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Minor Literary Works of Ksemendra

Minor Literary Works of Ksemendra
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Item Code: NAD101
Author: Rabi Shankar Banerjee
Publisher: Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788120832572
Pages: 284
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.7 inch X 5.9 inch
weight of the book: 420 gms

The present work with the title — Minor works of Ksemendra — has been penned by the Late Professor Rabisankar Banerjee under UGC sponsored DSA Sanskrit programmes. Ksemendra has very large poetical works like Bhrhatkathamañjari, Ramãyazamanjari and Bhãratamañjari with mammoth volumes. Compared to these three, all other works of Ksemendra are minor or small in size. Professor Banerjee has chosen all those minor works of Ksemendra which project the brilliant poet as a literary critic and a bitter satirist. He has given verse to verse translations in English and has made a comparative and aesthetic study of the works of Ksemendra viz. Aucilyavicaracarca, Kavikanthãbharaza and Suv1tatilaka. Professor Banerjee has presented us with a big chapter on Ksemertdra as a satiñst on the basis of the stanzas drawn from his Kalãvilãsa, Samayamatrkã, Sezryasevakopadeia and others. A critical study of all these important minor works was long overdue and Sanskrit-DSA has published that work under UGC-Sponsored DSA-programmes.

I am grateful to Prof. Bijoya Goswami and DSA-Project Assistants Sm. Somasree Roy chaudhury and Sm. Bedabani Mukherjee for going through the Manuscript of the book in connection with the proof-reading.

Manabendu Banerjee Coordinator, DSA (Sanskrit) Jadavpur University

1Ksemendra his date, personal history and work 1
2. Analysis of Aucityavicaracarca 1
3. Analysis of Aucityavicaracarca 102
4. Analysis of Savikanthabharana 161
5. Ksemendra as a satirist 235

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