Kalidasa Essays and Translations

Kalidasa Essays and Translations

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Author: Sri Aurobindo
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8170587468
Pages: 329
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.6"X 5.4
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Kalidasa: Essays and Translations consists of Sri Aurobindo's surviving work on the classical Sanskrit poet Kalidasa. The essays, all from the period 1898 - 1903, were written as chapters for a book- length study that was meant to cover Kalidasa's entire oeuvre. It will be seen from Sri Aurobindo's sketch of the contents (reproduced on page 3) that he worked on less than half of the proposed seventeen chapters. He published only two of the essays during his lifetime; the rest are reproduced from his manuscripts. The complete translation of the Vikramorvasiya and the partial translation of the Malavikagnimitra also were done around the turn of the century. The partial translation of the Kumarasambhava is from the period 1916-18, while the fragmentary translations are from various periods. The editors have added, in an appendix, a passage from Sri Aurobindo's Defence of Indian Culture dealing with Kalidasa.

A Proposed Work on Kalidasa3
The Malavas4
The Age of Kalidasa8
The Historical Method20
The Seasons27
Hindu Drama39
Vikramorvasie-The Play46
Vikramorvasie-The Characters48
The Spirit of the Times88
On Translating Kalidasa91
Appendix One:
Alternative and Unused Passages and Fragments117
Appendix Two:
Extract from A Defence of Indian Culture127
Vikramorvasie or The Hero and the Nymph135
In the Gardens of Vidisha or Malavica and the King 241
The Birth of the War-God269
Notes and Fragments305
Skeleton Notes on the Kumarasambhavam: Canto V307
The Line of Raghou321
The Cloud Messenger323
Note on the Texts325
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