Great Mystic Saints of the World

Great Mystic Saints of the World

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Author: S.P. Ruhela
Publisher: Regency Publications
Edition: 1998
ISBN: 8186030786
Pages: 128 {8 Illustrations in B/W}
Cover: Paperback
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From the Back of the Book

The author's original book Joyous Mysticism was in two parts. The material presented therein was related to two broad themes-Survey of Mysticism in world Religious and profiles of world renowned mystics, viz. Sri Rama Krishna, Sadhu Sunder Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, St. Francis of Assissi, mystics of Medieval Europe, Shankaracharya, George Fox, and Mrs. Annie Besant.

The above book has been reorganized and edited and is now presented in two separate volumes-the present book, Joyous Mysticism in world Religions' which presents an extensive and comprehensive survey of Mysticism, and the Present Book, 'Great Mystic Saints of the World', Which includes all the above mystics on which the divine-inspired Yogi Spencer had written with such spiritual ferver, lucidity and clarity.


As we sit in a secluded corner and behold nature, the thought that arise in our mind is "There is nothing in this world, but life". The whole universe from the atom to the Sky is pulsating with life. And this life is one, though the forms are many. God is one though he manifests Himself in diverse ways. He is the only Reality. The mystic knows this truth by actual experience. There is within him an awareness of God-God who is both transcendental and immanent in nature. It is all radiant light that he sees. His vision takes him to the starry avenue. He climbs the starry ladder step by step till he reaches the abode of the Cosmic Spirit-God.

Mystics have existed for ages past. They have marched through the corridor of time. Their mysticism has helped this world to go forward in endless ways.

Life is like an endless stream ever flowing from the Unmanifest and going back to the ocean of its origin god. The mystics understand the secrets of nature. Christ said, "I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world. But it is a question whether Christ was really the first to give a new message. What he taught and what demonstrations he gave of His yogic and super-normal powers were no new revelations at all. The yogis and mystics of the ages long before Christ had known the Secrets of nature.

Readers will kindly pardon me for making some personal references in regard to the writing of this book. A message was got from Coimbatore, in 1946, that Rishi Ram Ram had selected two of the members of the Spiritual Healing Centre to write books on behalf of the Centre. One of the two selected was myself. I therefore, invoked Rishi Ram Ram on 15th September, 1946, to suggest a title for the book and he gave the following long title: Joyous Mysticism to lighten mankind into the worship of God and I was further told: "Write when I inspire you".

This humble work is the result of patient labour. It will be evident that it has not the mark of scholarship, though I was fortunately, in a position to read and study a good number of books, chiefly from the libraries of the local Theosophical Society and the Spiritual Healing Centre, Coimbatore. A fair study of the subject was necessary before Rishi Ram Ram could undertake to inspire me. This book is entirely the result of the Master's inspiration only the blemishes are mine.

I express my gratitude to my friend in Bombay, who refuses to allow me to disclose his name, for reading the manuscript as usual and for making his observations. I am also grateful to Mr. Phillipowsky, a member of the editorial staff of The Daily Gazette, Karachi, for making certain corrections. I am greatly indebted to my dear friend, Mr. Doraswami Iyer, the indefatigable secretary of the Spiritual Healing Centre, Coimbatore, for undertaking to get the book published on behalf of the Centre.

M.K. Spencer

24th June, 1947

About the Author

Prof. S.P. Ruhela is an eminent sociologist of education, he holds the degrees of M.A. (Sociology), PhD (Sociology), D.Litt. (Sociology) and M.Ed. and has also Certificate in commonwealth Education. He has contributed more than 30 books and over 100 papers and articles. He has been head and Dean of Education at the Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla and Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Presently, he is Professor of Education in the Institute of Advanced studies in Education in the Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

Editor's Note v
Introduction xiii
1 St. Francis of Assissi 1
2 Adi Shankaracharya 8
3 German Mystics of Medieval Europe 26
4 Sri Ramana Maharshi 46
5 Dr. Annie Besant 87
6 Sri Rama Krishna 100
7 Mahatma Gandhi 112
8 Sadhu Sunder Singh 125
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