The Greatness of India and Its Culture (In the Words of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother)
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The Greatness of India and Its Culture (In the Words of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother)

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Item Code: NAN649
Author: Chandra Prakash Khetan
Publisher: The Resurgent India Trust
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9788190327671
Pages: 416
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.0 inch X 6.0 inch
Weight 680 gm

1What is India?1
2Indian Civilisation and Culture6
IThe Fundamental Idea and the Essential Spirit6
IIIndian Culture in the Eyes of a Retionalistic Critic13
IIIThe life-Value of Indian Culture- the Supreme Achievements of Indian Culture in Its Dealing with Life33
IVThe Greatest Accomplishment of Indian Culture- the Web of the Sanatana Dharma60
VThe Linking of the Graded system of Religious Development and Spiritual Evolution to the General Culture of the life of the Human Being and His Powers108
VIThe Record of the Great Achievments of Indian in Every Field116
3The Ancient Indian Spirit, Its Four Powers and the Secret of Its Greatness - The Aryan System of Education124
IThe Spirit of Ancient India124
IIThe four Powers126
IIIThe Aryan System of Education136
4The Greatness of Indian Art145
IWhat is Art145
IIThe Object of Art-Indian and European145
IIIThe Three Elements of Arts149
IVArt and Yoga153
VThe National Value of Art155
VIIndian Art160
5The Greatness of Indian Literature199
IThe Hindu Temperament in Literature201
IIThe Vedas209
IIIThe Upanishads213
IVThe Age of Darshanas, Smritis and Sutras222
VThe Mahabharata and the Ramayana: the Itihasas225
VIIThe Philosophic Writing and the Tantras and Puranas251
VIIIThe Regional Literatures261
6Indian Polity270
IThe Legend of India's Political Incompetence270
IIThe Early Political System and the Figure of the Rishi272
IIIThe Republican and the Monarchical State275
IVThe Nature of the Indian Monarchical State- Its Subjection to the Yoke of the Dharma277
VThe Ture Nature of the Indian Polity and the Basic Points of Difference Between the Ancient indian and the European Polity282
VIThe Secret of the Difficulty in the Political Unification in Ancient India298
7Indian Religion- the Sanatana Dharma314
IHinduism- the sanarana Dharma314
IIThe Three Fundamentals of Hinduism317
IIIHinduism- the Future World Religion320
IVHinduism- the Religion of Vedanta321
VEvolution and Religion324
VICertain Apparent Features and Practices of Hinduism and the Deeper Rationale Behind These333
VIISanatana Dharma- the Only Ture Nationalism340
8Some Selected Words of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on India and Its Culture345
IIndia's Soul, Spiritual Culture and uniqueness345
IILove of India and the Spirit of Nationalism347
IIIPolitics, Society and Other National Issues355
IVThe problem of Hindu- Muslim Unity 359
VWhat Needs to be Done?362
9India and the West372
IEast and West372
IILife and Society in Europe377
IIIAchievements of Europe380
IVEast and West: Mind and metaphysical Thinking382
VThe Future: The Healing of the Division Between Life and Spirit- India and the West386
10The Future of India and Its Mission in the World393
IThe Future of India393
IIIndia's Mission in the World395
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