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Inguinal Hernia

Inguinal Hernia
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Item Code: NAE271
Author: Dr. Shiv Dua
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788131906743
Pages: 144 (18 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 174 gms
About the book

A much awaited volume on the what & how of inguinal hernia with detailed information on its management with alternative therapies. The author needs to be congratulated for the way in which he has presented relevant details in 9 simple yet comprehensible manner.

The work is thoroughly complete within its own range; accounting for the most modern concepts & treatment options available. It is a well known fact that everybody wants to avoid surgery due to various reasons. This book is going to be immensely useful for all such people.

The book is an extension of the author’s immense hard work & clinical experience of years’ standing. Given the rational approach with which the entire subject matter has been dealt. It is hoped that this work will cater efficiently to the requirements of the patients and & all those involved in the management of inguinal hernia.

About the Author

Dr Shiv Dua, M.A., Dl. Hom.(London) is a well known name in the literary circles of homeopathy. He is a member of Delhi Homeopathic Medical Association and is on the editorial board of Homeopathic Sandesh. He has written more than 50 homeopathic articles for leading newspapers and horneopathic journals. His many books have been published till date and all are well accepted by the readers. His works include: Practitioner’s Guide to Gall Bladder Stones and Kidney Stones, Oral Diseases and Homoeopathy, Manage & Cure Neck Pain, Balance & Treat this Hidden Illness. Constitutional Remedies, Homeopathic Self Healing Guide, Nail Care, Hair Care and King Gland Prostate.


The purpose of this book is very simple. It makes no pretence to medical excellence. It does not say that one should not undergo hernia operation when advised by the doctor. Sometimes the patient is helpless to undertake surgery due to paucity of funds, season and busy schedule of work. This book will help the patients to utilize the period between imminent surgery and the stated problems. The book has demonstrated methods to reduce the bulge due to hernia. If you read this book carefully and thoughtfully absorbing its methods, if you sincerely and persistently practice them, you may experience amazing improvement. Your doctor may think to postpone the surgery.

About five years earlier in November 2001, I attended marriage of my nephew Manish, a computer engineer in U.S.A. On repeated requests of my brother-in-law, Mr. Prem Rawal, I started dancing in the ‘marriage’ procession. Dancing on the beats of drums is a common feature in marriages of Punjab. It was during this dancing spell that I felt some pain in the groins. The pain disappeared when I stopped dancing but what came up next morning was a swelling in the right inguinal region. This was diagnosed to be right-sided inguinal hernia by the surgeon. I was also suffering from bronchial asthma during those days and had undergone tremendous coughing spells. Coughing spells accompanied by dancing had given birth to inguinal hernia. There was no pain but what existed was fear of surgery. I was sixty- two years old at that time and knew that there was loosening in every limb of the body due to age factor. I knew that there was no remedy for hernia except surgical intervention. I decided not to get it operated and started experiments on myself with the help of homeopathic medicines and Yoga. In years that followed, my asthma got cured with the help of ‘Pranayama’ but hernia was still there. Even after four years, it is not troubling me. The swelling has reduced in size and has came down to about 30 percent of its original size. It is only visible on standing straight and on slight coughing but there has never been any pain. There is no bulge on lying down. The same surgeon has been checking its progress whenever I go to him for regular check up and he said that there is no need to operate it as it has reduced considerably in size. But both of us are waiting for it to disappear, so that one day shall be able to say that hernia is completely curable with the help of homeopathic medicines and yoga. I have been practicing the hernia benefiting ‘Yogasanas’ daily. Before I started my own treatment with the help of homeopathic medicines and ‘Yoga’, I presented my case to my colleagues (homeopathic doctors) in a scientific meeting of Homeopathic Medical Association of India, Faridabad branch. All my colleagues were of the opinion that the surgical intervention was the only way out for this disease. Unfortunately, none had any experience of curing hernia with the help of homeopathic medicines. This is the case with most of homeopaths. I am using truss at times when I travel as it involves jerks.

I do not know for how long can I avoid Surgery?

Naturally, at the same time I do not know for how long I am going to live.

When the future is unknown, I prefer to go by the present condition. I am managing my daily activities with this hernia with a hope that no knife makes incision on my body till I am alive.

I have discovered that a lot of men suffering from hernia feel the same and with this thought i set to write a book based on my experience. In the history of medicine, reducible hernia is a common feature but mine was not the same. Had it been reducible hernia, it would have reduced to normal size within a few months by manual pushing back.

Inguinal Hernia is a rupture, the protrusion of part of an organ through the wall of a cavity (abdomen mostly) containing it. Most of the people living in cities know about this disease because someone in the locality has it or has discussed it earlier. It is estimated that in every hundred house in a street, atleast one member of a family suffers from hernia (any type). If this occurs in childhood, the parents take no chance and get their child operated as early as possible. Nobody is willing to see that ugly ‘bulge’ on the body of a child. If this occurs in an elderly person then it is left unattended for some period with the hope that hernia would end, by bandaging or pressing the protruded part/organ with the help of loincloth (Langot) or hernia belt. If someone consults a doctor, the suggestion in most of the cases is surgery.

