The Holistic Way to Health, Happiness and Harmony

The Holistic Way to Health, Happiness and Harmony

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Author: V.K. Subramanian
Publisher: Abhinav Publication
Language: English
Edition: 1996
ISBN: 817017323X
Pages: 179 (Figures: 32)
Cover: Hardcover
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From the Jacket:


The Holistic Way to Health, Happiness and Harmony contains one hundred and eight prescriptions, being the distilled essence of ancient Hindu wisdom, ranging from astropalmic analysis, practice of the eight limbs of Yoga to maintain a perfect body, mind-vacuuming or meditation to ensure a stress-free life, breath regulation, twenty two varied ways of relaxing the mind and the body, eleven diet axioms and eleven wonder foods to be taken daily, practical suggestion for choosing life-partners and making marriages joyous, meaningful and long lasting, ideas for creating a beautiful environment at home by using the lucky colours to the more esoteric awakening of Kundalini or creative power, the development of spirituality through four different paths or a mix of the four, the four main goals of life and the four stages of life and how the two can be beautifully interlinked, the concept of enjoyment leading to liberation and finally the philosophy of advaita which stresses the oneness of all creation, united by an underlying common Spirit so as to enable us to forget the artificial barriers and confrontational divisions based on sex, race, colour, nationality, religion, etc.

This book is an invaluable guide and companion to all those who aspire for strong and healthy bodies, happy relationships and a harmonious world.


About the Author:


Vadakaymadom Krishnaiyer Subramanian (b. 1930, Kerala) is an eminent Indian scholar, whose life mission is to present to the world the treasures of ancient Indian literature and cultural heritage. He has already translated several ancient texts into English. These include: Saundaryalahari, Sivanandalahari, Sri Rudraprasna, Maxims of Chanakya and Siva-Sakti.

Subramanian has a universalistic taste and is a prolific writer on a variety of subjects ranging from astrology to art. He has also written a few works of fiction.

A retired officer of the Indian Audit and Accounts Service (which he joined in 1953), Subramanian is also a reputed painter, who has held twenty-two one-man shows. His paintings have won wide acclaim from leading critics of India.

Subramanian, who has traveled extensively in India, now lives in the United State of America.



It was a beautiful fall evening in Minneapolis . Nature was shining in all her colourful glory.

I overhead a conversation between my daughter and my son-in-law:

"Your dad is great guy. He seems to be always happy. Anyone in his present position would be sulking. I wish everyone could be like him: happy and cheeful, whatever happens."

I was at that jobless and penniless. I had quite my job in India, disbanded my household and landed in the United States with ten dollars in my pocket. But I was happy, as I ever was.

My son -in-law's words gave me an idea: I should share my secrets of health, happiness and harmony with all of you.

The result is this book.

If even one of you who reads it can take a faltering step towards happiness, I shall consider my endeavour successful.




  Preface xi
1. Introduction: The Philosophic Context 1
2. The Twelve-steps Plan of Action 4
3. The Eight Limbs of Yoga 6
4. Yogic Exercises 26
5. Breathing: All that you should know about 44
6. Mind-vacuuming or Meditation: What's the right technique? 48
7. Relaxation: The Wonderworking Options Available 56
8. Diet: What, When, Where to Eat? The Common Wonder foods 77
9. The Secret of Happy Relationships 99
10. Designing Congenial Environments: The Magic of Colour 110
11. Causes and Cure of Stress 114
12. Arousal of Creativity: Kundalini Yoga 118
13. Development of Spirituality: The Four Paths 125
14. Bhoga and Yoga: Enjoyment and Liberation 132
15. Advaita or Vedanta: The Oneness of All 137
16. Conclusion: Summing up 143
  Appendix 149
  Index 167


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