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Author: Mahanidhi Swami
Publisher: Jagannatha Puri Guide Book
Edition: 2009
Pages: 230 (Illustrated Throughout In B/W)
Cover: Hardcover
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

Jagannatha Puri Guidebook is humbly dedicated to my eternal guide and loving friend, His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada. Thirty-four years ago, my most merciful master introduced me to Lord Jagannatha, the Lord of the Universe, and engaged me in the service of assisting Sriman Jayananda Prabhu in building the Ratha carts in New Jagannatha Puri, San Francisco, U.S.A.

Recollecting his childhood circa 1905 in Kolkata, Srila Prabhupada once said, “Every day of my boyhood I used to think, ‘How to go to Jagannatha Puri?’ At that time the train fare was four or five rupees. So I was thinking, ‘When shall I go?’ I took the first opportunity to go to Jagannatha Puri.” (Prabhupada Lilamrta) At the age of twenty-four, the same age as Mahaprabhu when He first visited Puri, Srila Prabhupada fulfilled his long-cherished desire to visit Jagannatha Dhama.

In 1967, Srila Prabhupada inaugurated the western world’s first Jagannatha Ratha-yatra in San Francisco. At that time, he also introduced the prayer; jagannathah swami nayana-patha-gami bhavatu me, “O Lord of the universe kindly he visible unto me.” I pray that Srila Prabhupada will be pleased with this book, and kindly bless me with the vision to someday see the big, beautiful lotus sweet eyes of the Lord of the universe. Jagannatha Swami ki jai!


Jagannatha Puri Guidebook is an all new, greatly expanded, easy to use, “pilgrim friendly,” edition of my original guidebook to Puri published in 1988 entitled, Seeing Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in Jagannatha Puri. This informative book will help pilgrims derive the full benefit of their visit to this most celebrated holy place of India. The book’s many quotes from the Puranas, different Vedic texts and His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada will help the reader uncover the true identity, history, glories and transcendental significance of Sri Purusottama Ksetra as Jagannatha Puri is called in ancient books. Seeing Jagannatha Puri via our limited material eyes is valuable, but seeing through the eye of scriptural authority (sastra-caksus) will give us the clearest conception and ultimate benefit. Deep spiritual realization and fulfillment will naturally manifest within the pilgrim who approaches Lord Jagannatha’s holy abode in this way.

Besides describing the temple and Deity of Lord Jagannatha, the book focuses on the holy places in Puri associated with Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His eternal associates. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who is non-different from Bhagavan Sri Krsna Him-self, appeared 523 years ago (1486-1534) in West Bengal, India. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu spent half His manifested pastimes living in the holy dhama of Jagannatha Puri. During the day, Sri Caitanya distributed pure love of God, krsna-prema, to the masses through the simple and sublime process of chanting the Hare Krsna maha-mantra: Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. In the darkness of midnight, however, Mahaprabhu privately experienced the most confidential ecstasies of love in separation from God, Bhagavan Sri Krsna.

The divine raptures relished by Sri Caitanyadeva are both extraordinary and inconceivable. Nevertheless, by His causeless mercy Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu exhibited the unlimited happiness and variety of experien-ces that can be found on the spiritual platform of pure loving devotion to the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna. Let us take shelter in the words of the author of Sri Caitanya-caritamrta, Krsnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami, who said: “Just try to hear these topics with faith, for there is great pleasure even in hearing them. That hearing will destroy all destroy all miseries pertaining to the body, mind, and other living entities, and the unhappiness of false arguments as well.” (Cc. 3.19.109).

A special feature of this book is the “Day Trips” chapters which list and describe all the holy places located in one particular area of Jagannatha Puri. You can easily see each group of these sacred places in four or five hours by auto rickshaw. The location descriptions accompanying each holy site and a street map listing the holy places in the back of the book will help you to find them. The author prays that all the readers will experience both the wonderful celestial taste of Lord Jagannatha’s maha-prasadam, and the inner heart’s satisfaction that come from a devoted pilgrimage to Sri Purusottama-ksetra.


