Listen to Me, My Dear Young Child
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Listen to Me, My Dear Young Child

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Item Code: NAI456
Author: Dr. Uttam Dave
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788122311990
Pages: 104
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 110 gm


Adolescence is considered to be a period of storm and strife because a lot of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social changes take place in the adolescent. All these changes create new problems for teenagers. It is a deplorable fact that in our country very few teenagers have the opportunity to solve their problems and concerns in healthy ways. Lack of value, life skills and sex education on one hand compounded with the silence or sometimes ignorance of the parents themselves about teenage issues leaves the problems correctly unsolved.

Incorrectly solved problems leads to problems like premature dating, pre-marital sex, AIDS, Drug Abuse and suicide, just to name a few. Mass Media too adds to the confusion by suggesting superficial and unrealistic and dangerous solutions to complicated problems of life.

Listen Me My Dear Young Child is written with four intentions in mind. First, it deals with all possible kinds of problems that teenagers face today and practical solutions to them. Secondly, being a self-help book it will avoid a lot of embarrassment and hesitance which many parents face while talking to their children about certain sensitive issues. Third, by providing scientific and value based education to solving life's problems many teenagers will emerge with firmer self-esteem and not give in to peer pressure in taking up questionable activities. Four, with the rising trend of working couples, most of the time teens are left at the mercy of T.V., Internet and so on. And obviously they are refrained from instilling the faith and values acceptable and desirable in a civilised society. This books aims to instill such correct values and faith into the children.

By gifting Listen Me My Dear Young Child to your teen, you will prevent any physical or emotional damage that may result out of experimentation.

It is my earnest wish that you as a parent read this book before you gift it to your teenager and direct all questions come to your mind to me, if you feel uncomfortable discussing them with your teen.

Wishing your teen a very safe Adolescence!


1Sex Education7
2Growing Up10
3Touching Oneself18
6Sexual Abuse39
7Same-Sex Love44
8Physical Intimacy49
10STD & AIDS60
12Depression & Suicide75
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