Gopal Krishna Gokhale (Pioneer Crusader against Illiteracy, Social Evils and British Colonial Rule)

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Author: IGEN B.
Publisher: Manoj Publications, Delhi
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8131001989
Pages: 96 (15 B/W Illustration)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 X 5.5

Book Description


Gopal Krishna Gokhale was one of the most genuine freedom fighters of India.

He was no gun weilding revolutionary seeking martyrdom. Neither was he slogan shouting or breast beating demonstrator.

Gokhale was a silent and serious crusader. He was an educationist who laboured for the spread of education in the country. He fought against the social evils that were plaguing the Indian society. Untouchability, caste system, blind faiths, senseless customs, dowry and widow burning or tormenting were leading to the self destruction of India. And through Congress he was actively participating in the battle politically against British colonial rule over India.

That was genuine and really serious freedom fighting because the British were not the only reason for the slavery and the exploitation of Indian masses. The shackled Indians to miseries and the poverty.

Without education and eradication of social evils the independence even if won from British would have been meaningless. The masses would have been irrelevant.

Gopal Krishna Gokhale had understood this fact clearly. Hence, he put greater efforts in spreading education and cleansing the society of horrendous evils. At the same time he was active as any other Congressman in the freedom struggle.

In Gopal Krishna Gokhale we had an ideal freedom fighter who was seeking genuine independence. He was not for counterfeit freedom or half baked liberty.

The biography of Krishna Gokhale is the story of a 24 contribution to the freedom struggle of our country and the society hence, this book should prove a valuable reading.


Family Background and Birth 5
Financial Troubles 10
Gopal Krishna's Struggle 12
Marriage 14
Dedicated Teacher 18
Political and Social Services 20
Tilak – Agarkar Row 25
More Responsibilities 28
In Politics 30
The Religion 37
Public Life 39
Deccan Society 41
Social Reforms 44
Gokhale Before Commission 45
The Revenue 48
Epidemic 50
The Apology 55
Gokhale In State Council 58
In Imperial Legislative Assembly 60
Gokhale and Congress 61
Banaras Session 65
Gokhale as Legislator 65
Education 67
Panchayats 67
Servants of India Society 68
Achievements 71
Muslim Demand 76
In Africa76
Health Problems 81
Public Service Commission 85
The last days89

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