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Hindu Architecture in India and Abroad (Manasara Series: Vol. VI)

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Item Code: IDF749
Author: Prasanna Kumar Acharya
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 1996
ISBN: 8121507324
Pages: 508 (65 Illustration in B/W)
Cover: Hardcover
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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From the Jacket:

The city be it Mohenjo daro the earliest or Chandigarh the latest has held Man in thrall from the time it came into existence. Its public edifices, private Mansions, Lofty shrines, renowned schools, famous festivals have attracted people from far and wide. The Indians of old Hindus, Buddhist and Jains were aware that the city is embryo of culture and civilization; for it provided the impetus to poets, dramatists, philosophers and artists to attain immortality through their creations. So they codified all their knowledge and experience in Town-planning and Architecture into treatise known as Manasara for the edification of posterity. He has devoted years of study and research to bring this vast, but almost forgotten, treasure house within easy reach of all. This book Hindu Architecture in India and Abroad is the sixth volume in his Manasara series. It brings out in no uncertain terms that indigenous ideas of design and techniques of construction alone have imparted the qualities unabating vigour and having beauty to the surviving ancient temples, which have withstood the onslaught of vandals, time and nature. The Swastika mansion described in the preface attests to the relevance of the principles enunciated in the Manasara notwithstanding popular notions to the contrary to modern conditions and needs.


  Scope and Sources drawn upon ix-xiv
  Elucidation of the structures built after ancient methods xiv-xxiv
  Acknowledgement of help received xxv-xxviii
  Method of transliteration of Sanskrit words xxix
  List of Illustrations xxxiii-xxxv
  Introduction - Fine Arts 1-25
Chapter I Pre-Vedic Architecture 27-53
Chapter II Vedic Architecture 54-64
Chapter III Classical or Post-Vedic Architecture 65-96
Chapter IV Silpa-Sastras 97-181
Chapter V Position of the Manasara in literature 186-209
Chapter VI Manasara and Vitruvius 210-239
Chapter VII Age of the Manasara 240-282
Chapter VIII Hindu Architecture in Border Lands  
  Tibet 283-284
  Sikkim 284
  Nepal 284-287
  Kashmir 287-289
  Kangra 289-290
  Ceylon 290-293
Chapter IX Hindu Architecture in Serindia- Khotan 294-315
Chapter X Hindu Architecture in Insulindia 316-361
Chapter XI Hindu Architecture in Outer India  
  China 362-368
  Japan 369-371
  Central America 372-375
Appendix I Indo Persian Architecture 376-407
Appendix II The Future of Indian Architecture 408-421
Appendix III What Other Think 422-449
  Index 451-508


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