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Hindu Scriptures And American Transcendentalists

Hindu Scriptures And American Transcendentalists
Item Code: NAB094
Author: Umesh Patri
Publisher: Intellectual Publishing House
Language: English
Edition: 1987
ISBN: 8170760054
Pages: 214
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.9" x 5.9"
From the Jacket: In this extraordinarily candid book, Umesh Patri presents a fresh reappraisal of the impact of Indian Scriptures on American Transcendentalism which flourished in New England in the nineteenth century. The major premise of the study is that other influences on the Transcedentalists such as Chinese, Persian, Sufi, Arabic, neo-platonism, German Transcendentalism etc. are of less significanceo than that of Indian scriptures comprising Hindu and Buddhist texts.

In the writings of Emerson, Thoreau and minor Transcendentalists like Alcott, Fuller, Changing, Johnson, Brownson, etc. the influence of Indian scriptures is clearly discernible. An attempt has ben made here to show that Indian scriptures have not only influenced the philosophical thinking of these writers but also their lifestyle and social conduct. It also attempts to show that transcendentalism was not an isolated movement, but was a part of a cultural renaissance which swept the entire nation in the wake of avid interest and curiosity in ancient lores of other countries. Transcendentalism, it is suggested here, continues to affect the thinking of Americans, and can be viewed as a continuing movement of thought in American intellectual history. This book draws attention to many aspects of Transcendentalism which have not been adequately discussed so far.

About the Author:

Born at Tarbha in Balangir district of Orisssa on May 29,1946, Umesh Patri studied British and American Literature at the Gurukul Univeristy, Hardwar and obtained his Ph.D. from Utkal University in 1982. He is a regular contributor to periodicals and radio on various aspects of literature and religion. He won the Jibana Ranga literary award as an essayist in Oriya for 1980. At present he is actively involved in comparative literature and theology and supervises the doctoral studies. He is married and has a daughter.


Scheme of transliteration
1   Introduction
2   Bridging the Gulf
3   Emerson and the ideal of Vedantic mysticism
4   Thoreau as a yankee yogi
5   The minor prophets
6   Conclusion
7   Select Bibliography

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