A Guide for Astrology, Gemstones and Rudraksha

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Dr. Saxena has tried to summarize his findings, and write this book, in as simple a way as possible, so that one can understand and enjoy astrology. This book should satisfy the astrological queries of interested readers and help them to examine horoscope with good expertise and read the future to considerable extent. The book also provides valuable information about the remedial part, particularly protection from bad effect of the planets as well as how to enhance the good effect to planets. The next part of the book explains the valuable significance of the Gemstones and Rudraksha. The book provides a preliminary idea about the selection of suitable Gemstones and Rudraksha to solve difficult problems. How best one can take advantage of Rudraksha and Gemstones are well described and presented in the book in a lucid way.


About The Author

Dr. V.K. Saxena is a retired scientist (scientist ‘F’ and Deputy Director) from National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad. He is M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Chemistry. His contribution for science, in particular for societal science is well known, as author of 2 books, 8 chapters in college text books and 115 research papers. He is actively involved in astrology for the last 30 years. He has prepared his own software and applied for accurately casting the horoscope, data collection and computing. During this period he has examined a large number of horoscopes and interpreted with good success.


Foreword (by Swami Chaturbhuja Chari)

Astrology has its existence from the least 1500 years or even more. Casting of horoscope is data based and governed by some fixed principles. Thus correct data and its accurate analysis along with synthesis, formulations and also a correct approach are the important parts of astrological study and for prediction.

The Book “A Guide for Astrology, Gemstones and Rudraksha” written by Dr. V.K. Saxena is a good attempt to summarize most of the parts of astrology. I have read this book critically and found that the contents are easy, interesting and informative. It is very useful to refer for case studies and to get various useful information and results, which are beneficial in various ways. How to identify and use the suitable gemstone is important information cited in this book and in particular, mentioned as a chapter in this book. In addition to this, about the Rudraksha, what are these, their kinds and their benefits for the humankind are also nicely written and included in this book.

I am very happy to add here that Dr. Saxena, being a very senior scientist, is having such knowledge and has written this book.

I find that the book “A Guide for Astrology, Gemstones and Rudraksha” is very interesting and beneficial for the readers.


Foreword (by Prof. Daya Shankar Misra)

The book “A Guide for Astrology, Gemstones and Rudraksha” written by Dr. V.K. Saxena is a good attempt to introduce astrology and its usefulness and in particular remedial measures for day-to-day problems. After reading this book, I find this book interesting, informative and useful. This book is a guide to astrology, easy to follow and has importance in various ways. Book covers almost all parts of Astrology, Gemstones and Rudraksha. It explains about the past to present concepts of astrology and includes how best one can use then for the benefit of humankind.



The purpose of this book is to introduce the concept of astrology to common people so that they can understand the subject and its importance. In general we come in contact with astrology when any unforeseen problem comes, and solution is beyond our control. Astrology guides in various ways and helps to identify and solve the problems related with health, education, job, marriage, children, finance, family matters etc. in view of the present requirement some necessary modification in the older astrological concepts has been made in this book, in particular marriage match point has been extended from 36 to 100.

It is generally believed and observed that one has to face various types of problems during adverse mahadasa, sade sati sani, Grahan yoga and Kalsarpa yoga etc. Similarly yog karak mahadasa and good yoga usually give fruitful results during their time period.

The next part of this book explains the valuable significance of the gemstones and Rudraksha. Thus this book provides a preliminary idea about the selection of suitable Gemstones and Rudraksha to solve difficult problems.

I have tried to make this book as simple as possible so that one can understand and enjoy astrology. Hope this book satisfies the astrological queries of the interested readers and help then to examine horoscopes with good expertise and read the future to considerable extent.

The remedial part, particularly the protection from the bad effect of the planets, as well as the improvement of the good effect of the planets, is discussed in detail. I hope this book will be very useful to the readers.



Astrology is one of the oldest subjects in existence. Astrology was very much recognized and practiced in ancient times and was well known even in the period of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. Historically this was popular not only in India but in almost all civilizations of the world.

In western countries the astrology was even more popular during sixteenth and seventeenth centuries when Michel de Nostradamus (France), Comte. C.de saint (France), Ernst Kraft (Switzerland) and Mario Pampiano (Italy) had earned great fame by successfully forecasting various well-known events. In the same period Parashar, Varah Mihir, Bhragu, Ratnakar, Bhagwati Vyas and Rama Urmalia etc. worked a lot for astrology in India and achieved immortal place in history. A large number of books were written and published during the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In past copius, astrological literatures have come out due to untiring efforts of great Indian astrologers like K.S. Krishna Murthy, Surya Narayan Vyas, J.N. Bhasin, L.R. Chawdhri, Narayan dutt Srimali, B.V. Raman, Sakuntala Devi, V.V. Rao, Kelker, R.S.L. Shivastava, Acharya Rajnees, Ojha ji, Ramanuja, S.N. Rao and Gayatri Devi Vasudev etc.

In fact, astrology is now a well established subject which deals with Zodiac, Nakshatras, Planets and their influence on all the activities on the earth. Astrology can be divided into three parts. The first part is the root, the essence, it is the most essential, and can not be changed. It is the part which is most difficult to understand. The second part is the trunk, in which one can make whatever changes one wants. It is the essential portion in which one can make changes if one knows how, but without knowing, no changes are possible at all. The third portion is the fruit which is not essential, but about which we are all very curious. Astrology is useful to know the character of a person, selection of a suitable marriage partner, selection of a proper profession or business etc. astrology can also help in identifying and giving remedial solutions to chronic health problems and failures in life.

It is every person’s experience that some times we feel various kinds of physical or mental disturbances or un-fortunate in various matters, experiences setbacks even after doing very hard work. Each one of these situations arises due to unfavourable effect of the planets on the person. Astrology may help to forecast the type, severity and period of the evil effects of the planets, like wise, it can also help to forecast the favourable period in which the person can reap maximum benefits from his own efforts with faith in divine.

Astrology can alarm the native from any bad period and also protect from the harmful effects of the planets, particularly by using Rudraksha or suitable gemstones. Thus a proper and scientific astrological knowledge can guide the life of every individual to a smooth, healthy, purposeful and peaceful life.




  Foreword (b Swami Chaturbhuja Chari) v
  Foreword (by Prof. Daya Shankar Misra) vi
  Preface vii
  Acknowledgements viii
1 Introduction 1
2 Horoscope 3
3 Bhavas 5
4 Zodiac 8
5 Planets 10
6 Lagna 33
7 Nakshatras 40
8 Navansa Kundli 45
9 Polarities 47
10 Character of the Ruling Planets 55
11 Aspects 56
12 Transits 58
13 Moon and Mars Combinations 65
14 Jupiter Cycles 67
15 Sade Sati Sani 70
16 Bad and Good Period 74
17 Yogas 80
18 Marriage Match and Marital Life 89
19 Mars Problems 98
20 Mahadasa 101
21 Lagna and Mahadasa 125
22 Astak Varg 133
23 Rudraksha 146
24 Gemstones 150
  Index of Technical Terms 157

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