The History of Buddhism in India and Tibet: The Jewelry of Scripture

The History of Buddhism in India and Tibet: The Jewelry of Scripture

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Author: BU STON, Translated From Tibetan By: E. Obermiller
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Language: English
Edition: 1998
ISBN: 8170301296
Pages: 187
Cover: Hardcover
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23 years in business
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From the Jacket:

The History of Buddhism in India and Tibet by the great scholar Bu-Ston also called Budon Rinpoche is held in great esteem by Tibetan and Mongolian learned lamas. It is distinguished from the work of Taranatha by the plan of its composition. It consists of three parts. The history proper is preceded by a systematical review of the whole of Buddhist literature so far as preserved in Tibet and it is followed by a systematical catalogue of works, authors and translations of all the literature contained in the Kanjur and Tanjur collections. The first part is of an overwhelming scientificial value. It represents a synthesis of everything which directly or remotely bears the stamp of Buddhism. The whole of its literature sacred and profane is here reviewed as divided in periods schools and subject matter. No one was better qualified than Bu-ston for he was one of the redactors of the Kanjurand Tanjur collections in their full form. The present translation is divided into 2 books. Book I Contains 3 parts. Part I the merit of studying and preaching the doctrine, part II general review of the literature of Buddhism, Part III The consideration and fulfillment of the rules, prescribed for study and teaching. Book II includes. The History of Buddhism the difference Aeons the Buddhas of the Fortunate Aeon, The rise of the Buddha in this world. And Exhaustive note in the end enhances its utility.

Dedicatory verses 1
Book I
1 The Merit of Studying and Preaching the Doctrine 8
2 General review of the Literature of Buddhism 18
3 The Consideration and Fulfillment of the Rules, Prescribed for Study and Teaching 58
Book II
4 The History of Buddhism 90

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