Is Salvation Not Possible without a Guru?

Is Salvation Not Possible without a Guru?

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Author: Swami Ramsukhdas
Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8129314363
Pages: 79 (Black & White Illustration 1)
Cover: Paperback
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Humble Submission

During my visits to different places for Satsanga and Spiritual Discourses, many people ask me variety of questions about Guru and they get satisfied also from the replies given to them. A number of them insisted that a book may be published on this subject so that various enquiries and doubts existing in the minds of people may be cleared. This book has been written with this objective only.

Some people who do not try to understand my thoughts deeply on this subject, generally make comments that I criticize and condemn the concept of Guru. This is totally wrong. I never criticize a Guru but I do condemn the fraudulent Gurus. Nobody can ever condemn a Guru. I myself have been blessed with the grace of Gurus and I hold Gurus with utmost regard and respect. I have also been benefited from Gurus, but those who before people under the pretext of being Gurus do not deserve any respect. Such frauds must be discarded.

In the present times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a real Guru. Superficiality and fraud are on constant rise day by day. Therefore, the scriptures have forewarned people to be cautious about the false and fraudulent Gurus in the times of Kaliyuga. This book has been written for guidance of the genuine seekers who are keen to attain salvation. Earlier another book 'Sacca Guru Kauna'? has been published in Hindi.

In this book, certain verses from Guru-Gita have been quoted to substantiate the main subject. But in spite of best efforts we have not been able to trace the actual origin of Guru Gita and its author. At the end of Guru Gita it is mentioned that it has been taken from Skandapurana but no reference has been found of this text in any version of the Skandapurana. Even difference of opinion has been noticed in the various versions of Guru Gita published from different places. If any scholar has any relevant information about it, he should please contact us.

Readers are requested to read this book carefully and get them devoted to God with sincere dedication. Instead of becoming a follower of a particular person, they should follow the path of Ultimate and Eternal Truth.




1. Is Salvation Not Possible without a Guru 7
2. The Real Guru 10
3. The Glory of a Guru 16
4. Guru's Grace 18
5. The Significance of Guru's Teachings 22
6. Who has the Right to be a Guru? 26
7. A True Guru is Rare 33
8. A Human's Inborn Guru-Discrimination 37
9. Pre-Eminence of a Disciple for Attaining Salvation 39
10. Attainment of God is not Dependent on Guru 41
11. Our Own Yearnings Lead Us to welfare 43
12. God is the Supreme Guru 47
13. Generosity of God, the Perceptor of the world 51
14. Questions and Answers about a Guru 56
15. For Sannyasi Strivers (Devotees) and Devotional Singers 72


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