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In search of the Blue-Green Crest (Based on Mahabharata and the Appended Harivamsa)

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In search of the Blue-Green Crest (Based on Mahabharata and the Appended Harivamsa)
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In search of the Blue-Green Crest (Based on Mahabharata and the Appended Harivamsa)

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Item Code: NAU296
Author: Dr. Asha Goswami
Publisher: Y. R. Publications, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 81850320401
Pages: 388
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.65 kg
About the Book

This volume giving detailed account of Krsna lore, offers to the readers a thorough knowledge of myriad traditions on Krsna. Filling in the vacuum of creative research on Krsna. in his various aspects, a finest Krsna lore treatise has come up as the need of the hour when people have to be evoked to have a better understanding of the sublime truth behind this marvel concept of the blue green Crest Krsna with an unbiased mind, which the majority of the unconservative and people with unorthodox bent of mind would love to read with great enthusiasm. It enfolds an experience of the super vision of the wonder god `Citramaho vicitramaho citram vicitram mahah' at a personal level as well as of the critics throughout the world on the same topic. Mainly presenting a critical and analytic study of the Krsna chronicles of the Mahabharata and the Harivamsa, it brings into lime light 'how the basic concept Krsna was moulded into a religious and philosophical notion; the historical authenticity, relevance and credibility of the epic and appended Harivamsa; Krsna's true Personae Identity; the exact date of Krsna; how Gopivallabha Personae- came to be assigned to him when an independent Gopi element of the Abhiras along with the cult of child god was assimilated; that Radha notion arose when a Tamil tradition about one girl-associate of a folk god assimilated with Krsna lore; that He was only wedded to Rulemini; that He shares similarity with Guru Gobind Singh, Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha in name, life traits and teachings; that when He will reincarnate again; His role as a propounder of new set-up of religion which enjoys worship with simple devotion and serene love; Krsna as Mahayogesvara; mystery of His -various names'. This presents a new and unique revelation of Sri Krsna taking the readers along on to the deeper understanding of the multi-hued god.

About the Author

A long time researcher of Indian culture and a Krsna lore specialist, Dr. Asha Goswami is an alumna of Delhi University, who shot to fame with her first publication on Krsna which was released by the President of India in 1984. She has put her heart and soul together making this volume into a masterpiece of Krsna, Lore studies besides bringing out earlier three mega volumes on Krsna (a) Krsna Katha and allied matters, Delhi, 1984; (b) The Krsna Legend, a new perspective, Delhi, 2001; (c) In the Foot-steps of Krsna, Delhi, 2005; over 45 research papers presented and contributed to various sessions of AIOC and WSC held in India and abroad, published in various Journals, prestigious two in Germany and USA; six in Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature by Sahitya Academy, Delhi, which being inventory of the distinct researches marked with her disquisition and intensive approach unto deciphering some of the major issues relating to Krsna viz., locating the site of Krsna's Dwar-aka accredit her among the poineers in Krsnaite studies. The authoress, an erudite scholar and senior teacher of Delhi University enjoys over 40 years of rich experience in university teaching and research.

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