Marriage - Matching Astrologically (Marriages are Made in Heaven)

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Author: Dr. T.M. Rao
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788122304381
Pages: 144
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About the Book

This book consists of all the essential principles of ‘Marriage – Matching’ so that the readers can have their satisfaction of getting complete information through one source. The book tells us how to dispel the unnecessary and unknown fears that may crop up in the selection of Bride or Groom. It also tells us how the divine approval and blessings of heavenly stars play the role on the search for perfect combination. The author also tells us the importance or elements of sex and how far Astrology may help people to understand the nature of sex, sexual relationships and methods in regulating sexual behaviour. This book also ensures remedial measures to pacify conflicting Nakshatras and Rashis in the event of mismatch.


About the Author

Dr. T.M. Rao (Dr. Turaga Madhusudhana Rao) was born on 3rd July 1927 at Guntur in Andhra Pradesh. He did his B.Sc. (Hons.) and M.Sc. (Research) from the Andhra University at Waltair. He joined the Geological Survey of India as a Gazetted Officer in 1948 and retired as a Director in 1985.

Though he had a Keen interest in Astrology, he could pursue it only after retirement in 1985. He started his professional consultations in 1987 in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. He developed interest in Medical Astrology and began to give opinions from 1997 to the different corporate hospitals of Hyderabad with regard to various problems quite successfully. The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo conferred upon him D.Sc. in November 1997. He got several titles from different astrological associations and bodies as well. He has authored two books titled Astrology for Layman and Bhrigu Samhita published by us. Both have received wide appreciation from all over India.



There are many books on this subject but most of these only deal with certain aspects of the subject, not its all aspects at one place. As a practicing astrologer I have often found it very difficult information. Moreover, while referring to many books simultaneously, one may lose one’s concentration and may miss one point or the other. So, I thought it best to attempt a book wherein all the required information on the subject could be provided in a single volume.

The aim of the book is to put in a concise form all the essential astrological principles related to marriage matching so that the readers can easily get all the information at one place. In the course of writing this book, several publications were referred to, and I have endeavoured to present in this book essential principles culled out from standard works. Wherever differences surfaced I have put forth my own views, the justification being my humble experience in this line. The reader is at liberty to take them or reject them.

The aim of astrology is to dispel the fear of the unknown and to give scope for the free play of the human spirit. This treatise is not complete by any means. The subject is vast, yet I have gathered information from many acknowledged sources. I am sure this information will be of great use to the modern man. With the help of this book, he would be able to exercise his own judgement instead of wholly depending on the astrological consultant.

The author is highly grateful to M/s. Pustak Mahal, New Delhi, who have shown keen interest in publishing this book. I am sure both professionals and non- professionals would benefit from the effort.



There goes an old proverb, “marriages are made in heaven”. This means a marriage has divine approval and blessings. But still one needs to look for the right mate. Then only can one find the true life partner. Male and female are but two aspects or two sides of Nature. Hence it is natural for them to be united. Otherwise there would be incompleteness. However, marriage is but a gross reflection of the grand spiritual union. In our country, marriage has been considered as a relationship which will last till eternity. It confers equality on both the partners in matters of Dharma (right conduct), Artha (financial position), Kama (sex reaction) and Moksha (liberation or emancipation). The ancients have, therefore, called the wife a housewife, a minister, a friend and a servant. She is also the goddess of the house encouraging her husband to earn wealth, name and fame. She stands by him in times of crisis.

Anxiety in regard to marriage is all the greater as the selection is made only once in a life time. Marriage is not an invitation for brute sense- gratification. Nor it is a civil agreement that affects only the partners. It is in fact the basis of the family, therefore its dissolution as well as formation is a matter of social interest. It is the mould out of which the future generations emerge.

The sexual aspect is an important element in the life of an individual, and it has a significant bearing on one’s psychological and emotional development. It has been planted so deeply in human nature that no normal person can escape its influence.

