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This is the twelfth book of the author the first being Bhrigu Samhita predictive techniques deciphered second know about Jupiter & Saturn third know about Mars & mercury fourth your profession Ups & sixth know about luminaries the sun & the Moon seventh know about astrology complete guide to self learning course in astrology eight know about transit ninth medical astrology tenth know about rahu & Ketu and the eleventh being know about remedies.


About the Author

The author Dr. Shankar Adawal is a management professional and is presently working with one of the fortune 500 Indian companies at a senior position. He is an MBA PhD and has worked in various multi national companies’ assignment. He has traveled extensively in India and abroad. He also has a keen interest in human rights.

He got interested in astrology when he was young did his Jyotiacharya and has been doing research in this field for over three decades. His desire and aspiration to share the findings of his research and the new dimensions which can be given to this science prompted him to attempt and put the details in the form of a book so that the readers can benefit from the same.

The study of any horoscope is based on analyzing the Natal chart. It is important as in any other science to start from the basics and the basic fundamentals should always remain the base. In this book he has tried to explain the first principles which are important while making predictions and working on them. He has also tried to explain about certain planets such as Mars, Saturn, rahu and Ketu which are usually the dreaded planets. Also have briefly touched on the predictive techniques while talking about financial prospects education and marriage. This book will be equally useful for amateur and research scholars.



History of astrology begins with creation and it is said that the creator himself i.e. Brahma handed it down to Sage Garga. Astrology has been in existence even during the Babylon civilization i.e. nearly 500 years ago and evident from the early tablets in the British museums.

Astrology today is being done by a lot of incomplete data and quick methods. The branches of astrology start form Natal Horary Electional Mundane Nadi etc.

Natal astrology is related to the life of human beings. A chart is made for the moment of birth and for the particular place of birth (latitude and longitude taken for calculations). A large number of events can be read from the chart created and as such Natal astrology gives a trend of the various facets of life. This aspect of Natal astrology has to be co related to transit strength dasha and other predictive techniques.

During my interactions with lots of people and programs on the electronic media I found that astrology was being used as a tool for prediction by those who do not apply the basics.

My Endeavour in this book titled know about prediction techniques is to given an understanding that is needed to be applied to get a broad understanding of the parameters in predicting the events of a native. I have tried to deal from the characteristics of signs strengths of planets planetary combination karaks titthi application of division charts transit and varsha phal. These have been explained in an easy manner which both the beginners and those doing research would find useful.

As mentioned above during my interactions with people directly and through my programs in the electronic media etc. I found that the common questions people have today are with respect to planetary combustion & retrogression education profession financial prospects and marriage (female horoscopy) and that there was a genuine scare about planets such as mars Saturn rahu and Ketu. In this book I have dedicated chapters on them.

I have also tired to explain for the readers how to understand the basics and then work further to make predictions. This book has been an endeavor for giving the first basic principles and techniques which are important in making predictions. Overriding the basics is the biggest mistake done while predicting.

This book is a collection of available material put in a format which I am sure will be helpful to the readers.

I would like to thank col. (Er.) Dee Baswani (Retd.) for the editing done and Shri Saurabh Sagar who always has encouraged me to write.

My wife Renu has always been a great inspiration for me to pursuer astrology Vrinda my daughter also has been a great admirer which provides me with aim and purpose.

My special thanks to my mother Dr. Krishna Saxena who has herself authored a couple of books for her blessings.

A special mention about my sister Mrs. Tanya Gupta who has just competed her Acharya from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan and has always been reminding me of the importance of basics in the science of astrology.

I dedicate this book to my late father Shri Kailash Chandra Saxena who pursued astrology relentlessly and was devoted to this science. He inspires me as a child and taught me to do the basic calculations while he did his research.

I would life to end this with a thought of Vrindavan and Bankey Bihari without whose blessings no Endeavour is possible.