Chapter One 1
Sri Ksetra Dhama 1
The relationship of Three Dhamas (teen dhama sambandha) 1
Sri Ksetra Gives Vrndavana darsana 2
Sri Ksetra Dhama in the Spiritual World 3
Teen Dhama Comparison Chart 4
Different Names of Jagannatha Puri Dhama 4
Residents of Sri Ksetra Dhama 7
Dhama Dogs 8
Dhama Donkeys 8
The Power and Benefit of Visiting Sri Ksetra Dhama Madhurya Dhama 8
Seven Doors to Liberation 9
A Purifying Dip in the Sea 10
Chapter Two 13
The Temple and Deity of Lord Jagannatha 13
Cakra and Flags 13
The Temple Architecture 14
Start a Temple with Jagannatha 15
History-Appearance of the Jagannatha Deity - Story I 15
History - Appearance of the Jagannatha Deity - Story II 17
History - Appearance of the Jagannatha Deity - Story III 21
The Identity of Daru Brahma Jagannatha 22
The Absolute Nature of Lord Jagannatha 23
The Beauty of Jagannatha Swami 24
The Extraordinary Form of Lord Jagannatha 25
The Extraordinary Tolerance of Lord Jagannatha 27
The History of Jagannatha Worship 27
Lord Jagannatha and His Pujaris 28
Rites and Ritual 29
Odana-sasthi Festival (winter cloth) 30
The Daily Rituals of Lord Jagannatha 30
Darsana Takes One Back to Godhead 33
Darsana of Jagannatha Swami As He Is 33
Deity Darsana-Seeing the Subjective World 34
Non-Hindus Tread the Humble Path 35
Srila Prabhupada Advocates Darsana for All Planets 36
Prayers to Lord Jagannatha 37
Sri Jagannatha Deva Stava (Sri Sanatana Gosvami) 38
Chapter Three 41
Kitchen and Maha Prasadam of Lord Jagannatha 41
The Kitchen of Lord Jagannatha 41
A Wonderful Description of the Kitchen and Offerings 42
Kitchen Arrangement and Equipment 42
Kitchen Staff and Training 43
Offerings in the Temple 44
Ingredients and Recipes 44
The Appearance of Maha Prasadam in Puri 44
Jagannatha Maha Prasadam - The Nectar of Krsna’s Lips 47
Power of Maha-prasadam 49
Maha Prasadam Prayers 50
Seven Rules for Honoring Jagannatha Maha Prasadam 51
The Golden Rule for Honoring Jagannatha Maha Prasadam 52
Praying to Honor Jagannatha’s Remnants 53
Chapter Four 55
Ratha Yatra 55
The History of Ratha Yatra 55
The First Ratha Yatra of Srila Prabhupada 55
Eleven Ceremonies Connected with Ratha Yatra 56
Ratha Yatra Chariots-Facts and Figures 60
Ratha Chariot Facts 61
Damaged Chariots 61
Notice to Pilgrims Attending Ratha Yatra 61
The Spiritual Benefit from Seeing the Chariots 61
Seven Kirtana Parties Assault the Universe 62
Lord Gauranga’s Eight Prayers at Ratha Yatra 63
Sri Jagannathastakam 66
Gauranga’s Devastating Dance of Love 68
Hera Pancami Festival-An Eyewitness Account 70
Ratha Yatra Means Reclaiming Lost Souls 73
Meaning of Ratha-yatra-A Bhava Utsava 73
The Purpose of Ratha Yatra 73
Ratha Yatra and the Vraja Gopis 74
The Mysterious Mellows Behind Ratha Yatra 75
The Esoteric Meaning of Ratha-yatra 79
Chapter Five 81
The Puri Pastimes of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu 81
Gauranga’s Time in Puri-A Brief Summary 81
Three Stages of Gauranga’s Puri Pastimes 82
Sri Caitanya’s Daily Schedule in Puri 83
Sri Caitanyadeva’s Associates in Puri 85
Searching for Krsna in the Forest 85
Mahaprabhu’s Sees Krsna’s Jala-keli-lila 86
Bathing and Sporting in the Sea 88
Mahodadhi Pranama Mantra 89
Sea Slokas 90
The Puri School of Bhakti 90
The Lion Gate Keeper Shows Krsna 91
Prahlada’s Ecstatic Darsana of Lord Gauranga 91
Gauranga Falls in a Well of Butter 92
Mahaprabhu Examines Sanatana Gosvami 92
Ecstatic Kirtanas in Jagannatha Temple 93
Gauranga Pleased by Faith in Vaisnavas 94
Mahaprabhu Relishes Four Nectarean Sounds 95
