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Life of Muhammad: Messenger of Mercy (Peace & Blesssings of Allah Be Upon Him)

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Author: K.P. Thanga Koya Thangal
Language: English
Edition: 2017
Pages: 547 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
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Book Description
About The Book

The purpose of this biography is to introduce the holy prophet the supreme exemplar for the whole world, and for the English readers in special who are the immediate readers of the book is a significant step in this direction. It gives an accurate account of prophet's life and time, and profoundly adds to the understanding of Islam and the fascinating life of holy prophet Muhammad (SAW)
Islam was and is not just some spontaneous burst or mirage on the blazing sands of Arabia, for a limited circle of people In fact, it marks the culmination and perfectness of Divine Messages of the past and to carry out the great task of proclaiming His final Message, the Almighty Allah chose Muhammad (SAW) as the last and final prophet, who was prophesied in the earlier Holy Scriptures and is a perfect model for humanity. What can we write about him who changed the destiny of the world and saved the human race from sure disaster! The loss in words becomes more apparent when we consider that he was Divinely chosen for this great task and carried out the mission entrusted, in a most impeccable and flawless manner, He was every inch a perfect man (Insan al Kamil). Even the detractors and honest and unprejudiced critics could not find the smallest fault in his glowing personality Quran itself describes him as the "Noblest Exemplar (Uswathan Hasana). For the human race, including generations to come, it will become all the more conspicuous that the life of prophet Muhammad (SAW) was extra ordinary and endowed with all fine qualities such patience, courage, wisdom, generosity, intelligence love and magnanimity to cite a few that will guide us to mould our lives. The more one study of his life, the more one amazed!

About the Author

Thangakoya Thangal (Sayyid Shamssuddeen) was born in 1948 at Androth Island, Lakshadweep. After his preliminary schooling at Native Island, graduated from Govt. Brennan College, Tellichery, Kerala. Obtained Law Degree from Govt. Law College, University of Bombay and started his carrier as a lawyer, in the High Court of Bombay, in 1977.
Appointed as Legal Advisor to Lakshadweep Administration and Central Govt. standing Counsel in the High Court of Kerala in 1986. Selected as Income Tax Appellate Tribunal Member at Bombay in 1990. Posted in Ahmedabad, Nagpur and Cochin. Served as vice-president in Bombay, Lucknow and Bangalore. Retired from service in 2010.


Fifteen centuries back, an orphan boy was born in a noble family of Quraish of Makkah, among the progenies of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham, peace be upon him). The city of Makkah was grown up around a cube shaped structure called Ka'abah, built by Ibrahim and his elder son Ismail (peace be upon both of them), after Ismail (AS) and his mother were left behind, somewhere in the Arabian Desert Early in his life, Ibrahim (peace be upon him) broke with his family, as he found the form of worship of his people-heavenly bodies and idols-abhorrent From ancient Babylon, he with his wife and Lot (Prophet Luth (AS) migrated to somewhere in Turkey and then to the area presently known as Israel. A devastating famine occurred in ancient Can'an, forced him and his family to move to Egypt, but they came back and settled in Canan.
Settlement around Makkah increased because of the availability of pure water, from a well famously known in history as Zam Zam, a living miracle a well that caters to the needs of more than one or two million people almost every day, throughout the year Ismail (A.S) - a good archer, married from an Arab (Yemeni) tribe, who sought permission to stay along with them due to the availability of pure drinking water in Makkah He had twelve children and by passage of time, population increased, and many of them migrated to different parts of Middle East and beyond, at different points of time. Often, some families moved to desert destinations where they could pasture their cattle, where verdant life would sprout shrubs that could help their animals feed and water. Never in the history, this desert land of Arabia attracted any Empire builders, as this area always remained not worth shedding one drop of blood of a soldier.
Ka'abah was built for worshipping One and only God. After construction of this cube shaped structure turning towards barren desert, according to tradition, and confirmed by Qur'an, Ibrahim (AS) loudly called people to come and pray around the sanctuary- there were none except he, his son Ismail, and a small band of people that settled with Ismail (AS). Ironically it reached the heart of the Arabs and generations after generations, the progenies of Ibrahim, and mostly children of Ismail, gathered for annual pilgrimage, emulating their great ancestor around this cube shaped building. People gathered here for Hajj-circumambulation of the structure- and for prayer.
The boy that was born in the family of the guardians of Ka'abah, grew up in the desert, as it was customary among the noble families of Makkah, often to entrust the babes to the care of desert dwelling women, so that siblings are not corrupted by alien influence, since Makkah was now a metropolis. This boy was rather given an unusual name, Muhammad (praised one). After four years he came back to his mother his father Abdulla died before his birth. Abdulla was buried in a city called Yathrib that was the birth place of his father Abdul Muthalib. The boy's Mother, Amina bint Wahab, longed for a visit to the grave of her dear husband with his orphan son, and on their way back from the visit of Yethrib, she too died at a place called Abawa, half way between the two cities After her death, the boy was under the care of his grandfather for a while, and after two years he was put to the care of Abu Talib, on the death of Abdul Muthalib. For almost 42 years, he was under the care and protection of Abu Talib; in spite of various odds faced by Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) due to propagation of Islam. Many unusual and super natural incidents are attributed to him throughout his early fourty years of life.

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