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Jain Rama Katha or Padma Purana - Padmacarita (Set of 2 Volumes)

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Item Code: NAQ391
Author: Shantilal Nagar
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788178541372
Pages: 1118
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Book Description

About the Book

The story of Ramayana has been dominating the Indian religious scene from the time memorial. After the composition of the story by the great sage Valmiki in the form of Ramayana, there had been a great boost in its popularity, which very much impressed the masses in general. Soon, the story was patronised in regional languages by the local authors, but there was no dearth of the literature in Prakrit as well. In due course of time, the story was patronised in Jainism. The first creation of the story in Jainism was in Prakrt by Vimala Suri under the title of Paumacharya by about the 1st century A.D. followed by Vasudevahindi by Sanghadasa in the start of the seventh century A.D. while Ravisenacarya composed Padma Purana also known as Padmacarita in Sanskrit by about the close of the seventh century A.D. Thereafter, several works on the Ramayana were created in Jainism. The present Padma Purana of Ravisenacarya is the unique work of its kind and comes under the category of the Mahakavyas. It has the style of its own and is beyond comparison, though there are several deviations in the story as compared to the story of Valmiki. In this work, Rama, Laksmana and Sita besides other characters have been projected as the followers of Jina dharma, who perform Vratas prescribed in Jainism, adore the Jina ascetics, Jina images, Jina temples and even build the Jina temples and finally achieve Jina-diksa. More than the story of Rama, the work lays emphasis on following the Jina dharma and highlights the merits one earns by doing so. Though Rama and Laksmana are claimed to have all the virtues, but they are not devoted to one wife. Both Rama and Laksmana are said to have thousands of wives and so is the case with Hanuman. Though, the poet has all praise for Rama, Laksmana, Hanuman and others, but their innumerable place them at a lower pedestal in the matter of glory as compared to their portrayal by the sage Valmiki. But in spite of all this, the work is of excellent nature and it appears that the poet has minutely analysed even the smallest events quite lively and gracefully. The English version of the work ha been produced with utmost care and is likely to interst the readers. In spite of the best efforts made in maintaining the true spirit of the composer of the work by its author, in rendering it into English, but some omissions and commissions cannot be completely ruled out. I believe that the learned readers will kindly ignore such omissions.


About the Author

The author Shantilal Nagar, a graduate of the Punjab University served in the curatorial capacity in the Central Asian Antiquities Museum, New Delhi, the Archaeological Museum, Nalanda, the Archaeological Section of the Indian Museum, Calcutta for a number of years. He has to his credit the scientific documentation of over fifty thousand antiquities, in these museums, representing the rich cultural heritage of the country and comprising scriptures, bronzes, terracotta(s), beads, seals and sealing, ancient Indian numismatics, wood work, miniatures and painting textiles and Pearce collection of gems, ranging from the earliest times to the late medieval ,period. He was awarded in 1987, a fellowship for his monograph on the Temples of Himachal Pradesh, by the Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi.

He has been working on the Indian Art, Culture and Literature and over seventy of his works have already been published.

