Hindu Ethos in Capsules: Volume- 1 (An Old and Rare Book)
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Hindu Ethos in Capsules: Volume- 1 (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: NBZ645
Author: K.K. Moorthy
Publisher: Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati
Language: English
Edition: 1988
Pages: 100
Other Details 8.50 X 5.50 inch
Weight 200 gm
At a time when Indian Poets in English profusely offer confessional and surrealistic verses, Prof. Moorthy breaks a new ground in Parnasisan realm. He does not sing on cuckoos, sparrows, flowers & dales.

He sings hysterically on the Glory of Gods, on great tales of the past that even today keep spell bound millions, and millions on devotion that haunted Saints like passion.

He sweeps his gifted lyre with hymns that make us grow giddy with rapture over God's Majesty, Magnificence and Munificence.

He is the right poet at the right hour to guide perturbed minds and raise them to a heaven of solace.

The modern youth is lost in pursuits of tinselled joys and hollowed deeds. The great ideals of Tradition and Culture; our forefathers nurtured from remote past, today stand the peril of wild assault and deterioration. At this critical hour, we need Moortys to take up the challenge willingly and guide humanity for survival and sure recovery.

Here, I make bold to say that west has stolen a march over East. Occidents are perplexed over the paths they ache to pursue, but youths in America stand on the frontier of spiritual illumination. At Newyork Kennedy Airport, I was waiting to board an Air France 737 bound for Paris. A thin young man - belonging to Krishna Consciousness Movement asked me to purchase a copy of Gita. I told that came from the land of Krishna and quoted the first line of Surrender Verse. But I experienced the shock of my life when he completed Lord's Couplet :

…Mam Ekam Saranam Vraja

Ahamthvam Serve Pappobye

Mokshayishma ... Ma sucha chaka

Readers of HINDU ETHOS IN CAPSULES will get illumined of all dark. Each poem is offered with such clarity, piety and inebriating appeal that one will ascend the spiraling rings to peaking pinnacle with ease, understanding and blooming success.

This book is a MUST to everyone-journeying through the dark night of the soul to reach the rediant Dawn of Deliverance.

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