Madhava Dravyaguna

Madhava Dravyaguna

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Item Code: NAD347
Author: Dr. A. Narayana
Publisher: Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788170804017
Pages: 304
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.0 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 400 gm
About the Author

This work. Deals with indigenous materia medica, pharmacology and t1erapeutics of Ayurveda, with special reference to drug obtained from vegetable origin or the plant drugs belonging to Indian medca1 science. It is the first work of its kind, fulfilling the need and demand in India and abroad. The work is in English language supported with Sanskrit text (with proper reference/contexts).

This work has been presented in three parts, enumerating more than 500 drugs, forming three volumes:

First (A-J), Second (K-N) and Third (P-, brought out during the period from 1998 to 2001. The work covers all the relevant aspects of drugs generally dealt in the sphere of Dravyaguna Vijñana of Indian Materia Medica. Being the first volume, its section I deals the classification (guna, varga etc.) of drugs and main section II entirely covers individual drugs which are to continue in further volumes. The glossary of technical and medical terms related to drugs and Dravyaguna Vijñãna is given; and the indies of botanical and Sanskrit names along with other lists have been provided.

The subject matter drugs and topics as required in the subject course of Dravyaguna course book (for graduate as well as postgraduate), reference book for higher studies (doctoral and research etc.) and handbook of plant drugs used in Indian Medicine, for research workers, scientists, physicians, teachers pharmacists manufacturers research and educational institutions libraries, botanical researchers, medicinal plants scientists, multidisciplinary scientific researchers of herbal drugs, medical and pharmaceutical institution, pharmacies hospitals, universities, Ayurvedic institutions and the laymen interested in Ayurveda and drugs.


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1 Vividhausadhi Varga2-53
2 Lavana Varga53-56
3 Iksu Varga57-62
4 Madhuvarga62-66-
5 Ksira Varga67-73
6 Dadhi varga74-79
7 Takra Varga79-84
8 Navanita Varga84-85
9 Ghrta Varga85-88
10 Taila Varga89-93
11 Snesha Varga95-95
12 Madhya Varga96-104
13 Kanjika Varga104-107
14 Mutra Varga107-110
15 Toya Varga111-124
16 Sali Varga125-127
17 Kudhanya Varga128-129
18 Simbidhanya Varga130-135
19 Mamsa Varga135-143
20 Matsya Varga145-148
21 Phala Varga149-167
22 Saka Varga168-190
23 Srestha Varga191-192
24 Rasa Varga193-194
25 Manda Varga195-196
26 Anna Varga197-199
27 Panabhaksya Varga201-219
28 Anupana Varga220-225
29 Prakirna Varga225-251
Botanical Name Index252