Herbal Remedies and Home Comforts

Herbal Remedies and Home Comforts

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Item Code: IDE984
Author: Jill Nice
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8122201407
Pages: 208
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.4" X 5.4"
Weight 220 gm
From the Jacket :

Over 175 common ailments - from aches, pains and acne to infections and fevers; from arthritis and asthma to tonsilitis and travel sickness; from acidity and indigestion to spondylosis and menstruation cramps; this book provides tried and tested natural alternatives for all those who want to take a drug free approach for the health and well being of their family.

For quick and easy reference, the book is organised by the ailment. The symptoms are listed, the causes explained, followed by recommended remedies and comforters. Instead of reaching for a bottle of pills when you head aches, learn how to make yourself a soothing tea and try rubbing your temples with lavender oil t alleviate the pain.

Discover how to prevent hairloss and get rid of stubborn dandruff, or how to bring relief to a child made miserable by colic, measels or cough.

Special sections on natural remedies for infants, children and women make the book a specially useful home reference.

The natural first aid book for the family. Use it. You will treasure it.

Herbal Remedies & Home Comforts is a book to be enjoyed and cherished. It is also a book to be used as often as possible, as frequently as you like, and not just in the times of ill-health. It is a treasure-house of valuable information for the well being and good health of your family.

Natural preventatives, herbal treatments and home remedies have been effectively used for thousands of years, not only to cure illnesses but to sustain good health. This book presents hundreds of tried and tested (and in many cases, how updated) home remedies which have survived through the centuries. There is valuable advice based on the collective wisdom of the past generations, psychology and a deep scientific understanding of the value of different herbs and plants as an aid in avoiding many of the more commonplace minor complaints. In case of serious illness, these natural remedies and comforts act as a soothing back up to professional medical care, whilst for minor ailments they provide, effective natural alternatives. All remedies are quick and easy to prepare using readily available ingredients. They are pleasant and safe to use without any side effects.

About the Author:

Jill Nice is a renowned author and a cosmetics expert who runs her own herbal remedies. She is an acknowledged expert on herbalism and health-care and has collected and inherited a wealth of kwowledge and expertise on the subject.


Aches and Pains in the Body9
Aches and Pains in the Head and Face25
Mouth, Teeth and Gum Disorders33
Minor Accidental Injuries41
Burns, Scalds and Sunburn49
Childhood Ailments55
Nursing the Sick63
Body Odour and Bad Breath83
Problems of Digestion88
Bowel Disorders98
Kidney Troubles107
Liver Disorders112
Conditions of the Blood and Veins115
Chest Infections119
Colds, Sneezing and Influenza130
Glandular Problems148
Irritations of the Eyes150
Nervous Disorders155
Skin Disorders and Irritations165
A Health Head of Hair176
Taking Care of the Hands and Feet182
The Pains and Prerogatives of Womanhood193
Glossary of Common Indian Names of Herbs201
Index of Ailments202
Index of Remedies203

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