Krishna: Life and Song of The Blue God

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Item Code: IDH444
Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Author: Ramesh Menon
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788129114747
Pages: 285
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9" X 6
Weight 370 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
From the Jacket

This book is a magical, unexpurgated life of Krishna, told in a spirit of bhakti for the modern reader.

Krishna: Life and Song o the Blue god opens on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, on the brink of war, when the Pandava warrior Arjuna suffers a crisis of courage and conscience. His divine cousin and charioteer, the Blue god, begins to expound the eternal dharma to him. The exposition between two teeming armies is the Bhagavad-Gita, the song of God.

The Story quickly shifts back to Krishna's birth, and then again to the battlefield; and so on, from song to life, chapter by chapter, until finally both narratives flow together near the end, just before the Great War erupts.

Never before have Krishna's holy Gita (from the Mahabharata) and his brilliant, unforgettable life (from the Bhagavata Purana) been juxtaposed so vividly and with such enchantment as in this book.

About the Author

Ramesh Menon was born in 1951 in New Delhi. He has also written modern renderings of the Mahabharata and Ramayana.

A Note On Hindu Timexi
Parikshit And Sukaxiii
OnePurusha Dharmakshetre kurukshetre3
Two Purusha Yethanna hanthum ichchami7
ThreePurusha Dharme nashte kulam10
FourPurusha Asochyaan anvasochas tvam14
FivePurusha Jaatasya hi dhruvo mrityu18
SixPurusha Neha abhikramanaaso asti24
SevenPurusha Budhhyo yukto, Partha28
EightPurusha Sthitaprajnasya kaa bhasha33
NinePurusha Ya nisha sarvabhutanam36
Ten Purusha Aapuryamanam achalaprathishtham41
ElevenPurusha Jyayasi chet karmanaste 46
TwelvePurusha Lokesmin dvividha nishta puraa51
ThirteenPurusha Imam Vivasvate yogam56
FourteenPurusha Tyaktva deham punarjanma59
FifteenPurusha Sannyaasam karmanaam Krishna64
SixteenPurusha Yo antahsukho antararama70
SeventeenPurusha Anaasritah karmaphalam75
EighteenPurusha Atmyyva hyatmano, bandhuratmyyva79
NineteenPurusha Yam labdhva cha param laabham87
TwentyPurusha Ayatih sraddhayopeto91
Twenty-ThreePurusha Bhumir apo analo107
Twenty-FourPurusha Tribhirguna mayai112
Twenty-FivePurusha Kim tad Brahmam122
Twenty-SixPurusha Sahasrayugaparyantam125
Twenty-SevenPurusha Idam tu te guhyatamam128
Twenty-EightPurusha Gatir bhartaa prabhu sakshi131
Twenty-NinePurusha Trividyai mam somapah137
ThirtyPurusha Na me viduh suraganah141
Thirty-OnePurusha Pavanah pavataam asmi145
Thirty-TwoPurusha Bhaktaas tvam paryuaasate150
Thirty-ThreePurusha Adveshta sarvabhutanam155
Thirty-FivePurusha Sarvendriya guna bhasam161
Thirty-SixPurusha Kshetra kshetrajna samyoga167
Thirty-SevenPurusha Param bhuyah pravakshyami172
Thirty-EightPurusha Janma mrityui jara dukhe179
Thirty-NinePurusha Kair lingais gunaan etaan183
FortyPurusha Urdhvamulam adhasaakham191
Forty-OnePurusha Sariram yad avaapnoti196
Forty-TwoPurusha Abhayam sattvasamsuddhir200
Forty-ThreePurusha Ye shastravidhim utsrijya205
Forty-FourPurusha Aum Tat Sat210
Forty-FivePurusha Sannyasasya mahaabaho215
Forty-SixPurusha Anishtam Ishtam mishram220
Forty-SevenPurusha Buddher bhedam dhriteshchava223
Forty-EightPurusha Karmaani. pravibhaktaani227
Forty-NinePurusha Siddhim prapto yatta Brahmam230
FiftyPurusha Drashtum icchaami te rupam234
Fifty-OnePurusha Chetasaa sarvakarmaani239
Fifty-TwoMahabharata Sarvaguhyataman bhuyah245
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