The Kathmandu Valley as a Water Pot - Abstracts of Research Papers on Newar Buddhism in Nepal

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Author: Kazumi Yoshizaki
Publisher: Vajra Books, Nepal
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9789937506748
Pages: 184
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Book

This book is a collection of abstracts of my papers on Newer Buddhism in Nepal, which I have published over these past 25 years. I am aware that it would be desirable to completely rewrite these papers in light of the latest scholarship throughout the world. But I’m afraid that it would Become too bulky a volume. I didn’t wish to publish anything too larhe in size, so I restricted my citations of the latest studies to minimum. In fact, I omitted many important worksin orders to summarize my papers. I hope they will be reffered to in the development of discussion.

I visited the Valley of Kathmandu for the first time in 1985 to research the Newer Buddhist Manuscripts. Everything that I saw there fascinated me at once. I was surprised by their festivals, manners and customs, and especially their Buddhist rituals. Many questions rushed at me one after another. I asked my self,”what is the real aim of their performance?” My papers were produced to help me arrive at my own answers, although some questions remains insoluble. I know that my papers are lacking in certain consideration, and I alone am responsible for any error of fact, interpreatation, or omission. I believe that they will make good their arrangements. I will be happy if my struggle to interpret the Newer Buddhish rituals is any help in baering fresh fruit.

My fieldwork in Valley was carried out from Febuary 1985 to Januray 1989. Of these four years, two years were supported by educational Ministry of Japan. Since then, I’ve had some subsequent opportunities to revisit the Valley. During my stay in the Valley, I was lucky enough to ask for a lot of invaluable to ask for a lot of invaluable advice from Gurus and friends of the Newers. I couldn’t make up my mind in grappling with my questions about Newer Buddhism without their support. I would also like to thank the late Pandit Asa Kaji Vajracarya, the late Ratna kaji Vajracayra, and the late Prem bahadur Kansakar for their expert help. They talked to me as if I were their real son, and they taught me repeatedly the importance of studying Newer Buddhism and its cultural heritage. I pray whole-heartedly for the repose of their souls.

Guru Yajnaman pati Vajracayra and Dr. Bhadara ratna Vajracayra gave me good counsels for my research, when I visited the Valley in 2011. Dr. Shankar Thapa kindly showed me his academic achievements on Buddhist Sanskrit Literature of Nepal. He also recommended my am most grateful to them for their kind advice to publish this book. Finally, I express my hearty thanks to Mr. Iain Sinclair. He corrected my English, and he Gave me many suggestions. I cannot thank him too much. But it is impossible even for him to correct all of my poor English. Readers are still required to perceive what I meant.




Part 1: Overview: Mandala, Stupa and Human Body in Newer Buddhism 1
Part 2:      
1 The Construction of Caityas in Newer Buddhism 15
2 Eyes of 3,400 Caityas in the Kathmandy Valley 17
3 Kalasa-puja and the art realted to it in Nepal 20
4 The Kathmandu Valley in a Water Pot 21
5 Basa Layegu, or the Dhvajaropana Rite in Newer Buddhism 24
6 Have you ever seen the Buddha? 26  
7 A Comment on Vajracarayas in Newer Buddhism 28
8 The Etymology of "O-bon" or "Ulambana" 30
9 The Inlaid Kalasa of the Nepalese Strupas/ Caityas and its Symbolism of the Akanistha- Bhuwana Heaven 31
10 Baha and Bahi- the two types Newer Buddhist monastery 35
11 Vajracarya, Vajrasattva and Vajradhara in Newer Buddhism 38
12 Living Goddess Kumari and the Buddha Sakyamuni's Mother Maya Devi 42
13 "Impregnation" and "Birth" of a Deity in the Newer Buddhist Ritual 44
14 A Buddha Reflected in the Newer Buddhist Ritual Mirror 47
15 The Vajracarya as Monk in Newer Buddhism 50
16 Vasuki and Karkotaka : Nagrajas in Newer Buddhism 52
17 Gurumandala-puja in Newer Buddhism 54
18 The Water Pot as a Mandala in the Kathmandu Valley 57
19 The Water Pot as " Himalya", one of the two upachandodhas in Samvara Tantrism 59
20 On the Mural Painting executed around a doorway of the Newer Private House 63
21 On "Sithro-bhava-vakya" in the Modern Newer Buddhism 66
22 Virupaksa and Khagana in the Kathmandu Valley 68
23 Annual Rituals at Svayambhu Mahacaitya of Nepal 71
24 Vanratna in Nepal 75
25 The Human Body Newer Tantric Buddhism 78
26 Yogambara Tantrism in Newer Buddhism 85
27 On the Economic Status of Modern Newer Buddhist Monasteries 88
28 The Men who went to Tibet and the Women they left Behind in Nepal: from Aniko and his Nepalese wife to "Munna-Madan" 90
29 On the Tibetan transaltion of the "Svayambhu-purana" 94
30 The Nepalese Caitya Game of Karma 96
31 From Sadhna to Possession in Newer Buddhism 99
32 Tibetan Buddhist Painting Bearing Newari Inscriptions 104  
33 Newer Buddhist Manuscripts copied in Modern Tibet (Palas): from the Collection of Asha Archeives, Kathmandu, Nepal 108  
34 Vajracaryas in the Newer Merchant Associations in Tibet (Palas):based on the Cittadhar Hridaya's "Mim manah Pau" 111  
35 The Newer Buddhist Manuscripts copied by Ratna munni Vajracarya in Lhasa, Tibet 114  
36 Srimanta deva Vajracarya and Buddha Aksobhya for the Lhasa Newers 116  
37 The Newer Buddhist Manuscripts Copied by Pandit Ratna bahadur Vajracarya 119  
38 The Men who returned to Nepal and the Women left behind in Tibet 120  
39 Paubha or Thanka?: Buddhist Paintings sponsered by the Newers in Tibet 121  
40 A Newer Buddhist Manuscript donated by the Money-lender Dhamju Vajracrya 122  
41 Newer Buddhist Material in the Collection of Kawaguchi Ekai in Tohoku University 123  
42 Newer Scribes and Donors of the Sanskrit Manuscript in the Tokyo University Library: Twenty Five cases 124  
43 Rev. Kawaguchi Ekai and Dr. Kul man in Nepal 126  
Part 3: A Perspective on the study of Newer Buddhism 131  
Part 4: Miscellanea    
1 A Preface to "Books on Nepalese Buddhism and Culture in Kurokami Library, Japan- collected from A.D. 1985 to 1993" 139  
2 Invitation to a Newer Feast 140  
3 Indra Jatra 142  
4 At Midnight Cremation Ground 145  
5 Dipankara Buddhas walking around the Kathmandu Valley 147  
6 A New Aspects to Mandela 153  
7 The Painting of Laskadyo Baha in Bhaktapur in the Dispersed 154  
  Abbrevation & Reference 157  
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