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Light on The Path (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh): Talks in the Himalayas

Light on The Path (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh): Talks in the Himalayas
Item Code: IHK001
Author: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Publisher: Rebel Books
ISBN: 3893380302
Pages: 393 (17 B/W Illustrations
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5 Inch X 7.4 Inch
weight of the book: 785 gms
From the Jacket

When the United states government arrested Bhagwan Rajneesh without a warrant and held him in custody for twelve days transporting him in chains and even hiding his whereabouts from his attorneys it became clear that Ronald Reagan and his representatives would stop at nothing to silence Bhagwan and destroy the commune built in Oregon by his people. Bhagwan reluctantly agreed to pleas from his disciples to leave the united states rather than endure further harassment and threats to his life.

These talks in the Himalayas were given on his return to Indian and during his subsequent visit to Nepal. They form a rare documentary of an historic moment in the life of Bhagwan’s movement to create a new man on the earth and a rare portrait of an enlightened master and his disciples traveling together through heart stoppingly uncertain times.

From the Book

It is good to understand that we are wanderer’s gypsies searching for something certainly.

The search can be for a home that means some security some warmth, some coziness some love from the outside, form somebody else and that is the wrong way. That is the way of the worldly man and he always ends in misery.

A sannyasin basically recognizes the fact that the search is not for a home; the search is who is this beings? The being who is born homeless.

Don’t search for the home because there is none, Search for your self, because there is one! And finding that one, suddenly miraculously, the whole existence becomes your home.


In the winter of 1985-1986 when Bhagwan gave these discourse first in the Kulu manali Region of northern India and later in Katmandu, Nepal, it was the dark night of the soul for sannyasins suddenly cut off from him. Bhagwan was gone. Their commune in Oregon in America was closing down and the whole future was shrouded in uncertainty.

Along with some personal attendants Bhagwan left America on November 14 and traveled by a rented Jetstar 731 back to new Delhi India where he arrived shortly before 7 a.m. local time on November 17.

New Delhi international airport was jammed with about 3,000 people anxious to get a glimpse of the master who had been away from his homeland for four and a half year. Sannyasins with their entire families and many who had never taken sannyas had been camping out for two nights waiting.

Step-by Step a path was made through the throng and Bhagwan was whisked away to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. While exhausted form his American ordeal Bhagwan consented to meet with the press Good morning India!” were his first words. He was happy to be back in the land of the Buddhas.

The next day Bhagwan was on the front pages of all the major newspaper in the country. He himself was already in a remote and magical Himalayan valley in northern Himachal Pradesh not far from the Chinese Border.

There were snow-covered mountain peaks in the distance on both sides of the valley.

With his immediate family and some personal attendants Bhagwan settled in at the span Resort a six acer holiday complex equidistant between Kulu and Manali. Twice daily he took brief walks down to the rocky rushing river which flowed through the complex and sat there on a bench for ten or fifteen minutes at a time slowly he was recovering his health.

Sannyasins and an increasing number of local people began to line up for these walk Bys eventually even in the snow over a hundred people attended.

From the very beginning the atmosphere was both soft and sinister. Soft because of the beauty of the landscape and the homely intimate nature of the life closed to the master. Sinister because of the rumblings of distant political machinations form New Delhi and Washington D.C.

According to Ma Yoga Neelam a long time Indian disciple then in close attendance on Bhagwan the Indian press was more interested in Bhagwan that ever before. Television radio and newspaper reporters flew up to ask question and there were two or three press conferences daily.

Council members form ten local villages came to pay their respects to Bhagwan and have breakfast with him one morning by the river. They wanted to help in every way possible.

The president secretary and other representatives from the Himachal Pradesh bar association also came to visit. They had read many of his books and were also willing to help Bhagwan Settle in.

But the chief minister of Pradesh said land could not be purchased by the newcomers for two reasons. First only residents of the state could own land there. Second Bhagwan would be attracting many foreign and all those traveling by land would have to cross the strife torn Punjab.

Three weeks after their arrival the visas of Bhagwan’s western disciples were summarily cancelled and they were forced to leave the country. While the directive came from New Delhi many suspected that it stemmed from Washington D.C.

