Kathopanishad (What After Death)
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Kathopanishad (What After Death)

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Item Code: NAK567
Publisher: Arpana Publications
Language: Sanskrit Text With Word to Word Meaning English Translation
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 818633825
Pages: 488
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries
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About the Book

The conversation between Nachiketa and Yamraj is beneficial to all mankind. Learning from death is the highest form of learning. The one who acquires a worshipful attitude towards the fact of death

He who makes death his Guru and his constant companion, witness and advisor in practical life will attain the Self. Because all his superimpositions and impurities will be cleansed. The balance that remains will be the Divine, Spiritual self effulgent self



A divine cascade of Purifying and enlightening knowledge has been flowing Ceaselessly since 1958. Many have bathed in this sublime nectar which has touched their innermost being, suffusing their hearts with utter joy.

The source of this rare devotional treasure, Param Pujya Ma, the universal Mother confers upon her children this precious legacy of enlightening knowledge. This comprises the Shreemad Bhagwad Gita, Ish, ken, Mandukya, Prashna, Shwetashvat, Mundak, Brihadaranyak, kath and Chhandogya Upanishads, the Japji Sahib, Patanjali yog Sutra and many other scriptural elucidations in Hindi. Much of this is in spontaneous verse, extremely profound yet utterly simple.

The book, the English rendering of the Kathopanishad, has emanated in response to questions asked by an aspirant, Vivek Kapur, and many other devotees of varied backgrounds and faiths. Param Pujya Ma, the supreme Mother, has in complete identification taken each one steadily forward towards the ultimate spiritual goal. Her words chart a perfect path, both practical and directly relevant to today environment and need. Thus a subtle text has been brought within the intellectual which of all. This present addition of the Kathopanishad includes the questions asked of Param pujya Ma and their answers in their original point from.

It is our particular good fortune that the dimension of beauty and depth is further greatly widened by supportive references to other texts such as the Gita, Patanjali Yog Sutra, Mandukya and ken Upanishads, the Ramayan and others.

Certain words have been deliberately repeated for emphasis. Repetitions are reminders for the aspirant to help him reach his goal. This emphasis enables the seeker to overcome all superimpositions and reach the depths of his being and comprehend the subtleties of the Truth.




  Prayer 1
Chapter I Valli 1 17-99
  Valli 2 125-195
  Valli 3 203-274
Chapter II Introduction Faith, Valli 1 285-341
  Valli 2 357-398
  Valli 3 400-465
  Epilogue 468
  Index 470

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