Guru Nanak's Asa di Var ((Original Texts Gurumukhi, Roman Transliteration, English Translation)

Guru Nanak's Asa di Var ((Original Texts Gurumukhi, Roman Transliteration, English Translation)

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Author: G.+S.+RANDHAWA
Language: (Original Texts Gurumukhi, Roman Transliteration, English Translation
Edition: 1997
Pages: 269
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.7" X 6.4"

About the Book:

The work is translation into English of Asa Di Var - the morning prayer of the Sikhs. It is meant for individual recitation, as also for being sung in a congregation in Raag Asa to the accompaniment of instrumental music. In the rendition individual stanzas are followed, wherever necessary, by brief annotations in the form of foot-notes.

Asa Di Var spells out in altogether unambiguous terms the absolute unicity of the Supreme Creator and refers to His Creation as real and purposeful. This being so, Man's primary task in life in to subdue his morbid ego, disabuse his personal and social life of all cant, hypocrisy and superstition and thus justify his creation in the eyes of the Lord.

About the Author:

Prof. G. S. Randhawa, Ex-Vice-Chancellor, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar is an academician of repute and an educational administrator of rare distinction. His has had a professional standing of nearly five decades; and has delivered extension lectures on a wide variety of subjects at some of the foremost universities of the world.

Though his basic discipline in English Literature, yet he has for long been a keen student of Sikh Studies and Comparative Theology. His firm commitment to Sikhism notwithstanding, he combines the same with a rare mix of catholicity of approach to other religious beliefs and to viewing of things with a well-grounded belief that 'Truth has never been nor can or shall ever be the sole monopoly of any single creed.'


Editorial Note11
Key to Transliteration15
[Nomenclature (19), The Tradition (21), Guru's Main Concerns (22), The Japu Ji and the Asa-di-Var (23), God and His Creation (24), Nam or Name (27), Sachchu (Satya) (29), Duyi Kudrat (The Phenomenal World) (31), Man in Divine Dispensation (33), Haumai (Egoism) (34), Truth Apprehended (37), Ignorance (37), Fake Religious Practices : Pantomimes (39), Superstitions (40), Other Detestable Practices (42), Cant and Hypocrisy (43), The Sacred Thread (45), The Course Commended (46), Guru (The True Preceptor) (49), The Regenerated Man (53), Socio-Religious cum Political Panorama (54), Bits of Practical Wisdom (57), Axiomatic Verses (57), The Tenor of the Var (59), As a Heroic Ballad (60), As an Ode (61), Conclusion (63)].
Asa Di Var (Text)65

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