In the beginning of December Bhagwan started giving discourse at first outside and later when the weather turned cold indoors in the background of those recorded discourses, one can hear the sound of the river running.

Towards the end of December it snowed for three days let’s go for a walk Neelam Suggested excitedly to Bhagwan on Christmas morning. He was ready to do it! Not with your flip flops I said. You can bring me some shoes. He said he was ready to put on some shoes but I didn’t have any new shoes for him.

When the snow came the electricity and telephones frequently went. Ma Prem Maneesha who arrived after the other western disciples left was transcribing the discourse at this time. She remembers freezing in her dark room with a shawl around her shoulders transcribing discourses on a clunky old typewriter by candlelight.

It was the dark night of the transcriber!

Kulu manali was too backwards for Bhagwan Neelam said. “With him you can’t live in the seventeenth century.

Conjoined with the physical hardships and political bullying of westerners some bogus court cases against Bhagwan were initiated and there were even rumors of imminent arrest.

On the afternoon of January 3, Neelam and three other disciples accompanied Bhagwan to the local airport half an hour away from the resort and took a regularly scheduled flight to New Delhi. Arriving in Katmandu the next day they went to stay at the soaltee Oberoi.

From a remote Himalayan valley wit uncertain electricity to a very glamorous five stare hotel with a swimming pool Maneesha said was an extreme change of scenario. But what she noticed then the again on the world Tour was how constant Bhagwan remained against all those different backdrops.

In the sitting room of his suite Bhagwan began almost immediately to give discourses which were attended by about ten disciples. Outside the window Maneesha said you could see an old man and an old woman plowing their field with oxen.

Bhagwan talked about Buddha enlightment and the Cacophony of sounds he heard every night in the hotel itself flushing toilets opening and closing doors. He says some amazing things.

There was a daily walk by attended by about five hundred people mostly non sannyasin Nepalese. In the evenings there were press conferences in the hotel’s grand Auditorium

The king of Nepal sent an envoy to several discourses and even visited the Oberoi during Bhagwan’s stay. But he did not come to see Bhagwan himself. Some said political pressure was being put on him by the American government. Bhagwan has something else to say on the matter.

Bhagwan decided to go on a world tour, so I can talk to every body and bring them out of unnecessary chaos leaving Nepal in mid February he flew first to Bangkok and then to Dubai where he was met by sannyasins who ahs rented a Lear jet.

From there he was flown to Greece the first stop on a world tour which was to culminate almost six months later in his return to Poona where he now lives.

In these discourses before you Bhagwan advised his disciples to be lights on the path.


1Be Unpredictable1
2 The Real Difficulty
Is to be With me
3 Now our the Commune
Exists all over the world
4 Darkness the Substance
Existence is made of
5The strength you feel
Is the strength of truth
6Follow your inner being
Then no Government is needed
7Awareness is magic 67
8Don’t search for a Home
search for yourself
9 The master’s function
Is not to save you
10 I love the Rascal saints! 95
11 A True Master Can put on fire 105
12 Religiousness is interwoven
into Existence itself
13 Wherever there is
A Sannyasin of mine I am there
14 Say it with your totality 135
15 With a master the long Journey
can be cut short
16 I want a Meeting of east and west 151
17 No Mind is emptiness
And Fullness together
18 The Mind is a Deceiver 171
19 The path of Truth
Is only for gamblers
20 Nobody can Expect
Consistency from me
21 Nature is not Anguish
It is Blissfulness
22 The real Remains Silent 211
23 Cities have made
The human being inhuman
24 Sex and death
Two Poles of One energy
25 The master creates a Lovesphere 239
26 The Moment you find the truth
everything stops
27 Dissolving into the universal
A silent song of am ness
28 Act according to your insight 271
29 Nietzsche A Great Freedom
or a Great Danger
30 Utopia is Possible 297
31 The Divine in the Depth
of diving into this moment
32 Only your original face
can become enlightened
33 Truth is a dance in the heart 333
34 To Relate with non sannyasins
is bound to be difficult
35 Beyond the mind is your reality 353
36 Enlightenment the by product
of being in the present
37 I Don’t have any disciples
I have only friends
38 Music will Remind you of me 385

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