  Preface xi
1 Techniques of Prediction
Planets Rasis and solar months years (varsha)
Ayana (Half Year) Hindu calendar Ritu Lunar
Months Paksha vara, Horam Thithi, Yoga, karana
Nakshatras (stars) Graha Samayam (planetary)
state) rectification of Birth Dasa.
2 Characteristics of Signs
Signs (Rasis) Commodities for various Signs Rasis
Characteristics permanent Karakas the
connotations of Bhavas or houses of the horoscope
stars the consolidate stellar characteristics and
effects Nakshatra gandas (Afflicting stars) Lunar
3 Shad Bala The Six kinds of strength
of the the planets

Kalabala Motional Strength, natural strength
directional strength drigbala strength of aspect
positional strength .
4 Yoga (Planetary combinations)
Pancha Mahapurusha Mahabhagya and other
yogas etc. Misfortunes & Unfortunate
combinations vipareeta Raja yoga More on Yogas
connons of judgements of neech Bhanga Arabic
astrology ob Yogas Qiran of two planets qiran of
Three planets
5 Female Horoscopy
Happiness and misery no marriage yogas for
Widowhood stri Jataka of Yavana Rajayoga
special characteristics Trimsamsa Phalas Female
horoscopy chasity of a woman
6 Ascendants Karakas Marakas etc and
Prediction Guidelines

Various Ascendants importance of Jamma Rasi
planets v/s Individual characteristics debilitation
of Lagna lord general character. The planets
in the zodiacal signs effect of the zodiacal signs upon
the different planets, planets in the twelve signs
the nature of the Zodiacal signs bhava and Karaka
lords predication guidelines more hints for Predications
7 Tithi and Yoga
Effects of lunar Day or Tithi
8 Vimsottari Dasa
On Calculating running Dasa
Vimsottari Dasa
Vimsottari Dasa (Nakshatra Dasa) A simple method
of predicting Dasa Results
Vimsottari Dasa Results
All planet’s Maha Dasas Methodology of Dasa
Bhukti reading to work out its ruler dasa raja
yogi Yogini Dasa
9 Division charts Theory and application
division charts and their portfolios basic principles
of division charts how to judge the effects from
division charts
10 Transit of Planet (Gochara)
Effect of planetry transit house wise effects
transits planet wise planets and their Vedha
position general combinations another
methodology fro transit
11 Varshaphala (Solar Return chart)
The Annual Readings panchavargi Balam
Varshapravesh Determination of Varshapa (Year
lord) Analysis chart influence of rulers
12 Retrogression
Saturn’s Gochara Vakra results saturn’s
retrogression based on Natal Position jupiter’s
retrogression in gochara
13 Planetary combustion 420
14 Education
The 2nd Bhava the 5th Bhava Dullness the moon
combination with planets mercury Jupiter
ashtakavarga indications words speech
combinations fo learning
15 Profession
Tenth house and planets tenth Bhava falling in
different signs Navamsa lords the tenth Bhava
more about planets and profession 10th house
positions 7th positions livelihood tatwa theory
16 Financial Prospects
Various Planets in 2nd house various planets in
11th house nature of income results of different
planets in the 9th lord in different houses
test for how much money one would earn
17 Marriage
Age Old Belief Marriage purpose astrology in
Marriage combinations no prospect of Marriage
moon signs and females matrimony the time of
marriage transits marriage from solar return
manushya Jataka Kuja Dosha the so called kuja
dosha electing a time for marriage muhurtha for
marriage, marriage probabilities marriage more about
18 Mars all about 571
19 Saturn
Introduction Saturn in Astrology malefic aspect of
Saturn Benefic Aspect Saturn and Unhappiness
Saturn and Moon Saturn father Time Saturn
Dasa in Sun Stars Saturn and Diseases
20 Rahu and Ketu
the Rahu and Ketu I astrology Rahu in Vedic age,
Rahu in Mahabharata and smriti age Rahu Mantra
ketu’s Mantra in Vishnu purana in srimad
bhagavatam exaltation debilitation and own signs
location and conjunction friends and enemies
The True Rahu combinations of Rahu and Ketu
with proved effects, effects of Rahu in Houses
effects of Ketu in houses effects in bhavas dasa
period of Rahu and ketu Dasa Periods of Ketu
effects of Rahu Dasa effects of ketu Dasa Rahu’s
transit in signs
21 Predictive Analysis for charts
Tithi and Yoga Bhava phala & Analysis
22 Appendix
Divisional charts Tables

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