An Introduction to Brahma Sutras and Ramanuja's Sri Bhashya
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An Introduction to Brahma Sutras and Ramanuja's Sri Bhashya

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Item Code: NAN002
Author: K. R. Krishnaswami
Publisher: A and K Prakashana
Language: English
Edition: 2005
Pages: 134
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 5.0 inch x 3.5 inch
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About the Author

Sri K.R. Krishnaswami had a meritorious career finishing with a Professional Engineering course at the India Institute of Science, Banglore. He was then selected by the Central Ministry on an All India basis as a Nehru Scholar for specialization in the field of petroleum refining at Hamburg (in the then West Germany) Returning to India he was invited to join the CSIR pool as an UPSC graded Senior Officer and thereon he was picked up by the multi-national English Company. Imperial Chemical Industries (now ICI India Ltd) from where he retired as a Senior Manager.

Always interested in religious/metaphysical enquiry, he has been applying himself seriously in the last two decades in this field- attending upanyasams, absorbing religious literature and discussions with scholars. He trained himself in 4000 Divya Prabhandam and Vedadhyanam (Yajurveda, finishing with Samhitas). He has been participating in recitations of both Divya Prabhandam and Vedas. This training has enabled him to look at Srivaishnava subjects from both the angles- the purport emanating from Shruthis (Vedas) as well as Sri Sukhits (of Azhwars).

He has simultaneously taken upon himself two other forms of Kainkaryam viz. publication of books on 4000 Prabhandam and Philosophy, and providing active support to the cause of reconstruction/renovation/improvement of some five temples in Andhra Pradesh/ Tamilnadu/Karnataka over the years.

His previous publications in mini book form include Sri Ranganatha Paduka Sahasram, Sri Ramanuja and Visishtadvaita, and Sharanagathi- a superhighway to Godhead this one ran into a second edition within 2 months of the publication.


Sri Bhaashya is a commentary by Sri Raamaanuja on one of the most difficult and holiest of the works, Brahma Sutras, by Veda Vyaasa. Sri Raamaanuja has written nine compositions, all in Sanskrit, and Sri Bhaashya is by common consent, his magnum opus, “a meru Krithi”.

There have been quite a few commentaries on Brahma Sutras before Sri Bhasshya, but many scholars, both Indian and foreign, look at Sri Bhaashya as the nearest to the mind of Veda Vyaasa, it being the most balanced and coherent presentations.

In order to show where exactly in our Vedic lore Sri Bhaashya Figures, I have thought it most appropriate to give a background of ‘Vedas and Vedantic Traditions’- I do hope that this section will help to prepare the reader to be able to appreciate the merit and greatness of Sri Bhaasya. Some effort and attention on the part of the reader are, however, required by way of pausing, concerning and grasping the nuances, since Sri Bhaashya is pure Vedanta!

I have tried to put together what could be considered the most salient details always keeping in mind the size of the book and time constraint of the reader. It is my fond hope that the readers of this pocket book will be inspired to seek the original with Sri Bhaashya in the language they are most comfortable with. To give an idea of the full- size treatise, I may mention here that it would be about 600 pages of a normal size book excluding the explanations by the scholar authoring the book.

I am pleased to state that the reader will be able to get an insight into and a flavor of the original Brahma Sutras in the last chapter of this book, wherein the English translations of the topical sections of Brahma Sutras (know as Adhikaranaas) have been provided. The reader may come across a few repetitions of some concepts or interpretations as he goes on. While some were unavoidable, others are deliberate- it is hoped that these may help in the ideas to sink in and contribute for a better understanding of the subject as a whole.


Chapter I
1Vedas and Vedantic Tradition1
2Development of the Theme- An outline12
Chapter II : Brahma Sutras
1Brahma Sutras- A Broad Definition14
2The Sutrakaara of Brahma Sutras17
3Brahma Sutras - An Overview19
4The Structuring of Brahma Sutras21
5The Methodology of Sutra System24
6The Chief Exponent of Brahma Sutras25
Chapter III : Sri Bhashya
1The Genesis of Sri Bhasya33
2The unique Position and Greatness of Sri Bhaashya34
3Preparation Supreme' To Pen Sri Bhaashya37
4The Invocatory Verse40
5Commentaries Prior To Sri Bhaashya43
6Sri Bhaashya Employs New Ideas46
7What is Jijnaasaadhikarana?53
8Chatusshtri - The Gist of Brahma Sutras/ Sri Bhaashya56
9Sample Sutras with Sri Bhaashya Commentary70
10Commentaries on Sri Bhaashya77
11A Summary of Sri Bhaashya- Chapterwise 81
12The Last Sutra99
Chapter IV : The Moola
1Brahma Sutras (Original- Moolaa)- Topicwise Translation.101
Summing up119

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