Human Anatomy in Ayurveda

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Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Author: Dr. U. Govind Raju
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 2019
Pages: 160
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 190 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the book

Sharira Rachana, one of the basic subjects, describes everything about conventional anatomy described in Samhitas with its contemporary anatomical interpretation and description. The subject of anatomy associated with its counterpart subject physiology forms the foundation on which pathology is built through which is all the clinical subjects derive diagnosis and specific treatment. The book ‘Human Anatomy in Ayurveda’ describes the subject ‘Sharira Rachana’ on different topics like embryology, Osteology, Myology, Splanchnology, Angiology etc. Based on Samhitas as per the prescribed syllabus. This handbook of Sharira Rachana is a complete compendium of Ayurvedic anatomy.

About the author

Dr. U. Govind Raju has completed his BAMS from Osmania University, Hyderabad, A.P. in 1979; M.D. (Shareera Rachana) from National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur in1984, PGCR from Mumbai and M.A. (Sanskrit) from Rajasthan University, Jaipur. He is in the teaching profession since 1984 and worked in Mohta Ayurveda College, Sadulpur, Rajasthan and N.K.J. Ayurveda Medical College % P.G. Centre, Bidar, Karnataka. Presently, he is working as P.G. Professor, Ph.D. guide, Dean for the P.G. studies in S.D.M. College of Ayurveda. Udupi. He has guided 24 P.G. scholars so far and is currently guiding 6 Ph.D. scholars. He has conducted National & Sate Level seminars, workshops and C.M.E. programmes and has also authored a book entitled Neurological concepts in Ayurveda (Understanding Vata).


I am glad to go through the book written by Dr. U. Govind Raju, Professor, S.D.M. College of Ayurveda UDUPI, who is a erudite scholar, he has taken great pains & tried to bring out all the Ayurvedic aspects of Shareera Rachana (anatomy) and observed and perceived by our ancient Rishis and mentioned in the Brihatrayee & other books. All the aspects of Shareera Nirmana Avasthas (stages of formation of Shareera) including Garbha Shareera, Maram, Srotas etc. I hope it will cater to the needs of Ayurvedic students both of under graduate and post graduate courses besides the research scholars.

I congratulate the author for taking the venture & hope he will write more on Ayurveda for the benefit & development of this great ancient medicine originated in this Veda Bhoomi (the land of all knowledge).


Study of basic medical sciences like anatomy & the physiology is inevitable to understand and to analyze the pathology and treatment aspects.

The predecessors of the Ayurveda have well recognised this factor and ‘Shareera Sthana’ was described by all Acharyas as a separate part in the science.

The description of Anatomy in Ayurveda is most significant and special. Apart from the general topics like embryology, genetics, systemic, clinical anatomy, it deals with psychology, psychological, psychosomatic, metaphysical considerations of the body and effects of the previous birth and Atma.

However, the anatomy was well developed in the ancient era; the available literature of those days in mostly concerned with the applied aspects and explained in the succinct form. In this book, I made a small possible effort to explore in the literature in a systemic manner.

