God Word (Volume 1)

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Author: Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji
Language: English
Pages: 176
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

As man’s intellectual capabilities increase. He venture to explore the essence of the word outside as well as that of his inner self. His efforts to Systematically analyze and manifest word constitute the systematically analyze and understand the manifest word constitute the physical science. Where as the effort to understand the inner word constitutes spirituality . Both these types or research are indeed necessary for men. Both require an open mind genuine inquisitiveness and extraordinary intelligences. But the beauty of the spiritual pursuit is that along the course of the search, the seeker will realize that the truth pervading the manifest a well inner world is one and the same.

Those who apply their analytical mind. With the help of logical deduction and experience this truth are real Yogic. Sri Ganapati Sachidananada Smamiji ranks among such Yogic of our times . The attitude of such Yogic of our times. The attitude of such Yogic toward life is entirely different from those of the commoners The way they make as see that truth is also unique and extraordinary. In order to reveal that Truth . they often shed flashes of light inn our otherwise dark hearts . we will then be able to see the hidden Impediments lying in our spiritual path . This will enable us to quicken our step in our journey toward the Almighty.

This collection of discourses by his Holiness Sri Ganapati sachidananda Swamiji, verily the embodiment of the divine principle of lord Dattatreya, belong to the category of rare divine flashes of light. Therefore this collection is both God word as well as God word. These are word, which explain to us about God. These are word, which take us God word words act as flashes of light To bind the rays of lights is indeed a commendable Job. When it is accomplished the result be a sun, which imparts light perpetually.

The Datta Yoga Center of USA has achieved this rare feat . They have hand picked the through provoking discourse of Sri Swamiji, which appeared in the Bhakti Mala during the past two decades and have thus fulfilled the seekers of the truth. By bringing it out in the from of a book. By doing so the Datta Yoga Center has undoubtedly endeared it self to the innumerable seekers of truth worldwide. The Datta Peetham lovingly acknowledges the efforts put in by Sri Lakshminarayana and other in accomplishing this dream task. We reverentially bow at the lotus feet of his Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji, not only having blessed the word with. His light but also for permitting to publish these discourses in the form of a book. We also acknowledge the involvement and commitment evinced by Bhakti Mala Trust.

Absolute Truth cannot be experienced unless the Sad guru showers His blessings on the Seeker. This is a statue contrived by the nature. Be blessings on the seeker. This is a stature contrived by the nature. We beseech Sad guru Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji to shower His Blessings on the reader so that they may obtain access to the Truth expounded in this book.



It has always been our dream to bring the teaching of Sri Ganapati Sachchidaananda Swamiji in one easy to read volume that is readily available to anyone seeker the truth God word is the realization of this dream. It is a collection of the reaching of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji of Mysore India These teaching were originally published under the title “ Sookti Manjari in Bhaktimala over the past two decades.

The main purpose of publishing this book to provide the reader the benefits of Sri Swamiji teachings. The reader irrespective of his / her race. Religion and region will definitely get his/her wish fulfilled by following any of the social or spiritual paths shown by Sri Swamiji. This is our strong conviction that led us to publish this book.

We sincerely express our gratitude to our beloved Guru, Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji for His Divine blessings to published this book

Our special thanks to Sri K. M Krishna Murthy of Mysore Ashram and to nr. John Laird of Pittsburgh who provided us with some rare articles that were hard to find thanks to Dr. V Prakasa Rao Dr. Shankar & Suneetha Kurra and Ms. Ashweena Gonuguntla for their assistance in making this transcript.


