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The Light of The Modern World (The Universal Significance of Sri Ramakrishna's Avatarahood and Message)

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Item Code: NAF034
Author: Swami Bhajanananda
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788175053694
Pages: 268
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Book Description
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Sri Ramakrishna is regarded variously as a sage, spiritual leader, world teacher, prophet, Avatara of the present age and so on. Finding these terms unsatisfactory, the noted British author Christopher Isherwood described Sri Ramakrishna as a “phenomenon”. The present book is a modest attempt to understand that phenomenon in the context of world thought currents and in the light of authentic sources.

Publisher’s Note

On the occasion of Sri Ramakrishna’s 175th birth anniversary, it gives us great pleasure to present to our readers The Light of the Modern World. In the history of the human race the advent of great spiritual personalities like Krishna, Buddha, and Christ has always been seen to mark the beginning of a new epoch. Though the meaning of their appearance is not discerned by the laity during their lifetime, as time passes their impact on the core aspects of human life begins to be felt. Thus, in retrospect, a new view emerges of their lives, and we begins to ascribe to them the momentous changes seen in society. According to Swami Vivekananda, “With the birth of Sri Ramakrishna the Golden Age has begun.” But today, for the generality of people, such an assertion may appear preposterous, with no sign of such a beginning visible anywhere. Who was Sri Ramakrishna? What was the purpose of his advent? Did he bring about a silent revolution, unseen on the surface?

This book skillfully deals with these issues, taking for its subject the Avatarahood of Sri Ramakrishna and its universal significance. In the course of his discussion the author presents the different facets of an Avatara and the universal relevance of his message. Many other spiritual topics too are dealt with, all of which go into the making of this impressive and inspiring work.

The author is a senior Trustee of Ramakrishna Math and member of the Governing body of the Ramakrishna Mission. He was formerly an Editor of Prabuddhha Bharata for several years, and is currently an Assistant Secretary of the world-wide Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math.

This volume was originally serialized as articles in Prabuddha Bharata. However, the articles have been thoroughly revised and also new material has been added. We believe this work will go a long way in enlightening the readers about the significance of Sri Ramakrishna’s advent and his message, and also in understanding the epochal dimensions of his personality.

Author’s Preface

This book is being published as a part of the celebration of the 175th birth anniversary of Sri Ramakrishna. Sri Ramakrishna is regarded variously as a saint, sage, spiritual leader, world teacher, prophet, Avatara of the present age and so on. Finding these terms unsatisfactory, the noted British author Christopher Isherwood described Sri Ramakrishna as a “phenomenon”. The present book is a modest attempt to understand that phenomenon in the context of world thought currents and in the light of authentic sources.

By “authentic sources” is meant primarily Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita (translated into English as The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna), Sri Ramakrishna Lilaprasanga (translated into English as Sri Ramakrishna, the Great Master), state-ments of Swami Vivekananda and a few other disciples of Sri Ramakrishna, and the original ideas on Avatarahood propounded by Sri Krishna in the Gita. All references to miracles or miraculous events have been avoided. The main attempt is to understand the universal significance of the Avatarahood doctrine associated with Sri Ramakrishna in the light of modern thought.

The book has a prologue and two parts. The prologue, entitled “Sri Ramakrishna the Known and the Unknown”, is intended to serve as a general introduction to the central theme of the book

Part I constitutes the main body of the book. It is a fairly comprehensive study of the phenomenon of Avatarahood as revealed in the person of Sri Ramakrishna, and the universal significance of this phenomenon not only to the devotees of the Master but to all spiritually minded people all over the free world.

Part II is a detailed study of the message of Sri Ramakrishna and its universal significance.

The prologue originally appeared as an editorial in the March 1979 issue of Prabuddha Bharata, the journal started by Swami Vivekananda. The first and second parts also originally appeared as a series of articles in Prabuddha Bharata from January 2011 to May 2012. The original articles have, however, been thoroughly revised and enlarged in the present edition.

Apart from the doctrine of Avatarahood, the book also contains a lot of discussions on the practical aspects of spiritual life which sincere spiritual seekers will find helpful.


