Kundalini and Meditation

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Author: Arjan Dass Malik
Publisher: Manohar Publishers and Distributors
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 817304323X
Pages: 96
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

From the back of the Book

This book brings in to focus in the first time the unique phenomenon of Cit-Kundalini which induse mystic trance and enables the soul to take a quantum leap beyond the mind and experience the bliss of Moksha. Insted of being a mere summary of the ancient Tantric texts the present work is based upon personal experiences of the author supported by extensive research and case studies.

It also incorporates the teaching of the author's Guru who belongs to a living tradition of an ancient lineage of mystic saints which has preserved the Secrets of the path from generation to generation.

An attempt has also been made here to distinguish between the well known phenomenon of Prana Kundalini and not so well known concept of Cit-Kundalini and to explain the Kundalini phenomenon in its totality so as to bring to light its real import in matters spiritual and occult.

Beside the book provide valuable insight in to the techniques of mystical meditation which can, of course, be learnt only from a living Guru.

The book is highly revealing even through the author conceals more than he reveals since he is not permitted to speak about his mystic experiences in detail.

About the Author

Arjan Dass Malik (b. 1983) did his B. A. from Panjab University and M. A. in Political Science from Delhi University. During 1973-4 he was British Council Scholar at the University of Edinburgh where he studied for Post-Graduate Diploma in Community Development. He retired from the IAS in 1997 and since then has been working as a Member of the Haryana State Consumer Commission.

It was early in 1984 that the author was able to win the grace of a true Guru who awakened his Kundalini and intiated him into the practice of mystical meditation. Taking leave from his official duties for a period of one year he did intensive sadhana under the guidance of his Guru while living at his home. Since then he has been a regular student of spiritual sciences.


The following pages seek to provide the students of spiritual science with an authentic and concise account of the Kundalini phenomenon and mystic meditation. The book is largely based upon the instructions and teachings of my Guru who belongs to a living tradition of an ancient lineage of spiritual Masters. The monograph also embodies my own experiences as well the experiences of a pious lady who is my senior and has very kindly allowed me to quote her on condition of anonymity. I have also taken into account the views of a Hatha-Yogi friend of mine and several other persons engaged in the practice of mystic meditation whom I encountered during my researches. Besides, I have also ventured to briefly comment upon some of the standard works on the Kundalini phenomenon. The secondary soueces used have been mentioned in the text as well as the Bibliography.

This monograph is, in a way, a product of my effort to correlate my experience of Kundalini and meditation with those of others. The basic hypothesis which I intended to test was that if I could have had such experiences, then there must have been, and there should even now by, some persons who might have had similar experiences. It has been a fairly prolonged exercise but nevertheless the results have been satisfying. I am gland to report that there are several people who are earnestly engaged in pursuit of self-realization and have had wonderful experiences of mystic meditation.

Certain passage in this book, especially those relating to the out-of-body experiences, may appear uncanny to some readers. That is but natural. Pray, do not believe them but the experience would still remain true.

Although I considers myself to be adequately qualified to write on the subject, I would like to emphasise that I am an ordinary householder and a humble student of spiritual science. Towards the end, it may be emphasized that this book is not intended to be a practical guide but a mere introduction. Actual practice must invariably be done under the close supervision of a competent Guru. The laboratory of spiritual science is within, and all efforts at self- actualization have to be directed inwards. ‘Look within, thou art Buddha’.




  Preface 6
  Acknowledgements 7
1. My Initiation 9
2. My Kundalini Experiences 18
3. The Kundalini Phenomenon 27
4. Kundalini Literature 38
5. Kundalini: Some Case Studies 48
6. Mystic Meditation 55
7. Experiences of Mystic Meditation 62
8. Post-Samadhi Situation 74
9. Teachings of My Guru 81
  Glossary 86
  Bibliography 91
  Index 94

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