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How to Use Twelve Tissue Salts - A Guide to the Biochemic Treatment (With Chapters on Balanced Diet, Body's Need of Minerals and Vitamins)

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Author: B. Jain
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788131907382
Pages: 152
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The food we eat, produced by vegetable and animal life, consists of minerals which get absorbed into their fibres from simpler forms of chemical life. The plant takes up the minerals from the soil and the carbon from the atmosphere from which it embodies its own substance and the animals and fish eat plant and other forms of living organisms for their structural maintenance.

Human beings use this organic food in combination with the air they breathe and the water they drink for the various purposes needed for their physical tissues. The process of digestion and the correct assimilation of that food comprises of breaking down of organized material into its simpler constituents, amino-acids, sugar, mineral elements, carbon, hydrogen, and their absorption by the body tissues. When this operation proceeds normally throughout all its tissues, the body is in health. The ceaseless activity of this complicated process constitutes the body's metabolism.

Various diseases and injuries can disrupt, increase or lower a person's metabolism.

The cells of the human body are composed of inorganic and organic material. The intake of air, food and drink provides with these constituents.

The health of the physical tissue is also affected by the person's individuality, by the hopes, despairs, faiths or fears which dominate the mentality. In physical terms it is not possible to say of what hope and faith consist, but it is seen that these qualities inspire human beings and their effects on the physical plane cannot to be denied. The eye becomes brighter, the cheeks improve in color and vigor in some degree is increased, obviously a chemical change has affected the blood for a good purpose and in all healing this is a salient factor of great value.

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