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Author: P.C. Jhalani
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Edition: 1998
ISBN: 8172761031
Pages: 123
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5" X 5.5"
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

Back of The Book

Born on 3rd November, 1937 in a large family of business people and industrialists in Delhi, Prakash Chandra Jhalani did his graduation with B.Com Hons from Shri Ram collage of commerce, Delhi. In 1957 and took training in Finance and Accounts in a Firm of Chartered Accounts. He joined an industrial company started by the family in collaboration with a German Company in 1961 and has continued with it. He was travelled extensively covering many countries with it. He has travelled extensively covering many countries and has experienced many ups and downs in life. He considers himself to be extremely fortunate to be directed and guided by some Divine power to learn the Vipassana technique of meditation. Assimilation of the experiences in book from is again the result of this Divine guidance who is also directing him to express his deepest gratitude to the persons through whom IT has chosen to give directions.

"Mediate" is the ensemble in a book from of the revelations at experiential level while making progress on the path leading to knowing of the truths about self. Such progress the understanding experiential level to family entrench it in the awerness of self. This fundamental truth is that we never deal with any person, we deal with the image in our awareness of that person-only and always. When, with the sincere and hard work on mediation, this understanding become the guiding principle for the conduct of life, the "scapegoat habit" of blaming others/circumstances for the problems, difficulties and miseries in life will always be there but their but their link with the sufferings to self will get weakened and ultimately destroyed. The problems from manifested forms of own self , the store-house of sufferings. The book does not insist that everyone are different-but there will be similarities on the path and the experience of the ultimate freedom from self-forms will the be there for everyone. The book is an effort to point out these similarities


All of us imagine several things about our own selves. Having imagined ourselves to be what we imagine, we take such imagined forms of our existence for granted without any doubts and without any questions.

Every one of four various forms of emotional and intellectual existence is nothing but containment of awareness of self in that form. Identifying ourselves with any particular form(s) in Self-love and attachments we, ourselves, turn this containment of our awareness of self into confinement.

In the ever flowing current of impermanence however, these forms of four of our existence soon become irrelevant and start facing difficulties, problems and states of helplessness due such irrelevancies. So long as our now irrelevant forms and we continue to identify ourselves with that them(s) our sufferings keeps piling up.

No effort is made whatsoever to know the truth about ourselves if the circumstances are favourable. These circumstances are bound to turn unfavourable in due course of time and whenever these become unfavourable, we tend to indulge in intellectual analysis in order to be able to explain, justify and/or blame others in our efforts on continuing with our high opinion about and attachments to our imagined forms of existence.

Dispassionate self observation (Meditation) is the answer. So that we can make our existence relevant throughout the currency of our lives by changing/moulding our irrelevant forms of existence instead of continuing with the frustrations generating attitude of justifying ourselves and/or blaming others, we need to know the truths about our own forms. This can be known through Meditation.

The writer has been extremely fortunate to have got the opportunity to learn the Technique of Vipassana Meditation and will remain forever grateful to Shri S.N. Goenkaji for the kind and loving initiation into this Technique of Meditation and to the teachers trained by him who provided the guidance practice has enabled the writer to remain free from sufferings to a great extent.

Although it will not be possible to ever repay the debt to Shri Goenkaji, the writer will feel somewhat relieved in case this book is found useful and helpful by some readers and motivates them to get initiated into Vipassana or any other equally effective technique of Meditation. The interested readers may contact at the followers address:

Vipassana International Academy

Post Box No 6

Igatpuri 422 403 India

Tel. No 02553 84076

It his very important and is possible to move oneself from the intellectual understanding to experiential knowing of reality. The readers while going through this book will observe certain progressive change in the style of expression towards the end as compared to the beginning. This change has been by itself creeping in as the understanding grew and has been intentionally allowed to remain as the same reflects the difference in the way we intellectually understand and experientially know.

After attending few course and after practising regularly for some years, the writer realised the immense value of Mediation in his life. Prompted by the good wishes for others which seem to automatically start arising after some progress, the writer started telling his relatives, friends and colleagues about the arising understanding in order to motivate them towards learning Meditation. The group asked the writer to make noted and after having read the notes, the group asked him once again to explain the same.

This book contains these initial notes in Chapter forms as well as the notes on the efforts made to explain and clarify points in various sessions. These have been arranged after the relevant chapters. In an effort to make every discussion session more useful and practical the sessions were conducted in a self contained manner. In this process of self sufficiency of each session, some repetition of thoughts and ideas have occurred. The readers may please excuse the writer for this.

I am indebted to my elder sister Mrs. Pushpa Khandelwal who prompted mw to attend first 10 days' course of Vipassana Technique of Meditation. I am also grateful to the group participating in the sessions which made me write the initial notes which from the chapters in this book and to conduct sessions thereafter explaining the ideas and thought a this effectively led me from initial intellectual understanding to experiential knowing of the ideas and thought expressed in this book.

I express my gratitude to Mrs. Neeru Gupta for being one of the most active members of the group and for her efforts to make notes which ultimately are converted into this book.

I am also thankful to my wife Sudha for being with me during the course and for contributing substantially to the atmosphere of Meditation home which alone could endure progress.

Finally I wish to thank Mrs. Leena Jhalani for prompting me to convert to notes into the from of a book.

As mentioned herein before, I am totally indebted to our Guru S.N. Goenkaji. This book is only a small expression of the acknowledgements of my debts to him as also of the overflowing good wishes for all who may or may not read this book.


Preface v
Section 1
Chapter I
Meditation 1
What is Meditation?
Effects of Meditation
Tools for Meditation
Chapter II
Two aspects of Self-Duality 4
What is meant by Duality?
Current of Impermanence
Usefulness in sharpening the tools for meditation
Meditation and need to Meditate
Section II
Technique of Meditation
Chapter III
Technique of Meditation 15
Brief Note on the Technique of Dispassionate Self-Observation (meditation)
why straighten the back and relax?
why concentration of attention on breath?
why give friendship and good wishes to all?
Section III
Personality: Higher Self
what is Personality?
Components of Personality
Development of Personality
Effects of development of Personality
Functioning of personality
Functioning of personality
Self Observation
Personality aspect of self and its ways
Chapter V39
Nature of Higher self beyond intellect
Components of Higher Self
Contact with and functioning of higher self
Effect of getting in touch with Higher Self
Section IV
Higher Aspect of self, getting in touch with Inner Potential: Relationships of Higher Self
Chapter VI
Higher aspect of Self, getting in Touch with inner potential 45
The Cheek-point for Evolution of self
Chapter VII
Relationships of Higher Self 50
Relationships with the Personality
Operating with the Personality with Personality
Relationship with University Life Force
Section V
Directive Relationship of Higher Self with personality
Chapter VIII67
Chapter IX
Karma 71
Chapter X
The rewards for success 79
Agitated Vs. Peaceful states of mind
The Hard Work
The Rewards
Chapter XI
Getting prepared for receiving the rewards 90
The Preparation
Chapter XII
Perception of Reality 97
Chapter XIII
Freedom of Senses 104
Chapter XIV
Perception of Time 115
**Contents and Sample Pages**

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