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हंसराज निदान - Hansaraj Nidan (A Sanskrit Manuscript on Diagnosis of Diseases)

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Item Code: NAV745
Author: Subhash D. Waghe
Publisher: Rashtra Gaurav Publications, Nagpur
Language: Sanskrit Text with English and Hindi Translation
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788193337615
Pages: 282
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About The Author

Dr. Subhash Waghe : Born on 26th January 1974, Dr. Subhash Waghe had done his SSC and HSC from Nagpur Divisional Board. He had done his graduation from Government Ayurvedic College, Nagpur and post graduation in Rognidana from Shree Ayurved College, Nagpur.

He was Assistant professor at Dhanwantari Ayurved Medical College, Siddapura (Karnataka), Manjara Ayurved College, Latur (M.S.), Om Ayurved Medical College, Betul (M.P.). And associate professor in department of Rognidana & V. V. at SRC Ayurved College, Chikhli (M.S.).

He was resident medical officer at Dr. Dhande's Central India Gastroenterology Hospital & Dr. Kanfade's Heart & Brain hospital, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur. He was also a RMO at RST Regional Cancer Hospital, Nagpur. He had also acted as RMO in ICCU, and as consultant in emergency medicine at CARE Hospital, the Institute of Medical Sciences Ramdaspeth, Nagpur. He was also a organizing secretary of CMEs, Seminars, Workshops at CARE Hospital, Nagpur.

He had also acted as Registrar in Gynaec Obestetrics and Paediatrics and also as House Officer in Medicine department at Govt. Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Raghuji Nagar, Nagpur. He had presented research papers in various national and international seminars. He had participated in various conferences, workshops, symposiums and seminars. His teaching skill and methodology is lauded both by students as well as teachers.


There are very less number of books available which are entirely dedicated to 'Roga Nidana' (Diagnosis of Diseases) in ancient Ayurvedic science. It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce this ancient book called "Hansraj Nidana'"on 'Roga Nidana' to the learned Nidan community. 'Hansraj Nidana' is a complete book on 'Roga Nidana' as like 'Madhava Nidana'. The actual name of 'Hansraj Nidana' is 'Bhishak Chakra Chittotsava' as mentioned by poet Hansaraja in colophon of his book. The manuscript copy of "Hansraj Nidan" is kept at Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune (accession no. 139) and Rajasthan Oriental Research Institute , Jodhpur (accession no. 1743),Nagari Prachar Sabha Varanasi (accession no. 8), Saraswati Bhawan Library Varanasi (accession no. 108230), Visweswara Vedic Research Institute (accession no. 82), and Oriental Institute Baroda (accession no. 7449, 12776) and at Muni Sri Punyavijayaji Library, Lunaswada, Dartapur, Ahmedabad (Gujrat) [Accession no. 154]. But I got it accidently from a gentleman at Jaipur (Rajasthan) while I was in search of commentary 'Vyakhya Kusumavali' by Shrikantha Dutta on 'Siddha Yoga Samgraha' of Madhava. This manuscript was full of scriber errors. The style of writing of some of the 'Devnagari' words was entirely different from today's style which posed the problem of understanding the word and sentence but was resolved ultimately with matching frequently and constant efforts to understand.

Though it is constructed in `Shardul-Vikridit "Bhujangaprayata' and Anushtup' chhandas of poetry for easy grasping. But for better understanding, I divided (vigraha) the joint (sandhi) words in verse (shloka) so that modern day students who are not so well versed in sanskrita, can understand it. As with other Ayurvedic works, in this work also, author had not mentioned about himself and his whereabouts and time period. What one could guess from his writings that author 'Hansaraj' was the devotee of the Goddess. He started the book with 'Nadi Pariksha' (Pulse Examination) and ended with 'Mutra Pariksha and Tailbindu Pariksha' (Urine Examination with oil drop examination of urine). This can give fair idea about the time period of this book as both these examinations such aspulse examination and oil drop examination of urine, started in india from as early as 14th century AD to as late as 18th Century AD. Though author had quoted many texts and authors in his book like Atreya, Dhanwantari, Ashwinikumar, Harit, Madhava, Sushen, Damodara, Vagbhata, Sanatkumara, Charaka (1/8) but he frequently quotes the vaidya 'Sushen'.

The poet Hansaraja had mentioned the Sushen Vaidya and Damodara. Vaidya Sushen had written the `Ayurved Mahodadhi' book which is also called as Sushen Nighantu'. This is now published by Patanjali Publications. Damodara had written the commentary called `Aarogya Chintamani' on Sushen's book `Ayurved Mahodadhi'. Damodara was the father of acharya Sharangdhara whose period is 14th century AD. Sushen's son was Vishnu Bhatta and Vishnu Bhatt's son was Konuru Bhatta who was the Royal physician to Abdur Rahim Khankhana whose time period is 1557-1630 AD. Hence it appears that poet Hansaraja belongs to 17th century AD.

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