Guru Nanak in Western Scholarship

Guru Nanak in Western Scholarship

Item Code: IDF947
Author: J.S Grewal
Publisher: Indian Institute Of Advanced Study, Shimla
Language: English
Edition: 1992
ISBN: 8173040281
Pages: 64
Cover: Paperback
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About the Book:

This essay is based on three lectures given at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study on the treatment of Guru Nanak in the works of Western writers. The broad context for this essay is obviously the emergence of modern historical writing, particularly in relation to 'orientalism' and Indian studies. This context is not explicitly postulated in the essay, but it obtrudes here and there as the analysis develops. The basic point that appears to emerge from this analysis is the assumption of a close connection between cognition and praxis in the writings of Western scholars on the Sikhs. This was the common ground for the administrator, the missionary and the 'orientalist'. Academic or scientific study of Sikh history and Sikh tradition has arisen not as an alternative to but as a culmination of the earlier motivating interests.

It may be added that this common ground is by now shared by the Indian and the Western scholar alike. Differences of interpretation are still there, but they arise not so much from differences I national perspective as from differences of class, conceptualization, talent and training. His validity of 'new knowledge' is at stake because of its social implications, raising the all important issue of its intended and unintended consequences for different people and classes.

I am thankful to the Fellows who responded to the lectures with valuable comments and suggestions. Mr. S.K. Goel and Mr. T. K. Majumdar have been extremely helpful in preparing and finalizing the typescript, and Mr. N. K. Maini has seen it through the press. I am thankful to them

Section I1-6
James Browne, Charles Wilkins, George
Forster, William Francklin, John Malcolm,
Henry T. Prinsep, W. Murray, G. Carmichael
Smyth, W. G. Osborne, Steinbach, W. L.
Section II7-15
William Ward, Horace Hayman Wilson, Joseph
Section III16-20
Lepel Griffin, A.H. Bingley, John J.H. Gordon,
C. :H. Payne, R.E. Parry, A.E. Barstow, G.B. Scott
Section IV 21-36
Ernest Trumpp, Frederic Pincott, Max Arthur
Macauliffe, Dorothy Field
Section V36-45
John Clark Archer, C,H, Loehlin, W.H. McLeod
Section VI45-59
W. Owen Cole, Christopher Shackle, David B.
Harned, Eliot Deutsch, Geoffrey Parrinder,
Norvin Hein, Kenneth W. Morgan, Marcus
Braybrooke, Noel Q. King, James R. Lewis
Section VII59-64
Concluding Remarks

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