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Historicity of the Eras of Lord Rama and Shri Krishna

Historicity of the Eras of Lord Rama and Shri Krishna
Item Code: NAD759
Author: Saroj Bala
Pages: 44 (18 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.5 inch X 7.5 inch
weight of the book: 168 gms
About The Author

She is an amateur historian, who firmly believes that in modern age there is no scope for writing history based on linguistic guesswork especially when there are scientific ways of reconstructing historical events. These Scientific methodologies include- ecological studies, satellite imagery, astronomical calculations archaeological reports geological and hydrological evidences research reports of oceanographers, geological and hydrological evidences research reports of oceanographers glaciologists, geophysicists etc. It is her habby to study such scientific reports and co-relate their findings, she found that conclusions arrived at through such scientific research not only corroborate the references to historical events referred to in our ancient manuscripts but also determine the real and approximate dates of such events. Her studies have revealed that Shri Ram was an actual historical character, Krishna’s Dwarka had actually submerged and Saraswati was once a mighty river flowing from the mountains to the sea prior to 3000 BC.

Her articles contain many more such historic facts, which would make Indians proud of their glorious heritage and prompt them to further carry on such research. Currently she is posted as Member, CBDT, Ministry of Finance, Govt of India North Block, New Delhi.


IHistoricity of the Era of Lord Rama1
Date of birth of Shri Rama2
Date of exile of Shri Rama2
Solar Eclipse during War with Khar-Dushan3
Other Important Dates5
Sequential Details of Places Visited by Shri Rama During 14 Years of Exile7
Ansectors of Shri Rama11
Satellite Images of Rama's Bridge11
Use of Ramsethu as Land Route between Indian and Sri Lanka14
Maps from Historical Atlas of South Asia By J.E Schwartzberg14
Maps Prepared by Netherlands, France and U.K17
Geological and Oceanography Reports18
The Essence18
IIMahabharata War was Fought in 1478 BC and Shri Krishna's Dwarka Submerged in 1443BC21
Astronomical Evidence21
Marine Archaelogical Explorations around Dwarka23
Other Archaeological Excavations26
Aryans- Original Inhabitants of India27
IIIMystery of Sarasvati River31
Ecological Dynamics Model32
Satellite Imagery33
Literary Evidence35
Geological and Hydrological Evidences36
Archaelogical Findings39
Geophysical and Geomorphological Studies41
Histo- Geographical Studies41
Studies in Sea Level Fluctuations41

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