Learn The Arabic Alphabet Through The Beautiful Names of Allah

Learn The Arabic Alphabet Through The Beautiful Names of Allah

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Item Code: NAC943
Author: Assad Nimer Busool
Publisher: Goodword Books
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 8178980525
Pages: 61
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 11.0 Inch X 8.5 Inch
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Since it was in Arabic that the Quran was revealed it is advisable for all Muslims and others wishing to make a study of Islam to learn this language so that they may have a proper understanding of the Quran and Islam. This book introduces the Arabic Language starting with the written form to non native speakers.

The quaran being essential to the Arabic language and its survival this book is based on a Quaranic topic the Beautiful name of Allah its purpose being to teach the student some of the subject matter of the Quran while learning the writing of the Arabic alphabet.

About the Author

Dr. Assad Nimer Bussool was born in Reina Nazareth, Palestine, He received his bachelor and masters degrees in Arabic literature and Islamic studies from the Hebrew University Jerusalem.

He received a masters degree in Library science and Ph.D. in Arabic and Islamic studies from the University of Callifornia Berkeley California.

He has taught Arabic and Islam at San Diego State University San Diego Callfornia and the University of Minnesota Minneapolls. Currently he is a Prof. and Chairman of the Department of Arabic studies at the American Islamic College Chicago Illinois.


Praise be to Allah who taught by the pen. He taught man what man did not know. The noblest thing Allah the exalted taught man in His glorious book the Quran since the Quran was revealed in the Arabic language it is incumbent on all Muslims and on all others who deal with Islam to learn the Arabic language if they really want to deal with the Quran and Islam properly.

Human beings usually learn their mother language aurally and not visually but the non native speakers of any language learn it through audio visual means. The visual is of course the written form. Since we are introducing the Arabic language to Non native speakers of Arabic it is appropriate to start with the written form.

Arabic language is one of the Semitic languages which with the Hebrew language survived all other Semitic languages because both Arabic and Hebrew have a sacred book. Hebrew has the Torah (Old Testament) and Arabic has the Quran. As much as the Torah helped in preserving Hebrew from disappearance likewise the Quran helped Arabic to indure. Indeed if it were not for the Quran is essential for the Arabic language and its survival therefore we based this book on Quranic material on the beautiful names of Allah. The purpose is to teach the student some Quranic material while learning the writing of the Arabic alphabet.

There are 28 letters in Arabic. In written form the letters change their shape when they are written a) independently, b) at the beginning of a word c) when they occur in the middle of a word and d) at the end as a final letter. Therefore the student of the Arabic language may have to learn to write not only 28 but 94 different from the original independent form.

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