The Disappearance of Lord Gauranga-Harmony or Discord 97
A Benediction of Love 98
Chapter Six 99
Lord Jagannatha’s Pastimes with His Devotees 99
The Eggplant Girl 99
A Sadhu Sings for His Devotee 99
The Jackfruit Thief 100
Jagannatha Swami’s Sand Chariots 100
The Princess and the Sweeper 101
The Kitri of the Princess 102
Day Trip One 103
Eight Ways of Seeing Sacred Space 103
Practical Points 104
Day Trip One 104
1. Bhajana Kutira of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura 105
Main Deities 105
Pastimes 105
2. Cataka Parvata Sand Dunes 105
Pastimes (divya-lila) 105
I. Gaura Sees Govardhana 105
II. Gaurahari’s Divyonmada Mahabhava Lila 106
3. Tota Gopinatha Mandira 107
Main Deitie 107
Pastimes 108
I. Lord Brahma and Tota Gopinatha 108
II. Bhagavan Sri Krsna and Tota Gopinatha 109
III. Gadadhara Pandita and Tota Gopinatha 109
IV. Appearance of Tota Gopinatha 110
V. Govinda Saves Gauranga 110
VI. Gadai’s Pure Love for Gaura 111
VII. Prema Vivarta Lila of Gadai-Gaura 111
VIII. Nitai, Gaura and Gadai Take Maha-prasadam 113
IX. Stories from the Head Pujari 115
4. Siddha Bakula 115
Main Deities 115
Pastimes 116
I. Gauranga Assigns Haridasa a Bhajana Kutira 116
II. The Palm Leaf Lila 117
III. Sweet Glories of the Holy Name 117
IV. Haridasa Speak son Nama Tattva 118
V. Haridasa Thakura Niryana (departure)118
VI. The Toothbrush Lila 123
5. Gambhira-Radha Kanta Matha 124
Main Deities124
Gambhira Deities 124
Pastimes 125
I. Govinda’s Massage 125
II. Gauranga’s Adbhuta Vikara Lila 126
III. Bleeding for Krsna 126
IV. The Pillow of Mahaprabhu (pada upadhana lila) 127
V. Tug-of-War with the Senses 127
VI. Gauranga Feels Kishori’s Agony of Separation 130
VII. Gauranga’s Pastimes with Gopala Guru 132
6. Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya’s Home (Ganga Mata Matha) 133
Main Deities 133
Pastimes 134
I. Gauranga’s First Visit 134
II. Mahaprabhu’s First Jagannatha Maha Prasadam 134
III. There Are No Rules for Eating 135
IV. Sad Bhuja Darsana and the Pearl Necklace Verses 135
V. A Queen Becomes a Vairagi Vaisnavi 138
VI. The Ganga Comes to Puri 139
VII. Radha Rasika Raya Come to Puri 140
7. Sweta Ganga Bathing Tank 140
Main Deities 141
Pastimes 141
I. The Lord Honors His Devotee 141
II. Non-different from the Ganga 141
III. The Smarta Gets Smart 142
8. Paramananda Puri Well (kua) 142
Pastimes 142
I. The Glories of Sri Paramananda Puri 142
II. The Meeting of Mahaprabhu and Paramananda 143
III. The Lord Hears Gauranga’s Prayers 143
Day Trip Two 145
1. Haridasa Thakura’s Samadhi 145
Main Deities 145
Pastimes 146
1. Haridasa Thakura Niryana 146
2. ISKCON Bhakti-kuti 146
Main Deities 147
Pastimes 147
I. Nirjana Bhajana at Bhakti Kuti 147
3. Satasana Bhajana Sthali Area (Sat Asana Mathas) 149
History of the Seven Asanas 149
I. Sri Giridhari Asana (Giridhari Matha) 149
II. The Effect of Good Association 151
III. The Perfection of Love 152
II. Sri Syamasundara Asana 152
Main Deities 152
Pastimes 153
III. Sri Madana-mohana Deva Asan 153
Main Deities 153
Pastimes 153
IV. Sri Krsna Balarama Asana 154
Main Deities 154
Pastimes 155
I. The Glories of Bhagavan Acarya 155
II. Bhagavan Acarya’s Mayavadi Brother 155
III. The Lesson of Chota Haridasa 156
The Remaining Three of the Seven Sitting Places (Sat Asana) 157
I. The Glories of Siddha Svarupa Dasa Babaji 157
4. Indradyumna Sarovara 158
Main Deities 158
I. Mother Cow Creates a Huge Lake 158
II. The Broken Waterpots 159
III. Gauranga Mahaprabhu’s Jala-keli Utsava (water splashing festival) 159
5. Mahaprabhu Visrama-sthana (Mahaprabhu’s resting place) 159
