Islamic Business Ethics

Islamic Business Ethics

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Item Code: IHL247
Author: Rafik Issa Beekun
Publisher: Goodword Books
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8178982897
Pages: 91
Cover: Paperback
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This book addresses Muslim Business community members who have to deal with ethical situations on a day-to-day basis.

It gives key principles of management from an Islamic point of view. Its goal is to help Muslims engaged in business to act in accordance with the Islamic system of ethics.

The writer’s experience with different Islamic activities gives him a practical background that supports and enlightens his academic knowledge in the vital fields of business management and administration.

About the Author

Rafik I. Beekun (B.A. Economics, M.A. Columbia University New York) M.B.A (Management University of Texas) and Ph.D. (Business administration University of Texas) is currently an associate professor of management and strategy. He is also serving as the chairman of the Department of managerial sciences at the University of Nevada. He ahs taught at temple university and the University of Texas.

He has been president of several chapters of the Muslim students association of the USA and Canada has served as both the east coast zone and west coast zone representative of the Islamic society of north America has served as a member of board of advisors of the North American Islamic trust and is a member of the association of Muslim Social Scientist of the USA and Canada.

His academic research has been published in the journal of applied psychology human relations international journal of organizational Analysis journal of management and others. He is a member of the Academy of management of the USA and the decision sciences institute of the USA and Canada. He has published several books in the field and has conducted management training sessions for Islamic workers in the USA Canada India, England, Mauritius and Trinidad.


This is the first edition of Islamic Business Ethics. This book is directed at Muslim Businessmen or business employees who have to deal with ethical situations on a day-to-day basis. I have attempted to present key principles of management form an Islamic point of view. I pray to Allah that it serves the purpose for which it was written that of helping Muslims engaged in business to act in accordance to the Islamic system of ethics.

I assume complete responsibility for all views expressed in the book. I apologize for any mistake that may have gone unnoticed. I would like to acknowledge the contributions of Dr. Iqbal Unus and Nadiah Beekun for their comments on the manuscript. Finally I thank Drs. Ahmad sakr and Gamal Badawi for their encouragement and guidance in multiple avenues including writing this book.


Islamic Business Ethics 2
Defining Ethics 2
Factors Influencing Ethical Behavior in Islam 2
Legal Interpretations 2
Organizational Factors 4
Individual Factors 5
The Islamic Ethical System 8
Alternate Ethics Systems 9
Relativism 9
Utilitarianism 10
Universalism 12
Rights 13
Distributive Justice 14
Eternal Law 17
Islamic Ethical System 19
Axioms of Islamic Ethical Philosophy 20
Unity 20
Equilibrium 23
Free Will 24
Responsibility 26
Benevolence 28
Degrees of Lawful and Unlawful Behavior in Islam 29
Halal and Haram Business Areas 31
Halal Earnings 31
Work in Agriculture 32
Work In Industry and Professional Areas 33
Haram Earnings 34
Developing an Ethical organizational Climate 37
An Islamic Perspective of the Social Responsibility of Organizations 38
Organizational Stakeholders 38
Relationship of the Firm to its employees 38
Relationship of Employees to the firm 41
Relationship of the Firm to other Stakeholders 42
The Natural Environment 50
Treatment of Animals 52
Environment Pollution and ownership rights 53
Environment Pollution and Free Resources (Air, Water, etc.) 54
The General Social Welfare 54
Arguments for and against social responsibility 55
Organizational modes of social Responsiveness 56
Managing Social Responsibility 57
Explicit organizational approaches 58
Developing a code of ethics 58
Ethical Oversight 60
Appointment of an Ethics Advocate 61
Selection and training 61
Adjusting and Reward System 62
Implicit organizational approaches 62
Performing a social audit 63
General Ethical Guidelines for Muslims in Business 64
Punishment and repentance for Unethical Behavior 67
No Coercion in Ethical Behavior 67
Punishment philosophy in Islam 69
Experiential exercise and questionnaires 71
Index 81

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