We must now examine how far can astrology help people understand the nature of sex, sexual relationships and the behaviour patterns regulating our sexual desires. Those who are successful in sexual adjustment can by and large lead a happy life, as the mutual affection between the married couple is broadened through the adjustment. Hence, ancient Rishis attached great significance to astrological considerations before solemnising a marriage.

Physiological, psychological or other defects of the reproductive system can be detected by studying the individual birth charts (horoscopes). Life itself can become heaven or hell depending upon the state of one’s married life. Marriage is not based on any sentiment, but has religious, moral, social and scientific basis. Even though every one knows that man’s destiny is preordained by the Lord Almighty, still people consult astrologers to find out about the prospective bride or bride groom, the time of marriage and the state of married life.

The Hindus Sastras, keeping in view the climate and ethnological conditions in India, have fixed the maximum and minimum ages fro marriage. In earlier times, a girl was thought to be of marriageable age when she satisfied the dictum ‘Astavarshat bhavet Kanya’ i.e. by the 8th year. But today this concept has totally changed and under the present conditions, the minimum marriageable age for a girl is fixed at 18 years and for a boy at 21 years. This is because the reproductive organs are well developed by this time, and the couple can hope to have a healthy progeny. Marriages between people belonging to the same gotra are not favoured perhaps because of the pernicious influence it may have on the offsprings. Inter- racial, inter- communal and inter- religious marriages have not been favoured because of cultural differences in such unions.

Eight types of marriages have been mentioned in Manusmriti. These are: Daiva, Brahma, Arisha, Prajapatiya, Asura, Gandharva, Rakshasa and Pisacha. The marriage that takes place in the normal course is called Prajapatiya. The role of astrology in finding out a suitable boy or girl for a happy marriage is quite important. The responsibility of the astrologer in this regard is greater and more taxing than that of parents and other relatives. Therefore, the astrologer should offer his frank opinion without any reservation.




  Preface vii
  Introduction ix
  Part- I  
1 The Role of Astrologer 14
  Kinds of Agreements  
  Verification of Nakshatras (Constellations)  
2 Dasavida Porutams (Kutas) and Their Significance 23
(i) Dina Kuta  
(ii) Gana Kuta  
(iii) Mahendra Kuta  
(iv) Stree Dirgha Porutam  
(v) Yoni Kuta  
(vi) Rasi Porutam  
(vii) Rasyadhipa Porutam or Graha Maitram  
(viii) Rajju Porutam  
(ix) Vedha Porutam  
(x) Nadi Porutam  
(xi) Vasya Kuta  
(xii) Varna Kuta  
3 Common Janma Rasis 40
  Harmful Nakshatras  
4 Kuja Dosham 44
  Kuja Dosham for All Ascendants  
5 Papa Samayam and Dosha Samayam 60
  Dasa- sandhi  
  Sama Dasas  
  Samasaptama and its effects  
  Unity of Minds  
6 Remedial Measures 66
  Part- II  
7 The Married Life 72
  7th lord in different houses  
  Planets in the 7th House  
8 Spouse and Married Life 78
  Promised Marriage  
  No Marriage  
  Delayed Marriage  
  Time of Marriage  
  Married Life  
  Happy Married Life  
  Unhappy Married Life  
9 Divorce or Separation 87
  Love Marriage  
  A Few General Observations  
10 Direction from which Husband/ Wife Comes 94
  Results of Different Signs Ascending  
  (From Mesha to Meena)  
11 Birth- star Significance 103
  Certain Exceptions  
12 Suggested Format for Matching of Horoscopes 108
  A Case History of Horoscope Matching Charts of Certain Cases  
  1. Cases of Late Marriage  
  2. Cases of Love Marriage  
  3. Cases of No Marriage  
  4. Illustrations of Different Kinds of Marriages  
  5. Cases of Widowhood  
13 Star Matching table (At a Glance) 115
14 Conclusion 131
  Compatibility Table 132
  Longevity Chart 138
  Mantras 139
  Glossory of Words 140
  Navagraha Stotram 142

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