Lines  
chapter-1 Horizontal Lines and Mounts on the Forehead 221
Chapter-2 Vertical Lines on the Forehead 233
Chapter-3 Lines Around the Eyes 242
Chapter -4 Fa Ling Lines 245
Part-IV Moles  
Chapter-1 Moles on Man's Face 256
Chapter-2 Moles on Woman's Face 267
Part-V Analysis or Critical features through face reading  
Chapter-1 Divine and Demonic Natures 278
Chapter-2 Identification of Different Diseases Through Face Reading 288
Chapter-3 Examining Whther Surgeries Help Alter the Destiny of a Person 297

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