In villages, hernia is not taken seriously and the first emphasis is to control the protrusion by means of putting on loincloth. If it is painful or the size increases in due course of time then only people think of operation. Villagers consider hernia as a reducible bulge that can be controlled by observing celibacy. Reducible hernia is the one that can be reduced by manipulation.

In almost sixty to seventy percent cases of inguinal hernia, it I almost reduced to normal bulge by constant and continuous use of loin cloth. I do not know how to express this sort of management but my views are very much in accordance with that of villagers about hernia. I feel that it is not the loincloth that does the job entirely but it is the strict ‘Brahamcharya’(celibacy) that does wonders in old people. This ‘belief’ needs research.

In homeopathy, claims are being made that hernia can be normalized but I have not seen even a single case of hernia being treated with homeopathy. I have controlled inflammation and pain by homeopathic medicines in some cases but in all the cases surgery is to be done. But when there is no pain and no problem in hernia for years, alternative treatment and homeopathic medicines do help. People who read this book, which provides adequate information about management of hernia, then these people would be able to handle this type of painless hernia successfully. Doctors who examine hernia are too busy to tell every aspect of it and they promptly suggest operation. This makes the patient nervous. Some highly sensitive persons, who take even a petty blade-cut while shaving very seriously and consult the doctor. When such patients are faced with hernia they would immediately go for surgery. But think of other people who do not care about petty bruises or injuries. They would always avoid surgery. This book will guide them completely on hernia.

The first, second and fourth chapters of the hook are for medical students and practitioners and explains the why and how of hernia, hernia in infants, direct and indirect hernia. This part also gives information about types of hernia, clinical diagnosis, etiology and other aspects like surgery.

The third chapter of the book deals with management of hernia so that it remains static, and reduces in size. It also explains method of wearing a truss and precautions for hernia.

The fifth chapter of the hook pertains to Homeopathic treatment. Homeopathic cure in the first stage of hernia and selection of five important remedies for hernia are explained in this part. Views of two doctors namely Dr. Constantine Hering and Dr. K. C. Bhanja who cured hernia with the help of Homeopathic medicines are worth reading for students. I have also included suggestions and experiences of some senior homeopaths so that the fraternity knows that hernia can be cured by homeopathy if it is tackled in the first stage.

The sixth chapter of the book pertains to alternative therapies like Yoga, Acupressure, Magnet therapy, Massage, Positive thinking and good nutrition to control hernia while time remains.


Publisher's noteIII
1Why and How of Hernias1
1.1 Classification3
1.2 Hernia in Infants13
2Inguinal Hernia17
2.1 Anatomy of Inguinal Hernia19
2.2 Types of Inguinal Hernia23
2.3 Etiology of Inguinal Hernia29
2.4 The First Visit to The Doctor36
2.5 How to Find Out Inguinal Hernia37
2.6 How is Hernia Examined37
2.7 How Hernia Occurred in Your Case38
2.8 Reaction of The Patient When He Sees The Protruded Spot For The First Time39
2.9 Diagnosing a Lump in The Groin41
3Conservative Management43
3.1 Possibility of Reducing Inguinal Hernia43
3.2 How to Reduce Hernia43
3.3 Wearing Truss45
3.4 Uses of Truss46
3.5 Choice Between Operation and Truss47
3.6 Precautions to be Taken While Wearing Truss48
3.7 Precautions For Hernia Patients49
4Surgery in Inguinal Hernia52
4.1 To Get or Not to Get The Hernia Operation Done52
4.2 The Old Method of Surgery54
4.3 Laparoscopic Method of Operation54
4.4 Latest Method Preferred For Hernia Operation55
4.5 Post Operative Complications of Hernia57
5Homeopathic Cure in Inguinal Hernia58
5.1 Does Homeopathy Cure Hernia59
5.2 Homeopathy and Management of Hernia61
5.3 How to Justify Specific Medicines For Hernia66
5.4 Views of Different Homeopaths69
5.5 Final Results For Medicines Suitable For Cure of Inguinal Hernia84
5.6 Four Selected Materia Medicas on Five Medicines Selected For Inguinal Hernia85
5.7 Views of Senior and Eminent Homeopathic Doctors on Cure of Inguinal Hernia94
6Alternative Therapies For Inguinal Hernia96
6.1 Yoga97
6.2 Acupressure and Acupuncture109
6.3 Magnetotherapy115
6.4 Massages118
6.5 Positive Thinking and Visualizing124
6.6 Good Nutrition126

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