Chapter 1 Guru  
1-1 Guru-1 1
1-2 SadGuru 4
1-3 Only one Guru/Teacher 6
1-4 Results From The Devotion of Guru 6
1-5 Real Guru 7
1-6 Who is the Real Guru 8
1-7 Moonight & Its effect 9
1-8 Ignorance 9
Chapter 2 God  
2-1 Can See God 11
2-2 Supreme Divinity 12
2-3 Divinelamp 12
2-4 The World is of Parabrahman 13
2-5 Parabrahma is the Greatest 13
2-6 Innerlight 14
Chapter 3 Devotion  
3-1 Nine Types of Devotion (Navavidha Bhakti) 15
3-2 Devotion-1 16
3-3 Devotion With Pure Mind 19
3-4 Eight Flower 20
3-5 Bhakti & Music 20
3-6 Selfless Devotion 21
3-7 Sankeertan(Singing Glories of God) 22
3-8 Sandhya Mahima(Greatness of the Three Periods of Time 23
3-9 Namasankeertan (Singing The Glories of God) 25
3-10 How& Why of Sankeertan 28
3-11 Narayana Smaran ( Remembering God 30
3-12 Need True Love But not Pride 31
3-13 Have firm Belief Without Doubts 31
3-14 Four Categorier 33
3-15 Love 34
3-16 Divine Name Root cause & Destruction of Fear 34
3-17 Problems 35
3-18 Atmanivedana(Self Surrender) 36
3-19 Acceptance is not Enough Just Surrender 37
3-20 Anjaneya An Embodiment of Bhakti 38
3-21 No Object is Inferior 38
3-22 Saranagati (Surrendering 40
Chapter 4 Practice Sadhana  
4-1 Requirements For Knowledge 41
4-2 The Three Gatesto Hell 43
4-3 Stop Thinking Badly 44
4-4 Concetration is like a Mirror 46
4-5 Real Sacrifice 47
4-6 Stepping Stone to Liberation 47
4-7 Silence 48
4-8 Do As A Sculptor 48
4-9 Dhyana (Meditation) 49
4-10 Concentration & Effort Must Co Exist 50
4-11 Austerity in Speech 52
4-12 Self Unfoldment 53
4-13 Coltivate Good Thoughts 53
4-14 Good Food 54
4-15 Three Disciplines 54
4-16 Highest Goal 55
4-17 Happiness 56
4-18 Upasana 57
4-19 Triple Process to Attain Knowledge 57
Chapter 5 Social Behavior  
5-1 Fuleillment of life 59
5-2 Practice Dharma 60
5-3 Tapas (Austerities 63
5-4 Purification 65
5-5 Three Obligations 68
5-6 Debts 69
5-7 True Worship 69
5-8 Social Service 70
5-9 Harmony in our life 71
5-10 Have Fatth in Saastraas for Improvement 72
5-11 Good Man 72
5-12 Dharma 74
Chapter 6A Philosophy: Knowledge  
6A-1 Any Relation Between Infinity & Almight? 75
6A-2 Asha & Nirasha ( Desire & Dejection) 77
6A-3 Atma Darshana(Soul Searching) 79
6A-4 Feelings Are Visible objects 81
6A-5 Pramaanaas (Authorities) 83
6A-6 Sanga Spy 85
6A-7 scholarship Wisdom 87
6A-8 You ArelonelyLike A Rtaveler 88
6A-9 Fear of Death 90
6A-10 Desitrs Are Never Fulfilled 92
6A-11 A Great Wonder 94
6A-12 Mother Goddess 95
6A-13 Kaameshwari 96
6A-14 Sagunopasana & Nirgunopasana 97
6A-15 Sanyaasa (Renuncition ) 98
6A-16 Sanyaasa Yoga 99
6A-17 Sattva Guna (Tranquil Chapracter) 99
6A-18 Vaasanaas(Tendencies) 100
6A-19 Atman(Soul) 102
6A-20 Liberations (Moksha) 102
6A-21 Maha Vaakuas (Great Declaration 103
6A-22 Master of the Three Equipment 104
Chapter 6B Philosophy: Duty  
6B-1 Logic is Like A Police Dog 105
6B-2 Love & Hate 106
6B-3 Mantra 108
6B-4 Don't Implicate God 110
6B-5 Ego 111
6B-6 Nirbhayatya (Fearleddness 112
6B-7 Noble Through is Like A Seed 113
6B-8 Samskaraas (Culture) 113
6B-9 Satang 115
6B-10 Seek The Company of Mahaptrusha (Great People) 118
6B-11 Seer & Seeker 119
6B-12 Sthitaprajna 120
6B-13 Real Prasad(Gift) 121
6B-14 Karma 122
6B-15 Inner Light 122
6B-16 Liberation by Identifying Atman(Soul) 132
6B-17 Objects & Cricumstances are Like Bubbles 124
Chapter 7 Yoga  
7-1 Yoga- Yogi 125
7-2 Mind 126
7-3 Mind Power0 127
7-4 Evenmindedness 128
7-5 Yogi 129
7-6 Meditaion 130
7-7 Purifi Mind Through Meditaion 130
7-8 Persuassion Ander Punishment 131
Chapter 8 Worship  
8-1 Pooja (Worship) 133
8-2 WorShip Its Meaning 134
8-3 value of Performing Religious Functions 135
8-4 Idal Worship 136
8-5 Worship Dattatreya 136
8-6 Worshis Trees 137
8-7 Why Wittness Sri Swamiji Pooja & Homa 108
Chapter 9 Miscellaneous  
9-1 The Three Requisites 139
9-2 value of Performing Religious Functions 141
9-3 It Is Your Decision 142
9-4 If Wishes Were Horses Beggars Ride Them 143
9-5 Symbolism of Objects In Four Hands Of Lord Vishnu 144
9-6 Brahman 145
9-7 Laughter 145
9-8 Leader 146
9-9 Keep Mind Clean 148
9-10 MUSIC 148
9-11 OMKara 149
9-12 Supreme joy 149
9-13 Fasting 150
9-14 Muni Rishi 151
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