Sri Ramakrishna The Known & The Unknown
The Timeless Adoration15
Kasmai Devaya Havisa Vidhema16
"What Do You Think Of Me?"18
Aura Of Mystery19
Temporal And Eternal Aspects21
Embodiment Of Infinite Spiritual Ideas23
Part One : The avatarahood of sri ramakrishna and its universal significance
The New Man Of The Modern Age29
Ages or Epochs32
Epochal Paradigm Shifts33
Power Of Ideas36
Swamiji's Concept Of Epochal Ideas38
Role Of The Prophet39
Sri Ramakrishna41
Significance Of Sri Ramakrishna's Avatarahood47
Different Facets Of An Avatara
Avatara As Liberator50
Avatara As The Door To The Infinite52
Avatara As Ishtadevata56
Avatara As The Centre Of Divine Harmony,
Divine Will, Divine grace61
Avatara As The Divine Worker63
Love, Work, Service63
Divine Work Of the Avatara66
Divine Yoga70
Divine Tapas71
Divine Lila71
Divine Sacrifice72
Sri Ramakrishna As A World Teacher73
Function Of the Guru74
God as the Adi Guru74
Inentification With the Cosmic "I"75
Spiritual Knowledge as Inner Illumination76
The Arrow of Knowledge that
Kills the Demon of Doubt77
Avatara as the Eternal Guide78
Starting a New Line of Gurus79
The Massage of the World Teacher79
Avatara's Universal Love And Compassion
Identification With Divine Motherhood86
The Love And Compassion Of The Avatara90
Sri Ramakrishna's Rejuvenation of Indian Spirituality95
Reliving The Truths of The Scriptures97
Purification And Revitalization Of Spiritual Paths100
Integration Of The Spiritual
Experiences Of The Past103
Awakening Of Cosmic Kundalini107
Unification Of Spiritual Traditions109
Sri Ramakrishna And Spiritual Renaissance
Indian Spirituality112
Peaceful Dialectics of Indian Culture114
Unique Features Of The Modern
Spiritual Renaissance
1Universal Significance115
2Emphasis On Direct Experience116
3Separation of Spirituality from Religion118
4Harmony of Religions119
5A Universal Scripture121
6Setting in Motion a New Spiritual Movement123
The New Monastic Order124
(a)Universal Outlook127
(c)Discipline and Freedom129
(d)Synthesis of Yogas130
(e)Service as a Way of Life131
(f)Brotherly Love133
(g)Centred Round Sri Ramakrishna134
Community of Lay Devotees134
Other Streams of
the Ramakrishna Movement136
7Strengthening the Moral Foundations of Culture and Spirituality
8Manifestation of Divine Glory in Man141
Sri Ramakrishna As The Spiritual Ideal Of The Modern Age
Meaning of "Ideal"146
Four Global Trends149
Meaning of Spirituality And Spiritual Life151
Traditional Spirituality154
The Modern Spiritual Movement155
The First Phase156
The Second Phase157
The Third Phase158
Change In Attitude Towards Spirituality
(a)Quest for the Ultimate159
(b)Existential Problems159
(c)Overcoming Stress in Life160
(d)Shift in Management Philosophy161
(e)Support of Science and Technology162
Universal Spirituality-Its Salient Features164
Drawbacks of Modern Secular Spirituality169
Dawn of The Golden Age
Power of Religion or Spirituality171
Sri Ramakrishna and Satya Yuga172
Spiritual Evolution173
Characteristics of the Golden Age
1Rishis or Prophets would be Numerous175
2Unity of the East and West177
3Equality and Love178
4The Courage to be179
5Unity of Spirituality and Science180
6Utopia or Reality?180
Sri Ramakrishna As The Ideal Of The Golden Age181
Part Two : The Massage Of Sri Ramakrishna And Its Universal Significance
Experience And Expression193
Sri Ramakrishna 's Bhavamukha Perspective195
Basic Teachings Of Sri Ramakrishna
The Goyal of Life197
The Ultimate Reality or God197
The Means of Realizing God198
The Human Being199
Society and Duties of Life200
Spiritual Realization200
General Characteristics Of
Sri Ramakrishna's Massage
4Positive Outlook202
5Stress On Morality203
6Free from the Occult203
7Harmony and Peace203
Need For Philosophical Concepts203
Sri Ramakrishna's Acquisition of Knowledge204
Integral Vedanta of Sri Ramakrishna
Philosophy and Religion205
Vedanta Philosophy206
Hindu Religion207
Sri Ramakrishna's Integral Vedanta208
From Religion To Spirituality209
Main Philosophical Concepts In
Sri Ramakrishna's Message
1Message of Spiritual Fulfilment210
2Direct Transcendental Experience as Proof214
3Integral View of Reality216
4Divinization of Life218
5Message of Love and Service222
6Message of Purity223
7Development of Spiritual Personality226
8Message of Harmony228
iHarmony of Religions230
iiHarmony within Hinduism237
iiiHarmony of spiritual paths240
ivHarmony of Spiritual Life and social Life242
vHarmony of the Acient and the Modern246
9Practical Vedanta
The Atman as our True Abode248
Doing the Duties of Life with Detachmant249
Need for Skill to Lead a spiritual Life249
Realistic Approach to Reality250
Adaptation to Circumstances250
Stages in Spiritual Progress251
Universal Significance Of
Sri Ramakrishna's Massage To The Present Times252
Need for Message of Harmony253
Feminist Movement255
Moral Decline255
Global Spiritual Movement257

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