Lord Hanuman And His Art of Efficient Management (Learn The Strategic Skills From The Wise God and Excel in Life)

Lord Hanuman And His Art of Efficient Management (Learn The Strategic Skills From The Wise God and Excel in Life)

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Author: Dr. Sunil Jogi
Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788128825804
Pages: 222
Cover: Paperback
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Hanuman the Book

Hanuman is the true Rama. Under the command of Lord Rama, he supervised the great war mentioned in the epic, Ramayana. He managed and motivated the monkey warriors, looked after Mother Sita, saved Lakshmana and helped Lord Rama win. Hence, his ablities as a strategic master are, no doubt, matchless. The modern reader would learn about his-sate tactics in this tine book.

Readers of all age groups can get enlightenment b book. However, managers, working women, management students and business—persons would find it exceptionally useful. This book is able to present a new dimension of Hanumans personality.

About the Author

Dr. Sunil Jogi is a renowned poet of India. He has written nearly 75 books so far. Apart from writing columns for many national newspapers of the country, he has given countless path-breaking presentations and lectures on various news channels, Beyond India, he has organized and participated in over 2500 poetry conventions across 18 cities of America, Canada, Great Britain, France, Norway, Dubai, Muscat and Surinam.

Mr. Jogi has composed songs for several albums and films. He has served many high posts in the country—from the parliament to various ministries and state level academies. He is an advisor to many political leaders.

Today he is widely considered the most energetic and thought-provoking poet among the new generation. When it comes to stage presentations and demonstrations of his creations, Mr. Jogi is matchless.


Ranicharitmanas is a unique work of Goswami Tulsidas Ji. It is a great epic and the most famous literary creation of Tulsidas Ji. In this epic, the events and circumstances of the Treta era have been depicted with finesse. Besides, the various aspects of human life have also been brought into lime-light. It educates man so that he may manage his life in an efficient manner. We can get inspiration from every character mentioned in this great epic. Thus, we can make our life worthwhile by reading it and following the sermons appended therein.

The entire life of Lord Hanuman Ji, who is the son of Lord Pawan (the God of Air) and the eternal friend of Lord Rama, is totally disciplined and highly organized. He is one such character of Ranicharitmanas who transcends from the state of monkey to superhuman and from superhuman to god. He does so because of his spirit of serving others and devotion towards Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. Hanuman Ji, who is never lazy, is a confluence of knowledge, devotion and celibacy (Vairagya). He has devotion, dedication and total confidence in his powers. He respects others. He has limitless powers but he never misuses them. He saves noble people with his strength. He punishes and kills the evil-minded people. He sacrifices. He is a sage. He is known as Sankatmochan (the one who removes all crises) in the entire world. He faces crises bravely. He believes in the shloka of the Gita which states:

He is a visionary. He is an expert strategist. He is an embodiment of virtues. He serves others. He does the welfare of one and all. He becomes sad when others are sad or melancholic. These are some of his major qualities. In fact, he is full of virtues and there is no end to his virtues. He has total control over every field of life. He is quite efficient in life management. That-is why, he is incomparable and worthy of prayer.

In this book, the description of the best virtues of Shri Hanuman Ji has been appended. It has been put in this book on the basis of the description given in Shri Ramcharitmanas, Sri Hanuinan Chalisa and Sankatmochan Hanurnashtak. We believe that you would enjoy reading this book. Thus, you would set out on the devotion path that is full of reverence for Hanuman Ji. We also expect that you would imbibe his virtues in your life and manage your life accordingly.

We are grateful to Geeta Press, Gorakhpur. We have taken the description of the spots mentioned in Shri Rarncharitmanas from the book Manas published by Geeta Press, Gorakhpur. Great sage, Brahma Leen Param Pujya ‘Bhai Ji Hanuman Prasad Poddar has got this pious task done for us. I salute his pious remembrance from the core of my heart.

Acharya Pandit Vijay Shankar Mehta (of Ujjain, MP) and Dr. Vijay Kumar Aggarwal (of Bhopal, MP) had become our sources of inspiration, insofar as completing this gargantuan project was concerned. I am grateful to both of them. Besides, I also bow my head in reverence and humbly salute all visible and invisible powers.

Really, the task of writing this book was got done from me by Pawanputra Lord Hanuman Ji. It was he who had given me the inspiration and strength to write this fine devotional book. I prostrate before him and pray to him with all humility, devotion and reverence.

The views and reactions of our valued readers are always welcomed.


1 A Karmayogi Who Works Incessantly 9
2 Always Ready for Test 32
3 Efficient Detective 43
4 Ramdoot: Mediator and True Servant 54
5 Mahaveer Hanuman 69
6 Truthfulness 80
7 Egoless, Humble and Courageous 87
8 Grateful and Giving Credit to Official 100
9 Self-confident 107
10 Virtue Assimilator 115
11 One Who Pays Respect to Others 122
12 Supreme Learned 132
13 One Who Does Not Beg 143
14 Crisis Solver 149
15 Visionary, Policy Maker and Diplomat 158
16 Doing Welfare of Others 166
17 Right Action at Right Time 173
18 True Love 187
19 Spiritual and Blessed One 199
20 Views of Others about Hanuman Ji 208
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