Chapter I: Shariropakrama Sharira  
Definition of Sharira 1
Importance of study of Sharira 2
Shadangatwam 3
Divisions of Sharira 4
Chapters on Sharira-sthana 5
Dead Body Preservation 9
Limitation and Variation of Practical Anatomy 10
Chapter II: Abhinivritti Sharira  
Dhantu-bheda Purusha Sanghatanam 11
Sharirasya Pachabhautikatwam 13
Sharirasya Sukshmatwam 13
Karma Purusha & Chikitsya Purusha 14
Trigunatmakatwam 14
Sharirasya Tridoshatwam 15
Dosha-Dhantu-Mala Mulakatwam 15
Chapter III: Garbha Sharira  
Definition of Garbha 16
Sukshma Garbha-Sharira 17
Ativahika Purusha 17
Tri-Guna & Pancha Mahabhuta 19
Shukra 19
Seat of Atma 19
Artava/Rajah 20
Ritukala 21
Ritumati Lakshana 21
Antah-pushpa 22
Garbhadhana 22
Sadyogrihita Garbhini Lakshana 23
Characters of Pregnent woman 24
Pumsawna-vidhi 24
Sex Differentaion 25
Development of Foetus 26
Month-wise Development of Foetus 27
Garbha-vriddhikara bhavas 30
Garbha-sambhava Samagri 31
Garbha-poshana 32
Nabhi-nadi 32
Apara 33
Jarayu 33
Factors responsible for the Foetal shape 33
Bija, Bija-bhaga, Bijabhagavayava 33
Complexion of the Foetus 36
Garbha-matri-paratantrata 37
Bhuta-vyapara 37
Anga-pratyanga Nirmana 38
Avayavanam Utpatti 39
Garbhavayava Vikriti 41
Garbhotpadaka-bhavas 41
Bhutadi bhawa-vishesha 41
Matrijadi Shad-bhavas 42
Prakriti 42
Factors Determine the Prakriti 44
Deha Prakriti 45
Sattva (Manasa) Prakriti 46
Chapter IV: Asthi Sharira  
Definition of Asthi 48
Type of Asthi 48
Functions of Asthi 49
Features of Asthi 49
Enumeration of Asthi 50
Chapter V: Sandhi Sharira  
Definition of Sandhi 54
Structure & Classification of Sandhi 54
Enumeration of Sandhi 55
Importance in Shalya Tantra 56
Chapter VI: Peshi Sharira  
Formation of Peshi 57
Definition of Peshi 57
Significance of the Peshi 57
Number and Distribution of Peshis 58
Additional Peshis in Females 59
Chapter VII: Sira-Dhamani-Sroto Sharira  
Definition of Sira 60
Enumeration of Siras 61
Functions of Siras 62
Siranam Sarvavahtvam 63
Avedhya Siras 63
Number of Siras present in different organs 64
Definition of Dhamani 65
Utpatti evam Sthanam 65
Sira-Dhamani-Srotasam Parthakyam 66
Definition of Srotas 66
Sharirasya Srotomayatwam 67
Bahirmukha Srotas 67
Antarmukha Srotas 68
Monovaha Srotas 69
Pranavaha Srotas 69
Udakavaha Srotas 69
Annavaha Srotas 70
Rasavaha Srotas 70
Raktavaha Srotas 71
Mamasavaha Srotas 71
Medovaha Srotas 71
Shukravaha Srotas 72
Mutravaha Srotas 72
Purishavaha Srotas 72
Artavavaha Srotas 73
Asthivaha Srotas 73
Majjavaha Srotas 73
Swedavaha Srotas 73
Chapter - 8: Lasika Sharira  
Rasavahini 74
Definition & Characters of Lasika 74
Chapter IX: Pramana Sharira  
Importance of Pramana 76
Anjali Pramana 76
Anguli Pramana 77
Unitis of measurement of Body (angulas) 78
Enumeration of Body-parts 79
Number of Different Structures 80
Chapter X: Paribhasha Sharira  
Snayu 82
Jala 83
Mamsa-rajju 84
Kandara 84
Kurcha 85
Sevani 85
Sanghata 85
Simanta 85
Chapter XI: Koshtha Sharira  
Definition of Koshtha 87
Definition of Ashaya 87
Type of Ashayas 88
Koshthangas (Pratyanga) 91
Bahya Pratyanga 92
Abhyantara Avayavas 92
Danta-Dwaija 92
Guda 93
Hridaya 94
Kloma 94
Yahkrit 95
Vrikka 95
Vasti 95
Phupphusa 96
Yoni 96
Chapter XII: Kala Sharira  
Definition of Kala 97
Importance of Kala 97
Classification 97
Sapta Kala-swarupam 98
Vishesha Kala 100
Chapter XIII: Twak Sharira  
Twak 101
Development of Twacha 102
Chapter XIV: Marma Sharira  
Definition of Marma 103
Composition of Marma 104
Structure & Composition of Marma 104
Importance of Marmas 105
Importance of Kshipra & Talahridaya 106
Effects of Marma 107

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