Herbal Beauty and Body Care (Exotic Herbal Secrets to enhance Your Beauty at Home)

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Author: Rashmi Sharma
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788122301061
Pages: 144 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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100% Made in India
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Book Description

About the Book

For a beautiful and healthy look, one needs to know the basic facts about beauty and physical fitness. A natural lifestyle and the use of herbal means will ensure you always have a glowing skin, vibrant face, attractive personality and a slim body. This book gives you handy tips on how to have just such a face, body and personality.

Today even beauticians, dietitians and doctors are promoting the herbal way of life, encouraging their clients to use products that are safer on the skin and the body. This book acts as a practical guide where the author uncovers exotic herbal secrets that can be prepared at home to naturally enhance your beauty.

The book gives simple tips on:
• Staying slim and attractive.
• Shaping your body the natural way.
• Cultivating a smooth, youthful skin at any age.
• Preventing premature ageing.

Herbal Beauty & Body Care imparts genuine herbal tips for your general health, skin, face, hair, nails, hands, feet, neck, back and other beauty-related problems. Every page of this book reveals priceless beauty secrets for people of all age groups.


Every woman can be beautiful irrespective of her physical attributes, provided she maintains her health and ensures nourishment to the different body parts, viz. hair, skin and tissues etc. Nature has given us a wide variety of products and these are of immense value as far as the nourishment of our body is concerned.

Although many synthetic cosmetics are available to the Indian women these products are considered out of fashion. But women still buy such cosmetics for the sake of style or for maintaining themselves within their shoe-string budgets. About the effects or the efficacy of these cosmetics, the less said the better.

The herbal products prepared after years of analysis of tropical conditions, body mechanisms and pollution effects are unique blends of several natural ingredients. If you use them you will be amazed at the results. Since many of the products are extracts of rarely available herbs, they are very costly. However, every effort has been made to explain how these costly preparations can be easily prepared at home at relatively cheaper rates. Besides using these herbal cosmetics, women should exercise daily to ensure proper blood circulation, keep the tissues intact and to correct their figure. And we assure you that the combined effect of herbal cosmetics and exercises will simply be amazing.


Skin Care7
Tips for Skin Care7
Complexion Lotions/ Sunscreen Lotions for All Skin Types8
Skin Soothing Routine10
Basic Steps for Skin Care Routine11
Types of Skin12
Cleansing the Face13
Basic Steps for Facial Care Routine14
Cleansing Creams/Cold Creams for All Skin Types15
Face Scrub16
Face Packs or Face Masks20
Skin Toning Lotions25
Astringent Lotions for All Skin Types26
Water Based Face Packs28
Moisturizing and Nourishing29
Night Creams31
Nourishing CreamsJDay Time Creams32
Massaging the Face34
Beauty Problems40
Blackheads and Acne40
Pimple Removing Lotions42
Stretch Marks43
Dark Circles Under the Eyes43
Removing Unwanted Body Hair45
Removing Underarm Hair45
Removing Facial Hair45
Removing Leg Hair46
Removing Thigh Hair46
Removing Hair from Breast, Lower Back and Stomach47
Care of Your Hands48
Different Steps of Hand Care49
Hand Creams52
Care of Your Feet54
Different Steps of Feet Care55
Problems of Feet and their Cures59
Care for Neck and Back60
Skin Problems62
Burns and Scalds62
Corns and Warts63
Prickly Heat64
Hair Care66
Hair Type Test66
Hair Type67
Tips for Hair Care68
Shampoos for All Hair Types70
Hair Rinses72
Hair Setting Preparations for All Hair Types73
Hair Conditioners for All Hair Types74
This & That of75
Hair Dyes for All Hair Types78
Hair Problems79
Anti-dandruff Preparations for All Hair Types80
Split Ends and Hair Loss81
Beauty With Fruits and Vegetables84
Apricot (Khubani)84
Castor oil85
Strokes Used in Massaging90
Preparation for Massaging95
Oiling the Body for Massaging95
The Basic Massage Sequence96
Use of Different Strokes while Massaging the Different Parts of the Body97
Body Shaping and Health Care110
Figure Improvement Plan110
Exercise Tips111
Slimming Exercises111
Dietary Plan120
Do and Do not Eat Foods124
Medicinal Part127
Vegetable Preparations140
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