Hew McLeod: Discovering the Sikhs Autobiography of a Historian

Hew McLeod: Discovering the Sikhs Autobiography of a Historian

Item Code: IDH491
Author: W.H. Mcleod
Publisher: Permanent Black
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8178240688
Pages: 343 (B & W Illus: 14)
Cover: Hardcover
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Hew McLeod is generally acknowledged as the world's foremost historian of the Sikhs.

This autobiography comprises two parts, both concerned with the author's career in Sikh Studies. Part 1 is autobiographical: it lays emphasis on those features of McLeod's career which have had an important influence on his relationship with the Sikhs and with the manner in which he has sought to give expression to them in his written works. Tow features have been particularly significant. One is his religious development which, thirty-five years ago, led him to unbelief. The other is his growth in understanding of the nature and value of historical studies.

Part 2 concerns Sikh Studies and the vigorous attacks that have been made on his views regarding Sikh history and religion. These attacks were particularly marked during the decade from 1986, and although they have subsided somewhat since the mid 1990s, the feelings that were aroused during that decade have left a substantial deposit. An attempt is made to answer these charges and to show that McLeod's analysis of Sikh history and religions has always been critical and dispassionate, yet sympathetic.

Foreword by N. G. Barrierix
1The Reason Why1
2A Boy from Feilding9
3University Years19
4The Punjab Years: 1958-6929
5The England Interlude 1969-7067
6The Otago Years: 1971-8776
7The Otago Years: 188-200299
8The Purpose127
9Early Works136
The Sikhs Of The Punjab136
Guru Nanak And The Sikh Religion137
The Evolution Of The Sikh Community147
Books Which Created Little Stir150
10Perspectives on the Sikh Tradition154
11The Institute of Sikh Studies167
Daljeet Singh167
The Institute Of Sikh Studies Reaches Its High Point174
The Institute's Decline Sets In188
12Banishment, Responses, Regrets192
Banishment From Toronto192
Absurd Statements200
Attacks Which Are Well Astray202
Acceptable Statements 206
Academic Statements Which Do Not Agree
With Mine208
1Article from The Sikh Review: Where It All Started214
2A Contribution to Studies in Orientology: Essays in Memory of Prof. A. L. Basham220
3Definition of Myth226
4Panja Sahib229
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