MONARCHY VS. DEMOCRACY: The Epic Fight in Nepal

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Publisher: Samkaleen Teesari Duniya
Language: English
Edition: 2005
Pages: 179
Cover: Paperback
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About the Book:

The democratic movement of the mepalese people against absolute monarachy, going on for more than half a century, is now heading towards a climax. The nine-year long People War led by the CPN for a people republic has virtually wiped out the feudal socio-economic and cultural roots of the monarchy from the vast rural areas. This historical struggle between monarchy and democracy has drawn the attention of the whole world in recent years. It has made the imperialist nations led by US very restless whereas it has ignited a ray of hope among the people opposed to imperialism, feudalism and those who stand of understanding about the real nature of this struggle even among the close observers of the Nepalese politics.

The book Monarchy vs. Democracy: The Epic Fight in Nepal deals with the period after the infamous palace massacre of June 2001. The chain of events since then viz. declaration of national emergency and deployment of royal army since November 2001, dissolution and parliament in May 2002, dismissal of elected Prime Minister and assumption of executive powers by the king in October 2002 which culminated in the imposition of absolute monarchy on February 1, 2005, amply testifies the regressive intentions of the Monarchy. The main demand of Moists, today is that is a Constituent Assembly should be elected for the new constitution. The process of polarization in favour of this demand has intensified since the autocratic step taken by the King on February 1. But surprisingly the ruling elite of India and the US still consider Monarchy essential for the stability of Nepal.

About the Author:

Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, 50, a Ph.D from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi(1986), is a rare combination of an outstanding intellectual and a top revolutionary leader of Nepal.

He is the senior Standing Committee Member of the Politbureau of the Communist Party of Nepal which is leading a revolutionary people's War in Nepal since 1996. He is also the Head of the International Department of the Party, and Convener of United Revolutionary People's Council, Nepal an embryonic Central People's Government Organizing Committee.

He has a number of publications to his credit, including The nature of Underdevelopment and Redional structure of Nepal: A Marxist Analysis, Politico-economic Rationale of People's War in Nepal , among others.

Foreward V
About the Author Xi
Author's Preface Xii
Publisher's Note Xv
1. The Royal Regression and the Question of Democratic Republic 1
2. Princely Tendency and Democracy 12
3. Let's Not Legitimize The New Kot Massacre 17
4. The Question of Outlook on Monarchy 26
5. Birth Pangs of Democracy 32
6. Open Letter to Forign Tourists 37
7. Current Political Situation and the Role of The International Forces 41
8. To Our Friends in America 50
9. Nepalese People's Appeal to Friends in India. 57
10. Rejoinder on Some Current Issues 62
11. Nepal: Triangular Balance of Forces 72
12. The Peace Talks And After 88
13. Open Letter To The U.S. Ambassador 94
14. Royal Interview: The Cat is out of the Bag 101
15. Relevance of Monarchy in Nepal 105
A Reply to Dr. Madhu Ghimire 116
1. The Phobia of Guerilla War is Hounding the Reactionaries 123
2. " You will enjoy more democratic rights under the New Democracy than you are enjoying today. 129
3. Maosits seeks a democratic Nepal. 137
4. US Government Interfering in Nepal Negotiations 145
5. Reply to International Crisis Group 158
1. Letter to the International community 165
2. An Executive Summary of the Proposal Put Forward by CPN for the Negotiations. 170

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