Learn Urdu in a Month

Learn Urdu in a Month

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Author: A. R. Zakaria
Publisher: Readwell Publications
Language: English
Pages: 207
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The state language of Jammu and Kashmir Urdu is spoken by more than 104 million people the world over. The name Urdu is derived form Zahna-e-Urdu Muala which means the language of the exalted camp or court. The exalted camp or court meant camp or court of the ruling sultans of Delhi. Urdu and Hindi proceeded from the same source i.e. form the Khariboli speech of Delhi and its surroundings since the 13th century. In the 19th century when the Delhi Sultanate was reaped by Britihsers as rulers Sir Sayyed Ahmed Khan started the revival of Urdu. Modern Urdu was born.

This language which absorbed words form other languages was enriched by the great poets like Ghalib Iqbal, Hali and innumerable writers. In Indian film songs and dialogues made it popular with common ma. Blessed with poetic graces endowed with toughness for prose Urdu can effectively translate the sensitivities of the people flights of imagination and month human relations. Readwell’s Learn Urdu in a month will tempt you to enter a world of romance live wine and what not. Urdu has the beauty of a dream and realism of science richness of nature and rhythm of music.



Sometime ago while I was in search of a book on a science subject I chanced to see a book about which loud claims of learning a language in a short time without the aid of teacher were made. My curiosity knew no bounds and I wondered if it was possible to verify those claims. After reading a few pages here and there it took me no time to realize that this was a case of overestimation not that this could not be dome but because the book had many drawbacks. However it prompted mw to cerate work myself which should be worthwhile and should really benefit the learner. Although I will not claim that bone can master a language in a given period of time because language is a boundless thing yet I have taken care to present my work in a simple and easy to understand manner. A beginner can follow the lessons without nay pause and realize that this languages is just not that difficult to learn as he had dreaded.

There are writers who ignore grammar and fill their books with translated sentences in the pious belief that one can learn a language with the aid of only readymade sentences. But this is wrong. Knowledge of grammar is essential for learning correct language. The superstructure of translations howsoever well masters just disappears as soon as the learner is asked to write grammatically correct sentences. The learner realizes that he is nowhere near the language and that he learning of grammar is basic to the learning of correct language. Once he understands the rules of grammar he has crossed more than half the way towards the learning of the language and easy presentation of these rules smoothens his path further.




  Preface iii
  A Few Words v
  Urdu Alphabet (How to Write) ix
Lesson 1 Alphabet
Names of Alphabet with Examples
Typical Usage of detached form
Different Forms of Letters
Lesson 2 Pronunciation
Short Vowels Long Vowels
Lesson 3 Method of Writing Urdu
Pronunciation Word Spelling
Short Words Aspirate Consonants
Lesson 4 Forming Words 22
Lesson 5 Compound Letters
Double Letters, silent Letters
Medial Vowel signs final vowel signs
Lesson 6 Grammar I
Noun, Pronoun, Verb
Lesson 7 Grammar II
Case The Adjective the Adverb
The Conjunction, The Interjection
The Verb, The Infinitive, The Imperative
The Preposition, to, the Conjugations
Postpositions, Oblique singular, Oblique
Plural, Personal Pronoun, Possessive
Pronoun, Possessive Case
Lesson 8 Gender 75
Lesson 9 Group of Terms
Time, Week, Months, Nature, Season
and Climate, Direction, parts of the book
Family, Marriage, Dress and Garments
Animals, Birds, Domestic Articles, Metals
Edibles, places, building, agriculture, Fruit
Vegetables, education, occupation
Colors, Ordinals, Numerals Fractions
Lesson 10 Model Sentences 113
Lesson 11 Conversations
Food. Time, My House, In the Market
Post office ,Railway Station Hotel
Meeting, Doctor and Patient, Cinema
in the shopping Centre
Lesson 12 Letter Writing
Informal Letter, Asking for loan, Letter to
Friend, Letter to Editor Letter to Publisher
Thanksgiving Letter, Application for
Leave Son’s letter to father
Lesson 13 Short Stories
A Lamp of a Blind, Idle Servant
The Result of Dispute Birbal
Lesson 14 Translation 163
Lesson 15 Vocabulary 176

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