Parva 1The Brief of Different Topics Discussed1-7 Parva 2Appearing of Lord Mahavira at Rajagir and The thinking of Srenika - The king of Magadha, about the false traditions in the Ramayana8-24 Parva 3Description of Vidyadhara Loka24-44 Parva 4Glory of Rsabhadeva44-52 Parva 5Origin of Raksasas (Demons)52-77 Parva 6Origin of Vanaravamsa78-110 Parva 7Description of Dasagriva (Ravana)110-131 Parva 8Performance of Ravana132-161 Parva 9Nirvana of Bali161-173 Parva 10Receiving of Diksa by the kings Sahasrarasmi and Anaranya, at the time of departure of Dasanana for Victory174-183 Parva 11Destruction of the Yajna of the King Merutvan183-207 Parva 12Defeat of Vidyadhara - Indra207-228 Parva 13Nirvana of Indra228-234 Parva 14Discourse by Anantakevali of Ravana234-255 Parva 15Marriage of Anjana Sundari256-268 Parva 16Physical union between Anjana and Pavananjaya268-281 Parva 17Birth of Hanuman 282-304 Parva 18Reunion of Anjana and Pavanan304-311 Parva 19The Domain of Ravana's Empire311-319 Parva 20Description of Tirthankaras and others320-341 Parva 21Glory of Lord Munisuvrata Vajrabahu and the king Kirtidhara341-351 Parva 22Glory of Sukosala and birth of Dasarathas351-361 Parva 23Conduct of Vibhusani361-365 Parva 24Description of Kekaya's boon365-372 Parva 25Birth of four sons of Dasaratha373-376 Parva 26Birth of Sita and Bhamandala376-386 Parva 27Defeat of the Mlecchas386-391 Parva 28Getting of Ratnamala is svayamvara by Rama and Laksmana391-406 Parva 29Association of Dasaratha and arrival of Acharya Sarvabhuta406-412 Parva 30Bhamandala's meeting with his parents413-423 Parva 31Vairagya of Dasaratha and exile of Rama423-437 Parva 32Receiving of Diksa by Dasaratha, proceeding of Rama to Forest with Laksmana and Sita and crowing of Bharata as the king437-448 Parva 33Story of Vajrakarna448-466 Parva 34Release of Balakhilya466-472 Parva 35The Story of Kapila472-482 Parva 36Story of Vanamala483-488 Parva 37Receiving of diksa by the King Ativirya488-496 Parva 38The Story of Jitapadma497-504 Parva 39Story of Desabhusana and Kulabhusana Kevalis504-517 Parva 40Glory of Ramagiri517-520 Parva 41The story of Jatayu520-529 Parva 42Story of Danadaka Vana529-535 Parva 43Killing of Sambuka535-542 Parva 44Abduction of Sita542-550 Parva 45Killing of Khara Dusana550-556 Parva 46Various forms of Ravana's Maya556-568 Parva 47Killing of Vita Sugriva568-576 Parva 48Lifting of Kotisila576-589 Parva 49Departure of Hanuman to Lanka590-596 Parva 50Mahendra's Meeting with his daughter596-599 Parva 51Achieving of Gandharva girls by Rama599-602 Parva 52Hanuman achieves Lanka sundari602-606 Parva 53Hanuman's return from Lanka607-621 Parva 54Arrival of Rama's Army in Lanka621-625 Parva 55Vibhisana's Journey the camp of rama626-631 Parva 56Departure of Ravana's Army631-633 Parva 57March of Ravana's Army from Lanka633-637 Parva 58Killing of Hasta and Prahasta637-639 Parva 59Story of the Earlier Births of Nala, Nila, Hasta and Prahasta640-642 Parva 60Receiving of Vidyas by Rama and Laksmana642-649 Parva 61Assurance of Sugriva and Bhamandala after their having been freed with Nagapasa650-651 Parva 62Laksmana wounded with sakta651-657 Parva 63Rama becomes full of sorrow for the wounded Laksmana657-659 Parva 64The episode of Visalya659-665 Parva 65Visalya's meeting with Laksmana666-670 Parva 66Ravana's deputing a messenger to Rama670-675 Parva 67Description of Jaina Temples676-677 Parva 68Glory of Astahnika in the month of Phalguna678-679 Parva 69Tapas of Ravana for achieving Vidya679-680 Parva 70Tapas of Ravana for achieving Vidya680-686 Parva 71Achieving of Bahurupini vidya by Ravana686-691 Parva 72Ravana repents for Sita's abduction and then resolve to hand her over to Rama, after capturing him in the battle691-696 Parva 73Preparation of war and march to the battlefield by Ravana696-706 Parva 74Battle between Ravana and Laksmana706-712 Parva 75Story of Laksmana's getting the Cakra712-716 Parva 76Death of Ravana716-718 Parva 77Death of Ravana718-722 Parva 78Receiving of Diksa by Indrajit and Ohters722-729 Parva 79Meeing of Rama and Sita729-733 Parva 80Stay of Rama, Laksmana and Sita in Lanka733-744 Parva 81Arrangements made for Rama's Return to Ayodhya from Lanka744-751 Parva 82Arrival of Rama, Laksmana and Sita in Ayodhya751-754 Parva 83Detachment of Bharata754-762 Parva 84The Conduct of Elephant Trilokmandana762-763 Parva 85Details of Earlier Birth of the Elephant Trilokmandana764-774 Parva 86Receiving of Diksa by Bharata and Kekaya775-776 Parva 87Nirvana of Bharata776-777 Parva 88Crowning Ceremony of Rama and Laksmana778-780 Parva 89The Episode of Killing of Madhu, The Ruler of Mathura780-787 Parva 90Conquering of Mathura by Satrughna787-789 Parva 91Story of Earlier Births of Satrughana789-792 Parva 92Activities of Saptarsis of Mathura792-798 Parva 93Story of The Achieving of Manorama798-801 Parva 94Fortunes of Rama and Laksmana801-803 Parva 95Adoration of Jinendra803-806 Parva 96III - Talk of the People About Sita's Stay in Lanka807-810 Parva 97Exile of Sita811-822 Parva 98Sita Consoled by Vajrajangha in the Forest822-827 Parva 99Performance of Rama after the Exile of Sita828-834 Parva 100Birth of Lavanankusa835-839 Parva 101The Battle of Lava and Ankusa839-845 Parva 102Battle of Lavanankusa845-856 Parva 103Meeting of Lavanankusa with Rama and Laksmana857-862 Parva 104Return of Sita to Rama862-868 Parva 105Fire Ordeal of Sita869-885 Parva 106The Stories of Earlier Births of Rama, Laksmana and Sita885-900 Parva 107Receiving of Diksa by Sita900-904 Parva 108Details of Earlier Births of Lavanankusa904-907 Parva 109Proceeding of Sita to Heaven and the Story of king Madhu908-918 Parva 110Story of Eight princes918-924 Parva 111Proceeding of Bhamandala to Heaven924-926 Parva 112Achieving of Vairagya (Detachment) by Hanuman926-932 Parva 113Nirvana of Hanuman932-934 Parva 114Discussion Between Indra and Gods934-938 Parva 115Nirvana of Laksmana and Performing of Tapas938-941 Parva 116Lamenting of Rama at the Death of Laksmana942-944 Parva 117Arrival of Sugriva and Vibhisana learning about the Death of Laksmana944-947 Parva 118Cremation of the body of Laksmana947-954 Parva 119Receiving of Diksa by Rama Baladeva954-958 Parva 120The Disturbance created in Nandasthali with the Return of Rama withuot taking of the Food958-960 Parva 121Taking of Food by Rama961-962 Parva 122Achieving of Kevaljnana by Rama962-967 Parva 123Achieving of Nirvana by Rama967-979

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