Main Deities 160
Pastimes 160
6. Nrsimha Mandira (Yajna Nrsimhadeva) 160
Main Deities 160
Pastimes 161
I. The Appearance of the Deity 161
II. Gauranga Saves Advaita’s Son Gopala 161
7. Gundica Mandira 161
Main Deities 161
Pastimes 162
I. The Glories of Gundica 162
II. Jagannatha Becomes the Queen’s Son 163
III. Gauranga Cleanses the Gundica 163
Day Trip Three 165
1. Narendra Sarovara 165
Main Deities 165
Pastimes 166
I. The Appearance of Narendra Sarovara 166
II. Jagannatha Swami’s Nauka Lila (boating pastime) 166
III. Mahaprabhu Meets the Yatris 167
IV. Narendra Sarovara Becomes the Yamuna 168
2. Mausi Ma Temple (Balagandi Area) 169
Main Deities 169
Pastimes 169
I. Jagannatha Accepts All Offerings 169
3. Jagannatha Vallabha Matha (Jagannatha Vallabha Garden) 170
Main Deities 170
Pastimes 171
I. Jagannatha Steals Flowers 171
II. Jagannatha Milks a Cow 171
III. Mahaprabhu Delivers the King 171
IV. Mahaprabhu’s Bhojan Lila 173
V. The Pandita Learns to Look Beyond the Cover 173
VI. Gauranga’s Sphurti of Syama 175
4. Birthplace of Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura 179
Main Deities 179
Pastimes 179
I. Every Minute Absorbed in Seva 179
II. Jagannatha Blesses His Devotee 180
III. Sarasvati Thakura’s Radha Bhava 181
IV. Siddhanta Sarasvati Anecdotes 181
5. Ahulya Matha 182
Main Deities 182
Pastimes 183
I. Mahaprabhu Meets Nada and Nitai 183
Day Trip Four 185
1. Markandeya Sarovar 185
Main Deities185
Pastimes 186
I. Purity Defeats Lust 186
II. Brahma Gayatri Means Visn 186
III. The Cosmos in His Belly 187
2. Visakha Matha 187
Main Deities 187
Pastimes 188
I. Narahari Sarakara Thakura Caritamrta 188
II. The Glories of Gadadhara Pandita 188
3. Bali Matha 191
Main Deities 191
Pastimes: 191
I. The Flute and the Bull Whip 191
II. Krsna Balarama Visit Navadvipa 192
4. The Jagannatha Temple (Sri Mandira) 193
Main Deities 193
Other Deities 193
Jagannatha Mandira Parikrama 194
Lord Gauranga Defeats Advaita Acarya 195
Eastern Area (Lion Gate) 195
Southeast Area 197
Southwest Are 198
Northwest Area 199
Tour of the Main Jagannatha Mandira 200
5. Atharanala Bridge 202
Main Deities 202
Pastime 203
I. The Flag that Incited Divine Love 203
6. Cakra Tirtha (Cakra Narayana Temple) 203
Main Deities 203
Pastimes 204
I. The Father-in-law of God 204
II. Three Logs Floating in the Ocean of Prema 204
7. Bedi Hanuman 204
Main Deities 204
Pastime 205
I. Puffed Rice Can’s Match Laddus 205
Alalanatha Visnu Temple 207
Main Deities 207
Pastimes 207
I. Lord Brahma Carves the Deity 207
II. Alalanatha Scalded by Sweet Rice 208
III. Gauranga’s Retreat 209
IV. Alalanatha and the Vraja-gopis 209
V. Gauranga Prema Nama Sankirtana 211
Sacred Places Nearby 212
Remuna Yatra: The Ksira-cora Gopinatha Temple 213
Contacts 213
Main Deities 213
Sacred Places Nearby 214
Pastimes 214
I. The Appearance of Ksira-cora Gopinatha 214
II. Gopinatha Leaves Citrakuta 215
III. How Sri Gopinatha became Ksira-cora Gopinatha? 216
IV. The Amazing Tirobhava of Rasikananda 218
Saksi-gopala Temple 221
Main Deity 221
Pastimes 221
I. God Testifies for His Devotee 221
II. The Lover’s Quarrel 221
III. Gauranga in Saksi-gopala 222
IV. A Wish Come True 222
Sri Caitanya Danda-bhanga Lila Kunja (ISKCON Danda-bhanga Project) 223
Main Deities 223
Pastimes 223
I. The Heart Breaking Danda (danda-bhanga-lila) 223
II. Why Nitai Broke the Danda in Three Pieces? 225
III. The Revelations of Sacinandanda Dasa 226
Bibliography 227
Map of Puri 228
Index 229
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