Mahatma Gandhi and Art

Mahatma Gandhi and Art

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Item Code: IDE924
Author: Y.P. Anand
Publisher: Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8185503060
Pages: 68 (Color Illus: 2, B & W Illus: 5)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 11.0" X 8.5"
Weight 400 gm


2.Gandhiji's Early Expressions about art and Beauty11
2.1.London Diary11
2.2.Some Other Writings12
3.Gandhiji's Language as an Art13
4.Gandhiji's Views on Art15
4.1.The Background to Gandhiji's Views on Art15
4.2.Interview with G. Ramachandran and other Views of Gandhiji on Art, Truth and Beauty17
4.2.1.What is True Art: Inwardness of Art17
4.2.2.Beauty in Truth; Truth, Beauty, Goodness18
4.2.3.Art for the Millions19
4.2.4.Art and Beauty for Inner Purity, Character and Simplicity20
4.2.5.Art and Religion/Truth/Morality21
4.2.6.Art & Beauty for Utility, Art not for 'Art's Sake': the Case of Khadi22
4.2.7.Art and Obscenity27
4.2.8.Gandhiji's Love and Appreciation of Music27
4.2.9.Gandhiji's Appreciation of Nature32
4.2.10.Gandhiji's Critique of Art33
4.2.11.Art and Music in National Education36
4.3.Mahatma Gandhi and Romain Rolland37
4.4.Mahatma Gandhi and Gurudev Tagore40
4.5.Verrier Elwin's Essay on Mahatma Gandhi42
4.6.Gandhiji and the Art School at Sevagram: the Experiments of Devi Prasad46
4.7.Mukul Dey's 'Portraits of Mahatma Gandhi'48
6.Aesthetics and Action in Gandhi's Political Philosophy54

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